2017’s Rezzed event took place from 30 March to 01 April 2017 and I swear my feet are still recovering. I’ve written before that I prefer this expo to its bigger brother, EGX, primarily due to the atmosphere: it isn’t so noisy, there aren’t as many publishers trying to push their wares into your face, and there’s a real vibe of support for indies.

This year was no exception and I had an excellent three days at the Tobacco Dock in London. It was lovely catching up with the guys from White Paper Games, whom I haven’t seen in a couple of years; I finally got the opportunity to meet James from Excalibur Games in person after talking so much via email; and Becky from SpecialEffect made me feel so welcome while volunteering on their stand. More about these things over the next week or so along with posts about a few games I’ve chosen from the event.

This Rezzed was a bit of an extra-special one as we decided to take my stepson Ethan to the expo for the first time. He took to it like a duck-to-water and really enjoyed himself – and he even made a new friend in Gillian from Other Ocean Interactive after queuing up to play Giant Cop three times. Here’s a quote from the little man himself:

It was one of the best conventions I’ve ever been to. Some of the people were so friendly and I’d definitely go there again. My favourite game I played was Giant Cop because it was my first virtual experience ever and the developers were lovely. I’d definitely buy it.

Take a look at our photo gallery below to see what we got up to and keep your eyes peeled for further posts about the event. Tickets for EGX in September are already on sale so if you’re going, let me know – I may just see you there!

Rezzed 2017 photo gallery

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Rezzed 2017: a round-up

4 thoughts on “Rezzed 2017: a round-up

    • Tickets are usually around £15-£20 for a day, or you can pickup a weekend pass and get a bit of a discount. It’s also possible to apply for press passes but you don’t necessarily need one – I have a post about that coming very soon! 😉

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    • Definitely! Most of the stands are managed by the developers themselves and they’re really easy to talk to – they’re happy to answer questions about their games and have a chat.

      There’s also EGX in September. The size of the indie area there has got a larger over the past couple of years, although the majority of space is still dedicated to the big publishers.

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