Summer is now over and Halloween is on its way, so let’s gear up for winter by wrapping ourselves up in cosy blankets and playing some video games. A massive thank you to all of our 618 followers for joining us on our blogging journey – we’ve listed you over on our dedicated page to show just how awesome you all are.

The wonderful posts continue from the WordPress community and there’s always something new and interesting popping up in our reader. Here are some of the highlights we’ve picked out from the past month:

  • I’d love to be able to play Thumper… but I’m not sure my coordination would stand the challenge! Here’s a review by Imtiaz from Power Bomb Attack.
  • Ever feel like it’s difficult to play games when and how you want? James from QTX certainly does, and he shares his thoughts in this post.
  • Bizarre and out-of-place? No, not the Later Levels team – we’re talking about these five gaming moments picked up on by Rob from I Played The Game!
  • How on earth is Lara Croft not dead? Read a serious-sounding doctor’s prognosis in this post by Scott from Insert Memory Card.
  • Are you obsessed with a video game right now? Do you love Overwatch? And can you make cupcakes?! Then head over to this post by The Dragon’s Tea Party.

  • Last month, Kim was…

    Doing:   hanging out at EGX
    Feeling:   obsessed with Detroit: Become Human
    Playing:   CAYNE, The Slaughter and The Charnel House Trilogy
    Watching:   The Expanse
    Writing:   The secret to blogging success

    It’s official: I’ve been a Destiny 2 window since 06 September 2017. My other-half and Ben have been playing either together or separately for the past few weeks and they seem to be really enjoying it; myself however, I’m a kind of indifferent. I gave it a go but the gameplay just isn’t for me (the soundtrack is excellent though) and there’s nothing wrong with that; one of the best things about gaming is that there’s a title out there for absolutely everybody.

    And that title for me is definitely Detroit: Become Human. I had the opportunity to play Quantic Dream’s upcoming release at the EGX event and I’m not going to lie: I’m a little bit obsessed with it and can’t wait for its release next year. This was my favourite of the ‘bigger’ games at the show, while supernatural adventure Lake Ridden by Midnight Hub was my pick of the indie offerings. Take a look at our photo gallery to see more of what we got up to.

    The expo wasn’t the only awesome event last month: the gorgeous Charlie from charliechatters very kindly nominated Later Levels for the Blogger Recognition Award! We’re extremely flattered and want to send big hugs her way. The nomination requires receivers to reveal how they got into blogging and share some advice for fellow writers, so a post about this dedicated to Charlie will be coming very soon.

    Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who came to our latest blog party towards the end of September. As you can see from the tweet opposite, it was our most successful one to date: over 120 comments were left on the post and we shared 23 articles written by you fantastic lot! The next party will hopefully take place during the middle of December so start practising those Christmas carols and baking those mince pies in preparation, and keep your eyes open for your invitation.

    Coming up this month…

    Along with a few more highlights from EGX and our Blogger Recognition Award response, expect to see photographs from another upcoming event: the London Comic Con. I’m so pleased to have been selected to volunteer for SpecialEffect once more at the convention; and our good friend Nathan from Hurricane thought process will be joining us for some Bill & Ted cosplay, organised by my stepson.

    There’s also Halloween to look forward to and following on from a recent conversation with the lovely nufafitc from Emotional Multimedia Ride, we’ll have a special post coming at the end of the month! Before then however, look out for a collaboration with the amazing Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate where I try to cook a recipe from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    Speaking of which: if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the epic project on The Legend of Zelda series, put together by NekoJonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog. Thanks for letting me be a part of this!

    Wrap up warm out there – Kim   ❤

    Editorial: October 2017

    8 thoughts on “Editorial: October 2017

    1. Thanks so much for the mention! I had had a blast reading your reports from EGX last month, I’m tempted to try and make my first gaming convention appearance next year at some point.


    2. appreciate you linking to my review

      With Halloween coming up, we are planning to get Leia a costume, will send ya a pic once we’ve settled on something 🙂


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