Spring is possibly my favourite time of the year. We have Easter, lighter days and fluffy newborn animals to look forward to – along with more amazing posts from the WordPress community. A huge thank you to all of our 227 followers for making March such as great month for us; head over to our dedicated page to make sure we’ve got you on there.

As already mentioned, the posts just keep on coming and every day there’s something that captures our attention. Here are some of our favourite reads from the past few weeks:

  • Nothing in the world is perfect – not even the Switch. Geddy from Nostalgia Trigger tells us what he dislikes about Nintendo’s new console in this post.
  • International Women’s Day took place last month. Why not educate yourself about the women behind the pixels and check out this post by James over on Opinion Loading?
  • Are you old enough to remember demo discs? This is how I first got my hands on Beneath a Steel Sky as a kid! A lovely nostalgic post from Sustainablepop here.
  • Video game criticism and death-threats seem to go hand-in-hand and it’s such a poor reflection on our community. Kevin gives his thoughts in this post on The Mental Attic.

  • Last month, Kim was…

    Doing:   volunteering for SpecialEffect at Rezzed
    Feeling:   dusty
    Playing:   Horizon Zero Dawn and The Bunker
    Writing:   Game on, little sister

    “The ground-floor renovations in our new house are now well underway. The place is finally starting to look like the home my other-half and I had imagined but absolutely everything is covered in a layer of dust at the moment. I’ve managed to find some time amidst the cleaning to play The Bunker (more about that soon) and a few hours of Horizon Zero Dawn. I still need to fit in Kona and Virginia following on from recommendations from Game Cartography and Dan Talks Games – fingers crossed I’ll get to do that in April.

    “We’re continuing to work hard on arrangements for the Gamely Giving 72-hour marathon stream at the end of the month to raise funds for SpecialEffect, an awesome charity which supports physically-disabled gamers. My stepson Ethan is increasing his TNT tower in Minecraft every time a donation is received; Nathan is going to get a video game tattoo if we reach our £1,000 target; and we’re lining up some special giveaways for our followers. The video opposite explains who the Gamely Giving team are and shows some of SpecialEffect’s work.

    Rezzed 2017 took place over the weekend and I’m still recovering! There were so many great indie games on show and I had the opportunity to chat to some lovely people about their projects, including the guys from White Paper Games and Excalibur Games. I’ll be posting a photo gallery soon so you can see what I got up to and will be writing more about the event over the coming week.

    “And now for some thank-yous: first to DJMMT from DJMMT’s Gaming Blog and Luna from GamersUnitedGG Blog for nominating us for two awards during March. The posts If video games have taught me anything… and Step right up: a video game theme park are dedicated to them respectively. I’d also like to give a big hug to everyone who joined us for our first blog party and making it such a success – we’re planning another one for the summer so keep your eyes peeled for your invitation!

    “Both Adventure Rules and Lyte Bytes have recently published great posts on the subject of how gamers behave towards each other. We’re in a great place right now – there are experiences to suit everyone, we have access to a range of diverse characters and strong female protagonists are no longer so uncommon – but there are still things which let the community down. Let’s try to remember that playing video games is about having fun; and if you notice that one of your teammates is struggling in an online match, give them a few words of encouragement. It might just be what they need.”

    Coming up this month…

    It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the Gamely Giving marathon stream will be taking place from 16:00 GMT on Friday, 28 April 2017 for three solid days. Join us on the Twitch channel for some great games, embarrassing forfeits and special prizes in honour of SpecialEffect. Kim’s first shift is due to start at 04:00 GMT on Saturday, 29 April 2017 so why not join her for Four Last Things over breakfast – before she attempts to play Jalopy. Blindfolded.

    We also have the lovely Chris from OverThinker Y, Luke from Hundstrasse and NekoJonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog joining us for an Easter-themed question of the month, along with more updates from Rezzed. Kim’s brother is getting married next weekend so good luck and congratulations to him and his gorgeous fiancée!

    Don’t eat too many Easter eggs! – from Ben and Kim   ☀

    Editorial: April 2017

    8 thoughts on “Editorial: April 2017

    1. Thank you for the mention, much appreciated! It seems that, like wine and cheese, pairing is key, and praise for the Switch pairs well with some criticism. 🙂

      Also, I missed your last marathon stream for Gamely Giving and I’d love to see the upcoming one, so this time I’ve got Twitch notifications enabled so expect to see me on it! It’s so cool that you do that 🙂


        • Oh cool, I hadn’t spotted that! I’ve only got The Division on PC but I’ll be around if the opportunity arises 🙂
          It’s really sweet, her dad explains in the video that Ghouls N’ Ghosts was a big influence behind it.


          • Ooh I’ll watch the video again later, when I can actually have the sound on! I think Pete plays The Division on PC so give him a shout on Twitch if you’re around at the time. 🙂


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