Winter is now well upon us and it’s the perfect time of year to play video games; so grab a mug of something hot and your controller, and settle down on the sofa. A huge thank you to all of our 671 followers for joining us on our blogging journey so far – we’ve listed you over on our dedicated page to show just how amazing you are.

The WordPress community continues to publish some awesome posts and there’s always something new to look at. Sadly I’ve not had as much time to read during the past month as I would have liked, but here are some of the highlights I came across:

  • I was honoured to be a part of The Zelda Project last month. If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at the hub post by NekoJonez on NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog.
  • Need a new jacket for winter? Check you should check out this post by Chris from OverThinker Y for some fashion tips from the pros.
  • This post by The Dragon’s Tea Party hits the nail squarely on the head. Sometimes it’s incredibly hard being an adult gamer.
  • Video games don’t have to fall under the horror genre to be creepy! There are some great gaming moments are described in this post by Christine from simpleek.
  • Celebrating 14 years of Steam, Jon from shares his memories of joining the gaming platform in this post.

  • Last month, Kim was…

    Doing:   attending the London Comic Con
    Feeling:   contemplative
    Playing:   The Elder Scrolls Online
    Watching:   The Expanse (season two), Glitch and The Mist
    Writing:   Beginner’s guide to indie – part one, two and three

    I’m afraid to admit I’ve fallen off the wagon. I thought I’d given up my addiction long ago but it has reared its head once again and I’m unable to escape from its tempting grasp. I originally played The Elder Scrolls Online when it was released several years ago and on a whim I decided to go back to it during October; and now I’m completely re-hooked. This is causing friendly arguments between myself, my other-half and Ben as the boys want to play Destiny 2 but I need the console to continue adventuring! There’s nothing else for it: we obviously need to get ourselves a second PlayStation…

    Playing TESO has been somewhat therapeutic as it has enabled me to escape for a few hours after work each evening. I’ve been considering the direction I’m heading in recently, and I’d like to say thank you to everyone who left words of encouragement and advice on my post on the subject. I’d also to send my gratitude to Dan from, who very kindly gave up a Friday night to chat to me about training opportunities. I can’t express how much I appreciate everybody’s support – it means a lot, and you guys are simply amazing.

    Continuing with the thank-yous, I must mention ClanGeek who nominated Later Levels for the One Lovely Blog Award recently! It was great seeing everyone’s responses to the questions I posed as part of my response post, finding out where they come from and what they’d like to receive for Christmas this year. A number of bloggers seem to have their hearts set on a new Switch so here’s hoping that the video game gods are listening closely.

    Coming up this month…

    I’ll be talking more about my addition to The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as explaining why I’d rather leave Destiny 2 to my other-half and Ben. I gave it a go but the gameplay just isn’t for me (the soundtrack is excellent though) and there’s nothing wrong with that: one of the best things about gaming is that there’s a title out there for absolutely everybody.

    It was so much fun talking about CAYNE with the lovely nufafitc from Emotional Multimedia Ride and I’d love to consider turning our conversation and critique post into a series. If anyone would be up for joining in and has a suggestion for a game we could both play and then discuss together, please do get in touch! Just please be patient with me if you choose something that involves advanced hand-eye coordination.

    Hope you had fun on Guy Fawkes Night recently, and thank you once again – Kim   ❤

    Editorial: November 2017

    4 thoughts on “Editorial: November 2017

      • It was fun to be a part of (thanks to Neko again if he’s reading this!). The rumour is that a Final Fantasy one is in the works… but unfortunately I know nothing about the series, so I’ll leave it to the experts. 😉

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    1. Thanks for the mentions, we can’t thank you enough! Also, no problem giving up a Friday night, or any night, any time. Hope my advice was useful 😎


      • It was indeed – your advice and a few recent seminars have given me a clearer direction, and I think that was just what I needed. There’s going to be a bit of hard work ahead in the next few months but it’ll hopefully be worth it in the end.

        I owe you and Jon a couple of beers at Rezzed. 😉


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