January was our first full month back on WordPress and what a month it’s been. In December we took the decision to leave our old home and move to a new sparkly place here at Later Levels for a fresh start, and we can only thank you all for being so welcoming.

109 gorgeous people have followed us and we’re sending big hugs to all of you – take a look at our high scores page to make sure we’ve included you on there.

The blogosphere has changed somewhat since we were last writing regularly: there are so many new and talented people out there, and it’s inspiring to see. We’ve made some new friends already and we’d highly recommend checking out the following awesome reads:

  • Still confused about the new console from Nintendo? Me & Nintendo have put together this helpful and humorous guide.
  • Find out what to expect from Hellion – an Early Access space-survival – in this post from geeksleeprinserepeat.
  • Wonder what would happen if the dead roamed the earth? Stuart from Forged From Reverie takes a look in this article.
  • “[I] hope that at some point [gaming] might be universally welcoming to everyone” – an interesting read on gender equality by Luke from Hundstrasse.

    Last month, Ben was…

    Doing:   formulating the perfect argument for why we ‘need’ a 4k TV
    Feeling:   silly for giving Scalebound a shout out just before it was cancelled
    Playing:   Elite: Dangerous and Overwatch
    Writing:   2017: five to look forward to

    “In between arguing with die-hard Nintendo fans (who are surprisingly more vicious than the Sony / Microsoft camps) about why the Switch is six months too early and not worth it just for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I’ve been getting stuck into time intensive games. Which might seem odd given my limited gaming hours but I’ve found the PlayStation 4 and Xbox stream extremely well to my laptop which allows for my wife to watch TV while I game. Handy.

    Elite: Dangerous and Overwatch have been taking up most of my time and I’m finding both very rewarding.

    “Like Kim says below, it’s been great getting back into the swing of writing and thank you all for love we’ve been shown. It’s flattering and awesome and wonderful. Fistbumps all round.”

     Last month, Kim was…

    Doing:   sitting in long meetings at work
    Feeling:   cold
    Playing:   The Last Guardian and Day of the Tentacle Remastered
    Writing:   Walking simulators: it’s not you, it’s me

    “In January I made a New Year’s resolution to play more video games, after buying a new home and moving to a different town left little time for anything else in 2016. So far I haven’t done too badly at sticking with it and I’ve managed to complete The Last Guardian – I just need to stay focused and concentrate on the games I’ve decided to play this year, without getting distracted by anything shiny (that’s highly unlikely to be the Nintendo Switch).

    “It has been tough getting back into writing after such a long time away from it but it’s slowly getting easier, and I’ve realised how much I’ve missed it. It’s been lovely getting to know the WordPress community once again and there are so many great new writers around: my reader is starting to fill up with some amazing blogs. Thanks for having us back!

    “Also, a massive thank you to PIXELDUMP, Shelby from Falcon Game Reviews and Luke from Hundstrasse. These lovely people nominated us for the Sunshine Blogger, Liebster and Cthulhu’s Blogging Apocalypse awards respectively in January, and we’re so extremely flattered. Your support means a lot to us.”

    Coming up this month…

    Ben is planning on dipping into the world of MMORPGs with Final Fantasy XIV and well as whittling down a list of indie games, he’s excited for in the coming months and year. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on a few of them at EGX Rezzed at the end of March.

    Kim has booked her tickets for GEEK at Dreamland Margate at the end of February so expect plenty of photos from the event. She’s still stressing out over cosplay options for Kitacon 2017 in August – hopefully she’ll be able to update everyone on how her costumes are coming along soon.

    Alongside all that, we’ll be getting loved up for Valentine’s Day as well as battling it out with our friends and neighbours at other blogs in a new ‘question of the month’ series (make sure you place your vote in our poll). There’ll also be announcement about our participation in this year’s GameBlast event for SpecialEffect.

    Thanks again for being so welcoming during our first month back here – from Ben and Kim   ❤

  • Editorial: February 2017

    6 thoughts on “Editorial: February 2017

    1. Welcome back guys! Kim I know the feeling of trying to figure our your cosplay outfit. My friend and I are attending C2E2 which is a convention in Chicago in April and she is convinced she will be Hello Kitty but I’m still struggling between Kasumi (Dead or Alive) or Lana Kane (Archer). Hopefully we both will make awesome decisions in time to actually make/buy our outfits lol. Have a great February and I look forward to your posts!


      • At the moment, I’m kind of edging towards Eleven from Stranger Things… but I have no idea when it comes to dress-making so I need to track down the right pink dress! Eek!!

        Looking forward to seeing which costume you finally decide on – and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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