We’re back with our next question of the month, where we attempt to answer a quandary that has been taxing the gaming community since it first picked up a controller. We’re battling it out with our friends and blogging neighbours in order to find the ultimate response in 100 words or less – and we’re asking you to decide on the best by voting in our poll.

But first, let’s take a look at last month’s question and find out who the winner is!

Last month’s results: which video game has the best soundtrack?

We received 22 votes in total – a slight increase on our first question of the month in February so not bad at all. We also had some good answers from members of the community who opted to enter their own choices rather than choose one in our poll:

  • Brütal Legend – from PIXELDUMP GAMING
  • Hotline Miami – from Wakalapi
  • Super Metroid – from Imtiaz at Power Bomb Attack
  • The Flame in the Flood – anonymous submittal
  • The Legend of Zelda – from My Gaymer Blog
  • Virginia – from Rob at I Played the Game!

  • As for which of our contenders won: it was Final Fantasy IX (nominated by Tim from GeekOut South-West) with 25% of the votes. A big thank you to everyone who voted! Now let’s see the competition heat up for the next question…

    April’s question: what’s the best Easter egg within a video game?

    We’ve decided to go in a sweet direction this month seeing as Easter will soon be upon us. We all love finding secrets within games, surprise codes or nods to the classics, so it’s time to figure out which is the best of the bunch. Let’s reveal our contenders for the trophy..

    Answer 1:   ‘React Gwen’s Head’ in Borderlands 2

    Nathan says: “For the best Easter egg in a video game, I went for Borderlands 2 as the game is full of them! My favourite was the reference to the film Se7en. As you explore The Dust, you come across a shelter with a box that says ‘Press (insert button here) to open’ which reveals a skull wearing a blond wig as Handsome Jack shouts ‘What’s in the box!’. You then get a random elemental weapon called Gwen’s Head which is the name of Brad Pitt’s wife in the film.”

    Answer 2:   ‘Romero’s head’ in Doom II: Hell on Earth

    Kevin is a geek and proud of it: no matter the situation, no matter the environment or the people around him, you’ll hear him discuss novels, games and films with anyone who’ll listen. He’ll also discuss his answer if you ask him nicely and you can find out why he chose Doom II: Hell on Earth on The Mental Attic.

    Answer 3:   ‘There are no Easter Eggs up here’ in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    Tim is a guy who likes to get dressed up, have a good time, meet people who are passionate about their respective geekdoms and encourage everyone to be vocal about who they are. He’s also vocal about his answer for this month’s question – check out his argument for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas over on GeekOut South-West.

    Answer 4:   ‘Makemeapirate’ in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

    NekoJonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog days: “As a kid, I loved adventure games. One of my first was Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine from LucasArts. There is a cheat in the game that turns you into Guybrush Threepwood and your bazooka shoots chickens then. I got introduced to the amazing Monkey Island series thanks to this Easter egg!”

    Answer 5:   ‘The End’ in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

    Chris from OverThinker Y says: “The Metal Gear series has a LOT of Easter egg, most of them just humorous novelties. But Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater takes the idea of a secret available to discerning players and kicks it up a notch. The End is a boss known as the most proficient sniper of the age; true to reputation, he’s not easy to defeat but his fight can be avoided entirely. The End can be sniped before he’s ever encountered in battle, or the player can turn off the game, wait a week, and come back to find The End dead of old age. Snake will regret either easy way out, but it’s one of my favourite instances of a game following its own logic in a way most don’t.”

    Answer 6:   ‘Dog ending’ in Silent Hill 2

    Luke is a research scientist by day and a gaming enthusiast by night. He has no gaming credentials other than enthusiasm and experience; and from humble beginnings owning a Sega Game Gear to his present PC, he’s seen many generations and genres. Find out why he chose Silent Hill 2 as his answer this month over on Hundstrasse.

    Answer 7:   ‘Ask me about Loom’ in The Secret of Monkey Island

    Kim from Later Levels says: “I first played The Secret of Monkey Island when I was nine-years old and had never heard of Loom before finding a pirate in the Scumm Bar wearing a badge saying ‘Ask me about Loom’. It was only when I signed up to Steam years later that I actually got to play it but I’d never forgotten that experience. Easter eggs are a great way of pointing you to games you may never have otherwise found, and that’s why I’m nominating this one as my answer this month. Look behind you – a three-headed monkey!”

    So who’s got it right, and who’s got it so wrong that they deserve to be haunted by Jolene Cranley-Evans for all of eternity? Cast your votes in the poll opposite or give your own suggestion and we’ll reveal the most popular answer on Friday, 05 May 2017 along with the next question.

    Got a question you’d like to see us struggle over next month? Or would you like to join in and add your own answer into our polls on a regular basis? Leave us a message in the comments below or get in touch!

    Question of the Month: April 2017 edition

    12 thoughts on “Question of the Month: April 2017 edition

      • I’ve not played this so I just did a quick search. The information I found said that there were several secret locations inside the level – does that count as an Easter egg within an Easter egg? If so, double points!

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah, add my vote to that too. I was a bit worried they’d mess up the reboot, but it was all rather great – and finding that little Easter Egg was the perfect bit of icing on a genuinely excellent Shooty-Shooty cake.

        Plus, for a few minutes there, I was 11 years old again, grinning like an eejit and blasting Nazis in their stupid Nazi faces, and you’ve gotsta love that shiznizz, right!?

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I loved in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when you first meet Zelda, and you can see through the windows, you can see a framed picture of the cover from Super Mario 64. Always thought that was neat! It made Zelda’s Castle feel like Nintendo’s own little world, to me at least.


      • I like the ‘Nintendo’s own little world’ analogy – it kind of sums up the feeling they create with most of their games!

        I was kind of wondering when The Legend of Zelda would appear as an answer. It’s been added to every poll we’ve run so far, so I’m sensing a bit of a trend. 😉


    2. I added Tony Hawk’s Underground 2. In the boston level you can get into someone’s apartment where you can see the Star Wars Kid sitting on a sofa. Talk to him and he will start dancing 😀


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