Monday was a bank holiday here in the UK, which usually means an extended weekend and a long lie-in. But that wasn’t the case for myself, my other-half and stepson: in a burst of unusual spontaneity, we decided to book tickets for Insomnia 61 at the last moment.

This saw us waking up at 06:00 on Sunday and jumping in the car for a three-hour road-trip to the Birmingham NEC to visit ‘the UK’s biggest gaming festival’.

This was our first time at the event and we didn’t really know what to expect, but there was indeed almost a ‘festival’ feel to it: half of the space was dedicated to a huge LAN party and tournament stage, while stalls of various types were located in the other section. We tried out a number of indie games (Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse went down well with the boys); checked out the merchandise (but fortunately didn’t bankrupt ourselves); and saw a show featuring one of Ethan’s favourite YouTubers (more about that later this week).

Although Rezzed remains my favourite UK event, Insomnia 61 was a great experience and we’d consider going again in 2018. It would be great to actually join in with the LAN party and pitch a tent in the hall for four-days straight but unfortunately parenting makes that a little difficult! Take a look at the photo gallery below to see some of the games we played and other what else we got up to.

Insomnia 61 photo gallery

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Insomnia61: a round-up

7 thoughts on “Insomnia61: a round-up

  1. I61 looks like it was an amazing event! I went to i60 earlier this year but couldn’t make it to i61 but will definitely be going to the event in the future!


    • It was definitely a long day by the time we’d done the car journey and back, but it was a good event. It’s the second time we’ve been been up to Birmingham in the space of two weeks… and we’re going back again for EGX next month too! Ha ha ha


  2. I’ve always fancied doing one of these iEvents, but never been. It did inspire a group of us to do our own LAN parties for a number of years, but with age and other adult stuff happening we don’t do them any more. I’m off to EGX for the first time and my first gaming event, I can’t wait!


    • You’ll love it! EGX is great, and the developers on the show floor all tend to be very friendly and chatty. I’ll be there on the Thursday and the Friday so might bump into you! 🙂


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