Versatile Blogger Award: getting to know you

At the beginning of April, Recreational Hobbyist nominated Later Levels for the Versatile Blogger Award. Head over to the site to find posts on a different hobby each month – and make sure you check out this one about the trials of being a gamer mom.

I was caught up in the arrangements for the GameBlast17 marathon stream with the Gamely Giving team last month, and I’m now finally getting the time to catch up. There are several outstanding posts I need to finish (apologies to the Recreational Hobbyist for taking so long to publish this); and even more on your amazing blogs that I need to find the time to read!

There’s a part of the Versatile Blogger Award I really like: the rules state that nominees have to share a number of facts about themselves and this is a great way for getting to know one another better. But there’s also a side I don’t like: one of the requirements is that you have to nominate ten other bloggers in return. How can I possibly nominate that few when I currently have over 130 in my WordPress reader that I thoroughly enjoy?

That’s why I’d like to do this post a little differently, if I may: I’d like to ask everyone reading this to add their mark by leaving their answers to the following questions in the comments below. Hopefully this will act as a channel that enables bloggers to find others with similar interests, and increase the number they follow in their reader!

  • Location
  • Currently playing
  • Best gaming memory
  • Worst gaming habit
  • Favourite soundtrack from a video game
  • Dream cosplay
  • Preferred ice-cream flavour
  • A link to the most-liked post on your site

  • It isn’t right to ask something I wouldn’t feel comfortable answering myself, so it would only be fair of me to share my answers too. Here goes:

  • Essex in the south-east of the UK
  • Horizon Zero Dawn and Jalopy
  • Meeting Ragnar Tørnquist and Martin Bruusgaard
  • Saving… then saving again, just in case
  • Everything’s Alright from To The Moon
  • Cheetara from the original ThunderCats
  • Mint choc-chip or anything with white-chocolate
  • So many games, so little time

  • A big thank you to the Recreational Hobbyist for our nomination, and to all of you gorgeous people for your support. I look forward to seeing your answers below!

    61 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award: getting to know you

    1. Ooooh, I’ll give this a go:
      – Malvern, Worcestershire, UK
      – I’ve just finished “Hard West” and last night I was playing STRAFE as it’s just been released
      – Wow, tricky question… I’m feeling nostalgic, so I’ll day the first time I ever dropped down one of those big half pipes as Sonic (MD) in Spring Yard Zone.
      – Push to cough…
      – probably Super Meat Boy
      – Twig from Owlboy
      – I’m not supposed to eat ice cream 😞… But something toffee or caramel…
      – One of my more recent posts about the 8-bit version of Sonic has gathered the most likes:

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    2. Congratulations on the nomination! Ima jump on this too, here goes…

      Location – Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK.
      Currently playing – Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (Drake’s Fortune) on PS4… reluctantly.
      Best gaming memory – Sneaking GTA: San Andreas into my Mum’s shopping trolley in Tesco when I was 12-years-old. How irresponsible of her to actually buy it!
      Worst gaming habit – Finding what works and sticking with it, I should really experiment with different gaming mechanics and tactics a lot more than I currently do.
      Favourite soundtrack from a video game – Everything from Brütal Legend without question. Then there’s ‘Dragonborn’ from TES: Skyrim in at a close second, cliché I know!
      Dream cosplay – Geralt of Rivia or Garrus Vakarian, I can’t quite decide.
      Preferred ice-cream flavour – Carte D’Or caramel cinnamon waffle, very specific.
      A link to the most-liked post on your site – The most liked, but not the most viewed:

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    3. Well congrats on the nomination! I’ll give it the ol college try as well :


      * Currently playing – Exist Archive (Vita)

      * Best gaming memory – The Christmas morning when I got Ocarina of Time, Gauntlet Legends, and Banjo Kazooie

      * Worst gaming habit – the allure of new games can make me rush the one I’m currently playing! Also I buy everything “in case they run out and become rare”

      * Favourite soundtrack from a video game – Metroid Prime (Phendrana Drifts!)

      *Dream cosplay – not my thing.. but, maybe Samus? I have no idea

      * Preferred ice-cream flavour – chocolate chip mint but haven’t had ice cream in years

      * A link to the most-liked post on your site – this one from the other day, actually, did surprisingly well. As do all my posts that poke fun at Nintendo!

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    4. Location: Port Glasgow, Scotland
      Currently Playing: Darksiders 2, the details for the new game compelled me to play it again 😀
      Best gaming memory: all my mario party memories before it became a friendship killer
      worst gaming habit: mashing a button to the point it gets stuck.. so many controllers ruined XD
      Favourite soundtrack from a video game: worked so well with that game
      Dream Cosplay: i always wanted to Cosplay as a Space Marine from Warhammer 40K.
      Preferred ice-cream flavour:Black bean ice cream, it was so weird the first time i tried it but so good.


      • Not going to lie: I’m a bit of a button-masher too. Give me Street Fighter and there’s no stopping me.

        I’ve never heard of black bean ice-cream before… I’m going to have to seek this out!

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    5. Congratulations on the Versatile Blogger Award! Here goes with my answers:

      * Location – Capital Wasteland (also known as DC metro area!)

      * Currently playing – Zelda: The Wind Waker

      * Best gaming memory – getting an N64 and Super Mario 64, great days.

      * Worst gaming habit – sticking with familiar genres. Need to get out of my comfort zone!

      * Favourite soundtrack from a video game – hard to choose: Zelda: Majora’s Mask, also really liked Super Mario Galaxy, and The Last of Us.

      * Dream cosplay – I don’t do cosplay, so not sure how to answer. Anyone that can tailor make a costume gets my respect.

      * Preferred ice-cream flavour – salted caramel, or mint chocolate chip.

      * A link to the most-liked post on your site – this is my retrospective on Zelda: Link’s Awakening, the first Zelda I played and one of the darkest entries in the series:


      • Aw another mint ice-cream lover!

        I know what you mean about sticking with familiar genres. I have a habit of resorting to adventure games over anything else but I’m trying to do something about that – 55 hours into Horizon Zero Dawn says it might finally be working.

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    6. Well deserved nomination. Here goes nothing:

      Location: Staffordshire, UK
      Currently playing: Horizon Zero Dawn
      Best gaming memory: Playing the MGS1 demo I got with PlayStation Magazine
      Worst gaming habit: Not finishing game and yet still buying more
      Favourite soundtrack from a video game: Hotline Miami
      Dream cosplay: Reaper from Overwatch
      Preferred ice-cream flavour: Cookie Dough
      A link to the most-liked post on your site:


    7. Congratulations on the award! You are most certainly deserving, which is clearly indicated by the fact that you mentioned Thundercats in your answer. As for my own answers…

      Location – US, specifically Kentucky
      Currently playing – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
      Best gaming memory – Now that’s a difficult one! I’ll say that playing Mario Party with my family growing up is probably my favorite gaming memory.
      Worst gaming habit – Convincing very young children that they are playing a multiplayer game with me when I am, in fact, playing a single player game!
      Favourite soundtrack from a video game – This changes a lot, but right now I am super into Chrono Trigger’s soundtrack. The themes for Frog, Robo, and Magus in particular are incredible.
      Dream cosplay – The player character from Dragon Quest VIII. I love that design!
      Preferred ice-cream flavour – Chocolate. I’m a simple guy with simple needs.
      A link to the most-liked post on your site – My recent Charming and Open event won that award by a country mile:


      • That’s not a ‘worst gaming habit’ – a damn good idea, is what it is. I’m going to have to try that when my friends’ five-year-olds come over in a couple of weeks. 😉

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    8. Location – Bristol
      Currently playing – Little Nightmares, Hollow Knight, PUBG
      Best gaming memory – Star Wars Kotor – Revan reveal. HL2 – actually playing it IRL
      Worst gaming habit – Not completing games
      Favourite soundtrack from a video game – Jounrey is great, although I’ve not played it. BUt tough to pick an overall.
      Dream cosplay – Not really my thing, but seeing people dressed in awesome Warhammer stuff is cool.
      Preferred ice-cream flavour – Keeping it simple, chocolate. A bit more fancy – Phish Food
      A link to the most-liked post on your site – I’m not sure, maybe this one?


    9. Little slow on the wagon here, but I’ve been busy. Here goes. Congrats on the award! Your trophy cabinet is quickly filling up.

      Location: Cambridge, UK

      Currently playing: FFXV, Digimon Cybersleuth, FFX, depending on the day

      Best gaming memory: My first intro to Final Fantasy was the Seymour Gagazet fight, which my brother was struggling with. I asked to have a go, and once I got the hold of the controls, managed to zombify him and killed him first try.

      Worst gaming habit: Holding onto stuff on the off chance I might need it later. Team healing stuff that’s rare, the odd enchantment I’ll never use (ENCHANTMENT!), random junk.

      Favourite soundtrack from a video game: Too many. I love FFX but also adore Sunless Sea’s moody nautical themes.

      Dream cosplay: Achievable – A good Poison Ivy. Would need to change too much – Yukiko from Persona 4.

      Preferred ice-cream flavour: Of all time, Mint Choc Chip. Currently, Malted Milk/Horlicks

      A link to the most-liked post on your site:


    10. Can I tag in?

      Location – Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
      Currently playing – PS4: Persona 5, 3DS: Fire Emblem Fates.
      Best gaming memory – Peeing my pants laughing at game comments my brother’s friend had about Ghostbusters on C64; not really about gaming actually (I ensure you) but it’s my earliest and now I’ve already said it.
      Worst gaming habit – I finish games rarely, I’ve created a spiderweb of save-games that pulls me back into my backlog from my “current games”.
      Favourite soundtrack from a video game – This was killing me, honestly this was the most difficult “question” and I failed; so I give you three soundtrack’sy options: Ys – books 1 and 2 original PC Engine CR-ROM, Turrican series, Anything Konami studio wrote in the 90’s.
      Dream cosplay – Errr… I guess Powdered Toast Man?
      Preferred ice-cream flavour – Lemon, if they don’t have that I will take Pistachio.
      A link to the most-liked post on your site – I just started out putting my ramblings online so uhm, mine @9 likes: “Dear Hobby”

      I really enjoyed reading all your answers/comments!


    11. – Location: Leicestershire, England

      – Currently playing: Neir Automata, Telltales Batman and Player Unknown’s Battleground’s

      – Best gaming memory: Loading up Super Mario Kart as a kid. You can’t beat that. Even today I can still hear that music. It transports me back to a time where everything seemed just great.

      – Worst gaming habit: I have a somewhat worrying tendency to rush through games instead of taking my time and enjoying them. I’m sure that says something deep about who I am as a person…

      – Favourite soundtrack from a video game: The Tearaway OST is pretty cute

      – Dream cosplay: I um…I guess I’d go dressed as a space marine maybe?

      – Preferred ice-cream flavour: Caramel Chew Chew! All day baby. All day.

      – A link to the most-liked post on your site :


      • Everyone in a similar age-range has really fond memories of Nintendo in one way or another. Regardless of whether we still play their games or not, we’ve all got a story from our childhoods.

        The SNES for me was all about Street Fighter: mash mash mash mash mash.


    12. Wow alot of UK people! anyways, here’s my answer 🙂

      Location – Guelph, Ontario, Canada (very small and quiet town)

      Currently playing – a few at the moment, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies and Ruin of Reckless. Oh and will be on some major Rocket League this weekend when my newphew comes over

      Best gaming memory – I’d like to refer to something outside of a specific game, and will say when I got my N64. It was a time when I was actually following releases and was psyched to finally get one after constantly going to friends houses to play

      Worst gaming habit – buying too many games when they are on sale, leads to a huge backlog which I’m currently trying to fix

      Favourite soundtrack from a video game – hands down, Mega Man X. So much metal inspired stuff in there, I love METAL \m/ >.< \m/

      Dream cosplay – Casey Jones from the original Ninja Turtles cartoons

      Preferred ice-cream flavour – Mango all day every day, no mint for me

      A link to the most-liked post on your site – for sheer number of likes, and just general discussion, my post about if games companies should reward company loyalty
      Outside of getting a high number of likes, I liked that comments were expressing both sides of the arguments, not everyone completely agreed with my post, but it still lead to healthy discussions which is always


      • We’ve been playing a lot of Rocket League with my stepson recently. There’s a post coming up about that next week!

        I’ve got an April O’Ryan cosplay (the original) lined up for an event later this year – if you’re ever in the UK and need a sidekick, let me know. 😉


    13. Location: Pontefract, West Yorkshire
      Currently playing: Plague, Inc., Stardew Valley, Tropico 5
      Best gaming memory: The first time I ever went to bed and saw Tetris blocks moving in the ceiling
      Worst gaming habit: definitely giving up on stuff before I’ve really given it a go, especially if I only bought it because it was cheap
      Favourite soundtrack from a video game: so many to mention! Fallout 3, Mirror’s Edge, early Tony Hawk games
      Dream cosplay: Scott Pilgrim
      Preferred ice-cream flavour: mint-choc chip…swerve! Got to be strawberry.
      A link to the most-liked post on your site:


    14. Oh, this sounds fun! And congrats on your award!

      Location: Arizona, USA. But I can see mountains in Mexico from my neighborhood…

      Currently Playing: Destiny, Slime Rancher, Pokemon Sun, Overwatch

      Best Gaming Memory: Too many to count…Maybe playing the original Rock Band with my friends until the sun literally came up…or getting mauled by cougars with my friends in Red Dead Redemption while we all laughed/screamed in terror…or beating Final Fantasy 10 for the first time after accidentally saving over my original 70-hour save file…

      Worst Gaming Habit: Panicking. Just, panicking in general, at any little thing that gets close. And unnecessarily reloading my gun, even if I’ve only used one bullet from the mag.

      Favorite Gaming Soundtrack: Just one? Uhh…let’s go with Halo. Used to own that on CD and blast it in my car on the way to work to get me motivated

      Dream Cosplay: I’ve alway wanted to cosplay one of the random Pokemon Trainer NPCs, like the Ace Trainers or Poke-maniacs. Can’t decided which one would fit me best though. Also a Hunter from Destiny, or Mei from Overwatch.

      Preferred Ice-Cream Flavor: Anything chocolate. The more chocolate the better. Peanut Butter is a plus.

      Most-liked post on my blog: My site is pretty new, so I guess yesterday’s is probably the most popular:


    15. How late’s fashionably late? Because I feel like four days might be pushing it…..

      Still, let’s give it a go anyway.

      Location: São Paulo

      Currently playing: The Witcher 3, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and Splatoon

      Best gaming memory: Tough one. I think it’d have to be the very first time I played on the NES though, because I remember it blowing my tiny little mind.

      Worst gaming habit: I do the double saving thing a lot too, but I’ve been told my tendency to launch into expletives upon dying’s not particulary edifying (I mean, honestly, you drop the C-bomb in front of your in-laws *one time* and you never hear the end of it!).

      Favourite soundtrack from a video game: Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (Yeah, whatevs. I like Sea Shanties, what can you do!?)

      Dream cosplay: I always think I’d have been great at swashbuckling (and I like Sea Shanties), so probably something pirate-y like Edward Kenway (or Guybrush Threepwood 😉).

      Preferred ice-cream flavour: Cherry Garcia or Pistachio

      A link to the most-liked post on your site: I think it’s this one (but I’m pretty sure it’s the most liked because I’ve linked to it here before. Still, gifthorse, mouth, etc):

      Well, that was fun. Thanks. And congratulations on your award.


    16. Congratulations on the nomination! Your blog is wonderful and definitely deserving of the award ^_^

      Location – Melbourne, Australia
      Currently playing – Horizon Zero Dawn
      Best gaming memory – Saving up all my money from my crappy old job to buy my PS4 🙂
      Worst gaming habit – I’m also pretty guilty of over saving, but you can never be too careful!
      Favourite soundtrack from a video game – The Last Of Us OST and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.. both very atmospheric
      Dream cosplay – I’d love to pull of a Poison Ivy cosplay, I do have the red hair!
      Preferred ice-cream flavour – Cookies and Cream is my go to
      A link to the most-liked post on your site -


      • A Horizon Zero Dawn fan who eats ice-cream? You are more than welcome here! And thank you for the kind words.

        Brothers was so good and I did shed a little tear at the end. I don’t recall the soundtrack though, so I think that’s a good excuse to play it again. 😉


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