Well-equipped for the zombie apocalypse

Physics students from the University of Leicester worked out that it would take only 100 days for zombies to take over planet Earth. With a hypothesis that a member of the undead army has a 90% chance of turning a human and they’d each find at least one person to munch on a day, they predicted how long the population could hold out using an epidemiological model that describes the spread of a disease throughout a population.

A mere 300 humans would remain alive and uninfected at the end of the 100-day period and I wouldn’t mind betting that the majority of these would be gamers. I mean, we’ve had plenty of experience dealing with the apocalypse in video games so what better training? The lovely The Dragon’s Tea Party kindly nominated Later Levels for the Sunshine Blogger award at the end of April, and asked her nominees to share the video game character and three items we’d take into the zombie apocalypse.

Character: Guybrush Threepwood

The Secret of Monkey Island, video game, Guybrush Threepwood, pirate, man, surprised

I know what’s going through your head: “Kim’s a big fan of Monkey Island, so this answer is really predictable.” But think about it: Guybrush is the original zombie slayer! He took on the fearsome LeChuck with nothing more than a bottle of root beer and still came out on top. Some may say his victory was nothing more than an extremely fortuitous accident; but I’d feel much better during an apocalypse with someone with experience of the undead around. Plus there’s the advantage of yelling ‘look behind you, a three-headed monkey!’ whenever you need to quickly escape from a tricky situation.

Item 1: laptop

No self-respecting blogger would be caught in an apocalypse without their laptop. How else are you going to inform the rest of the blogosphere about what’s going on in your corner of the chaos – as well as continue to manage your social media and rack up those views on YouTube? Of course, there’s the small issue of keeping the battery powered after the electricity is cut off. But until then, at least you’d get to binge-watch zombie movies on Netflix in order to pick up additional survival tips.

Item 2: medkit

As Kevin from The Mental Attic rightly pointed out to me last week, every zombie video game features a medkit as one of its items. I’m therefore pretty certain I’d need one in times of an apocalypse although I’m not entirely sure why: I’ve not yet had to face an undead hoard in my life (although some of my work colleagues could possibly be considered as such), but I’m under the impression that even a minor bite would be fatal and not having a medkit would be the least of your worries. Video game logic can’t be wrong though, surely?

Item 3: Ethan

Ethan, sword, fight, scowl

Playing Dad Quest during the Gamely Giving marathon stream last month taught me one very important lesson: your child can be a lethal weapon. Surely this applies to stepchildren too so I’m taking mine into the apocalypse with me. Some may say it’s cruel to drag a nine-year old into such a dire situation but not so; Sundae Month’s title shows is that a child is an indestructible force of nature and able to destroy an object within seconds, particularly when you give them level-up attacks such as ‘shank’. The zombies wouldn’t even stand a chance.

In the original study mentioned at the start of this post, only a small number of the population were left alive over the duration of the zombie apocalypse. But a more hopeful follow-up study revealed that we could prolong the survival of the species by killing off the undead and having babies: we’d become less likely infected over time as we grew used to the risks and more able to deal with them. You’ll be pleased to know the students worked out that, under these conditions, it was feasible for the zombie virus to die out and for humans to survive.

Guybrush Threepwood and the items above might just give us an advantage. Which character and objects would you choose?

14 thoughts on “Well-equipped for the zombie apocalypse

  1. Fun post Kim! The character I would choose is Rick Grimes!!! (Cheating I know) But either him or Daryl would be my choices. Idk about 3 items to take with me but I would for sure go to the best place to survive a zombie apocalypse…. WALMART!!!! Either there or Camping World lol… Better yet, you know those shopping centers that have several stores connected? We have one that has Walmart and a Home Depot (pretty much a home and construction store) it’s the perfect combination. I can set up my plumbing and traps even if I didn’t know how to, I could read the manuals lol.

    -Luna 🙂

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  2. See, I’ve been trying to convince people that the time I (quote-unquote) “waste” on Games is actually essential training for the (inevitable) Zombie Apocalypse for ages, so I’m with you on the 300 people being Gamers thing. Fo’ shizzle.

    Also, because I’ve already thought about this waaaay too much, my answers are:

    Character: Jill Valentine. I mean, she’s pretty much the veteran-eyist veteran of Zombie killing shenanigans there is, with something in the region of a bajillion confirmed undead kills at this point, so that’s a no-brainer for me.

    Item One: Pip-boy 3000. Because VATS, innit!?

    Item Two: A generator and/or solar panels.

    Item Three: A really good gun + ammo. Lots and lots of ammo. Having survived in Zombie Apocalypse Games with both melee weapons and guns, it’s definitely a lot, lot easier with the guns. Especially if you’ve got VATS.

    Also, whilst we’re taking about the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, I assume everybody else is already stockpiling water and canned goods, right!?



  3. Character: Indiana Jones because he basically knows how to do/get out of any scenario. Also he speaks multiple languages so we’d be able to move about around the world. Item 1: iPhone – blogging, texting, calling, Tweeting, GPS, Compass, pretty much everything you need. Item 2: Helicopter because its the ultimate “F this” vehicle. Item 3: A pirate ship with a helipad because can zombies swim?


  4. You know, advertisers wouldn’t give you much revenue for only 299 views, so uploading videos to YouTube would probably be only a hobby still.

    That and advertisers wouldn’t exist. And YouTube. But you could always just blog in a Word document and share it with others by forcing them to read it. Something like: “Read this or I’ll leave you outside with the zombies! Don’t forget to like it!”



  5. i like this, and i have some silly things to include!

    Who would I bring?
    Samus Aran, specifically from Metroid Prime. Why? The plasma canon. With seemingly unlimited ammo and no need to recharge, burning zombies to a crisp seems like the best method of fighting them off. And her Varia Suit being metallic would be quite impervious to anything zombies can throw at her, unless they mutated to something absurdly big… or learned to use conventional weaponry

    item #1: A bow and arrow, why? I’m going to assume food will be hard to come by, and that zombies may not necessarily go after regular wild life. So while Samus is burning away through Zombies, I’d take the time to get my archery skills leveled up and hunt us some food. And I think it’d just be fun to use one.

    item #2: Katana sword, why? well for one to chop my food I catch with my bow and arrow! But also would be handy for some close quarters melee combat with zombie, which i probably wouldn’t need to do very much. But I don’t want to rely on ammunition for attacking. Plus something fun to do on the side when we’re not slicing and dicing zombies.

    item #3: My bass guitar, why? Well since Samus will be taking care of the bulk of the fighting with her Plasma canon, i thought I could pull a little thing from Mad Max and playing some heavy riffs while she does it. Nothings better than taking on Zombies to some metal music. Think of it as a battle cry

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    • I love the fact that everyone has put so much thought into their answers. And the bass guitar is simply genius – who doesn’t want awesome backing music while they’re saving the world?

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      • haha yea, it’s a fun topic, and i think you’re needing the laptop to blog during a zombie apocalypse helped inspire the great answers 🙂


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