The question of the month is back and will see us attempt to answer a quandary that has been puzzling the gaming community since it first saw Mario disappear down a pipe. We’re going up against our friends and blogging neighbours in order to find the ultimate response in less than 100 words – and we’re asking you to choose the winner by voting in our poll.

But first, let’s take a look at last month’s question and find out who won…

Last month’s results: what game would you recommend to a non-gamer?

We received 27 votes in our poll – our highest response yet so thank you to everyone who took part – and received a range of additional answers from the community. Here’s the breakdown:

Poll answers:

  • 7 votes: Journey, submitted by Kim from Later Levels
  • 7 votes: Tetris, submitted by NekoJonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog
  • 5 votes: LEGO Jurassic World, submitted by Luke from Hundstrasse
  • 2 votes: BioShock, submitted by Nathan from Gamely Giving
  • 1 vote: Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, submitted by Kevin from The Mental Attic
  • 0 votes: The Last Guardian, submitted by Chris from OverThinker Y

  • Additional answers:

  • Gears of War, submitted by Luna from GamersUnitedGG Blog
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Rez
  • The Last of Us
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

  • So it was a tie between Journey and Tetris last month! A big thank you to everyone who voted, and now let’s see some competition going for the next question…

    June’s question: which video game contains the most surprising plot twist?

    We all love getting wrapped up in a video game and then being thrown a plot-twist that catches us off guard. From the final realisation in indie-darling Braid to the shocking climax of Red Dead Redemption, we’ve experienced some great turning points during our gaming years – but which is the most surprising? Beware of spoilers below as we reveal our contenders for the June 2017 trophy…

    Answer 1:   Baten Kaitos Origins

    Ian has been playing video games since his early childhood, primarily on Nintendo consoles, and he began to seriously experience tabletop gaming as a hobby in college. His passion for writing began at ten and he hasn’t stopped since! Head over to Adventure Rules to find out why he chose Baten Kaitos Origins as his answer this month.

    Answer 2:   BioShock

    Nathan from Gamely Giving says: “I might have given BioShock as my answer for the last question of the month, but let’s face it: it’s an awesome game that deserves to win. Now would you kindly vote for me? After all, a man chooses and a slave obeys.”

    Answer 3:   Corpse Party: Blood Covered – Repeated Fear

    NekoJonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog says: “While it’s not my most surprising plot twist, Corpse Party: Blood Covered – Repeated Fear has one of the best. In the first chapter, you get to know Seiko and Naomi and they get trapped in the horror elementary school called Heavenly Host. These two can’t be separated but, due to the fact they’re in a haunted school, Naomi finds Seiko hanged in the ladies room. You find out it was Naomi that hung the rope around Seiko and killed her. When I reached this plot-twist, my mind was blown. Seriously, I didn’t see that one coming.”

    Answer 4:   EarthBound

    Tim is a guy who likes to get dressed up, have a good time, meet people who are passionate about their respective geekdoms and encourage everyone to be vocal about who they are. He’s also vocal about his answer for this month’s question – check out his argument for EarthBound over on GeekOut South-West.

    Answer 4:   Metal Gear Solid

    Luke writes about his long and varied gaming history and current musings over at Hundstrasse, and rates the selling of his copy of the truly bizarre Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game for PlayStation as one of his biggest gaming blunders. Read why he chose the FoxDie reveal from Metal Gear Solid as gaming’s most surprising plot twist here.

    Answer 5:   Metroid

    Kim from Later Levels says: “If you played Metroid well and reached the top-tier, you were awarded with an additional ending screen that showed Samus Aran without her Power Suit – revealing her to be female. I love the fact that not only was this a major plot-twist, it was a turning point for an industry obsessed with brave men rescuing helpless damsels in distress. Samus is now one of gaming’s most iconic female characters: she takes matters into her own hands, knows how to wield and weapon, can deal with alien lifeforms and takes no s**t from anybody. You go girl.”

    Answer 6:   Silent Hill 2

    Chris from OverThinker Y says: “Silent Hill 2’s twist is a classic, but for good reason. See, the player, as James Sunderland, spends the game searching for the author of a letter which appears to be from his dead wife while trying to avoid death by horrible deformed creatures. Turns out the creatures are manifestations over his guilt at having killed his wife, put there by his subconscious to punish him. The ending then changes depending on the player’s behaviour in a way that hasn’t been done as subtly or as effectively since. It’s perhaps gaming’s smartest and most legitimately disturbing horror story all these years later.”

    Answer 7:   Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    Kevin is a geek and proud of it: no matter the situation, no matter the environment or the people around him, you’ll hear him discuss novels, games and films with anyone who’ll listen. He’ll also discuss his answer if you ask him nicely and you can find out why he chose Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on The Mental Attic.

    So who’s got it right, and who’s got it so wrong that they deserve to never get the answer to a video game cliffhanger ever again? Cast your votes in the poll opposite or give your own suggestion and we’ll reveal the most popular answer on Friday, 07 July 2017 along with the next question.

    Got a question you’d like to see us struggle over next month? Or would you like to join in and add your own answer into our polls on a regular basis? Leave us a message in the comments below or get in touch!

    Question of the Month: June 2017 edition

    10 thoughts on “Question of the Month: June 2017 edition

    1. I didn’t see Bioshock’s twist coming at all and it utterly changes your perception of everything that happened before. It’s a pity what came after it didn’t use that reveal in any particular way, but the moment you realise what was happening is incredibly memorable.
      I’d throw the twist from Spec Ops: The Line in the mix too.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I know I should be cheering for my own answer… but my money is on BioShock to win this month. I remember my jaw dropping when I reached the turning point in the game because I really didn’t see it coming, despite all the signs being right in front of your face.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. My favourite is Xenoblade Chronicles. You play in this beautiful fantasy rpg with all these different races and people only to find out that their god is actually just a scientist who created this world in his lab. I really had no clue that was ever going to happen.

      Liked by 2 people

    3. I love the questions of the month! There were great responses like Metroid and Bioshock, however, I have to go with Fable III in the Fable series. I’ve mentioned this before but some of the decisions you have to make are darn right dark. It’s like a lose, lose situation or the lesser of 2 evils. Personally, that’s my vote for surprising twists. Happy Friday Kim!

      -Luna 😀


    4. Bioshock does have an amazing twist and is the one I vote for here. some other good twists in games I’d say are Gone Home and Firewatch. Both play with your perception of the setting and story to deliver a twist that is far more mundane than what you anticipate coming but also far more impactful than what would have been if it had stayed on the course you think.


      • Good choice: I had three potential answers for this months’s question before narrowing it down to one, and Gone Home was one of the contenders. It’s a story grounded in reality and one that’s told absolutely beautifully.


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