Summer is here and although we should be outside enjoying the sunshine with a cocktail or two in hand, we’re still managing to sneak in a few hours of gaming. An enormous thank you to all of our 392 followers for joining us on our blogging journey – you guys are so lovely and we’ve listed you all over on our dedicated page to prove just how awesome you are.

The amazing posts just keep on coming from the WordPress community and there’s always something new and interesting popping up in our reader. Here are some of the highlights we’ve picked from the past month:

  • Following on from this year’s E3 event, Ian over at Adventure Rules has some great – and unexpected – ideas for games that would work well as crossovers.
  • What does it take to turn a non-gamer into someone who enjoys playing? This post by The Dragon’s Tea Party may just hold the answer to that question.
  • If you’re looking for a big slice of nostalgia, head over to this review by Alessandro on I ❤ Old Games. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge is one of my favourite games!
  • I love both cooking and video games, and this meat and rice bowl inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from Teri Mae at Sheikah Plate looks damn tasty.
  • We sometimes we forget there’s a real person, along with their dreams, behind video games. This post by the man himself over on The Well-Red Mage is a thought-provoking read.

  • Last month, Kim was…

    Doing:   trying to train for a 10K
    Feeling:   feeling guilty for not training enough
    Playing:   Horizon Zero Dawn (completed!)
    Writing:   Office politics: gamers in the workplace

    Good news: our house renovations are moving along nicely and we now have a fully-functional kitchen, complete with BioShock-inspired diving helmet! That means I can finally start trying out some of the lovely-looking recipes on the Sheikah Plate site and stop living off of KFC. I’m pleased to report that the Kickstarter campaign for The Tomb Raider Suite was successful, so at some point I’ll be adding a signed copy of the first page of the score for The Tomb Raider Theme to the room.

    Our support of SpecialEffect continued in June when the Gamely Giving team took part in a 16-hour streaming marathon hosted by Ethan. You lovely people have helped us raise a total of £877.90 for the charity and I honestly can’t thank you enough! Reaching our target doesn’t mean I’m taking it easy though: I’m currently training for a 10K in London on 09 July 2017. That’s proving a little difficult however due to how sweltering the British weather has been recently so I’m going to need all the luck I can get to make it over the finish line…

    Something I was able to complete was Horizon Zero Dawn and there was enough content in this game for it to take me well over 100-hours. I’ve really enjoyed my time with it, particularly messing around in photo mode, but I’m ready to move onto something new (there’s only so many mechanical beasts you can battle). After receiving recommendations from James at QTX, James from Excalibur Games and Luke from Hundstrasse, the next title on the list is Life is Strange. I’m late to the party!

    And speaking of parties (see what I did there?), thank you to everyone who stopped by our latest blog party last Friday and made it such a success. Check out the post if you’re looking for some great posts to read – and enter 22 September 2017 in your diaries as the date for our next event.

    Coming up this month…

    With Kitacon fast approaching, I’ve been progressing my cosplay plans and now have an entire outfit plus half of the next one completed. There’s still work to do though! I’ve got a few days of work this month to get myself sorted and I’ll also be getting in as much gaming time as possible, so keep your eyes open for a few impromptu streams.

    And if I do manage to make it over the 10K finish line, I’ll post some photos from the event (although I can’t promise I’ll be looking particularly glamourous in any of them).

    Wish me luck! – Kim   🏃

    Editorial: July 2017

    12 thoughts on “Editorial: July 2017

    1. Thanks so much for linking to my article! I’m very flattered and humbled that you’d take the time to read my work. Thanks! And may I say best of luck to you with the 10k? That’s some admirable training you’re doing!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Good luck Kim! Thank you for recommending another gaming blog to me! I;m sad I missed the blog party but I’ll go and read that post next It sounds like June was a great month! Hopefully July can be h=just as good if not better :).

      -Luna 🙂


    3. Thanks for mentioning my article! It is seriously awesome to wake up to a comment from a new follower saying they found me thanks to Later Levels. I’ve met quite a few people thanks to your blog and I hope you know that you are a great example of encouraging bloggers to be a community.
      Also, congrats on the finished house! I know I miss cooking when I can’t do it for awhile, so I’m sure it’ll be nice to whip up some meals that involve less fryer oil. Or more, if that’s your thing!


      • Aw, you guys… *blushes*

        That’s such a lovely thing to say, thank you. I’ve met some really great people since starting blogging again this year and it’s you lot that make it so worthwhile! Looking forward to seeing where the rest of 2017 takes us all. 😀

        We’ve still got a little bit of decorating to do to get the kitchen finished, but it’s functioning and so nice to be cooking once again. I’ve baked so many cakes over the past couple of weeks – my other-half’s colleagues love me because he’s been taking them into work with him! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • We’ve still got a tiny bit of decorating to do before the kitchen is completely finished, but I’ll try and have some photos ready for the next editorial. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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