February might have been a cold and dreary month here in the UK, but it was full of sunshine in the WordPress community – a big thank you to our readers for making it that way. 188 gorgeous people have followed us and we’re sending hugs to all of you: take a look at our high scores page to make sure we’ve included you on there.

There have been some great posts published over the last several weeks and once again, the talent on show continues to surprise and delight. Here are some of our favourite reads from the past month:

  • We love this post by Adventure Rules. Princess Peach doesn’t have to be just a character who needs saving.
  • Interesting post here about parenting and gaming on Falcon Game Reviews, with plenty of insight from someone in gaming retail.
  • Gamers connect in so many ways, and the ‘loner’ stereotype just isn’t true. Great post on the social phenomena of games by Geeks Play Games.
  • What game would you like to see in virtual reality (VR)? We agree with QTX in this post – give us Life is Strange and Fallout!

  • Last month, Kim was…

    Doing:   getting Gamely Giving up and running
    Feeling:   busy busy busy
    Playing:   Firewatch and Oxenfree
    Writing:   The hardest co-op

    “My New Year’s resolution took a bit of a backseat during February and I wasn’t able to play as many games as I’d have liked. I did however manage to make it all the way through the amazing Firewatch following on from a recommendation from cripleh from Howling in the Dark, and Dimlicht from Game Cartography recently suggested I try Kona so that’s on the list for March. If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at Ama’s Lullaby on Kickstarter: a cyberpunk point-and-click with a hacking system, yes please!

    “The reason I haven’t had much time for gaming lately is because I’ve been working hard on the new Gamely Giving site. A group of friends and I are taking part in a 72-hour marathon stream in April to raise funds for SpecialEffect, a wonderful charity that puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games. I can’t thank Rob from I Played The Game! and James from Opinion Loading enough for being our first sponsors: I’m so completely appreciative of your support.

    “More thank-yous coming up now, next for NekoJonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog and Luna from GamersUnitedGG Blog for nominating us for two awards during February. The posts Playing games for playing’s sake and WLTM: Peter Molyneux are dedicated to them respectively and they’re both pieces I really enjoyed writing. Thank you also to everyone who’s taken the time to visit Later Levels or mention us in tweets recently – you guys rock.”

    Coming up this month…

    Kim has got her tickets for the Rezzed expo in London at the end of March ready at hand, and is keeping her fingers crossed that she’ll be selected to volunteer on the SpecialEffect stand once again. Please do feel free to say hello and stop for a chat if you’re at the event and bump into her!

    Alongside that, we’ve manage to rope Chris from OverThinker Y into our latest question of the month (make sure you vote for your favourite answer in our poll). We’ll also be digging deeper into what happened at the GEEK event last month, and someone may have mentioned a blog party… stay tuned for your invitations!

    Keep being as awesome as you are – from Ben and Kim   ❤

    Editorial: March 2017

    12 thoughts on “Editorial: March 2017

    1. Thank you all so much for the mention! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and I’m looking forward to seeing more great content from you during March!


    2. Cheers for the shout-out. Much appreciated, as always.

      And good luck with all the marathon prep. It’s one hell of an undertaking, so kudos for putting in all the effort. It’s always fantastic to see Gamers supporting great causes, and I’ve got nothing but respect and admiration for those who do!


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