Dear Santa: gamers gift guide

Christmas is now only a month away and we’re all looking forward to some well-deserved time off from work to play video games. If you’re not sure what to give the gamers in your life as presents, then you’ve come to the right place: the following items will bring a smile to their face (as soon as they’ve torn their eyes away from the screen and put down the controller).

Before we launch into this list, a confession. I wanted to bring you a gift guide as comprehensive as possible, one which consisted of varied items which would appeal to a wide range of people, and therefore did plenty of research online before creating it. However, I ended up seeing so many things I’d actually like for myself that it’s probably now more a personal wishlist to Santa. Sorry about that…

Under £10

Bulbasaur, planter, plant, cactus, Pokemon

The Dragon’s Tea Party and I have given each other several interior design tips this year and a big thank you to her for pointing out this Bulbasaur planter by 8bitpixl on Etsy. I’m not a huge Pokémon fan but one of these would look great on a windowsill providing I’m able to keep a plant alive for once.

Gametee, lipbalm, pots, tins

Gametee is one of my favourite online shops and I’ve bought several items from them over the past year. Something I don’t have yet though is the gaming lipbalm pack and I’m sure I’d be able to find space for it in my handbag. I can also recommend their candles – the health and mana ones are lovely.

Stranger things, soundtrack, CD, box art

I totally adore Stranger Things and anything 80s so, while not strictly related to video games, something I’d love to find in my stocking this year would be the soundtrack CD. If that happens, it’s highly likely you’ll find me dancing around the kitchen while making waffles for breakfast on Christmas morning.

Under £20

Stories Untold, video game, box art

Thank you to the awesome Bradley from Cheap Boss Attack for telling me to play Stories Untold recently – the game is excellent and the artwork is just as good. This poster would show my appreciation for the title as well as fit in very nicely with the other 80s-style items I have around the house.

Firewatch, video game, notebooks

It’s always handy for a blogger to keep a notebook nearby to jot down ideas for future posts, so how about this lovely set from Campo Santos inspired by the Crime By The Numbers series of books from Firewatch? I’m not sure I’d want to spoil them with my bad handwriting, but they’d look great on my desk.

Monkey Island, video game, tote bag, verbs, cursor, DOS, retro

Anyone who visits Later Levels regularly is probably expecting a Monkey Island entry so here it is: this retro DOS tote bag by hangman3d on Redbubble. It would be perfect for holding all your flyers and merchandise when visiting gaming during 2018, which leads me nicely on to my next point…

Under £40

Rezzed, video games, gaming, expo, Little Nightmares, Kim

I’ve already sorted my ticket for the next year’s event but if the gamer in your life isn’t so organised, why not get them a Super Pass for Rezzed for Christmas? This is my favourite expo and I can highly recommend it if the thought of spending three days playing video games and talking to independent developers is appealing.

The Elder Scrolls Online, video game, book

Something which is still appealing to me at the moment is The Elder Scrolls Online and it’s likely I’ll be playing it well into the holidays (unless our relationship falters). Its sheer size can be a little overwhelming though so this guide to its lands would be useful; and the second book on its lore looks just as good.

Horizon Zero Dawn, video game, Aloy, female, warrior, bow and arrow

One of my favourite video game characters this year has been Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn: not only is she an independent woman who kicks butt, she has awesome hair while she’s doing it. One way to celebrate those auburn tresses in all their glory would be to order this statue from ThinkGeek.

Blow the budget

PlayStation 4, controller, customised, Custom Controllers UK

My other-half and stepson have customised controllers for our PlayStation 4 but I’m still using the standard! There are some great ones on the Custom Controllers UK website and I’ve got my eye on a few of them. I particularly like the two-tone edition – it’s rather in step with the Later Levels colour scheme.

Loot Crate, Loot Gaming, subscription box

A Loot Gaming subscription from Loot Crate would make a great present for gamers. I signed up to the Loot Wear version earlier this year and am pretty happy with the quality of items received (although the franchises aren’t always to my taste); however, the deliveries seem subject to frequent delays so bear that in mind when ordering.

Trico, The Last Guardian, video game, model, statue, GakmanCreatures, Etsy

I fell in love with Trico after the boys gave me The Last Guardian last Christmas and now it’s possible to have your own smaller version. This gorgeous collectable item by GakmanCreatures on Etsy sadly won’t be ready in time for the big day because it’s completely handmade, but it would be so worth the wait.

Disclaimer: the list above consists of items which caught my eye but I’m unable to comment on their quality or the performance of their sellers. Later Levels isn’t affiliated with the sites mentioned and I won’t receive any money as a result of clicking on the links in this post – although if the sellers read it and would like to send me these items, I’m not going to complain. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Dear Santa: gamers gift guide

  1. Just put a cactus in the Bulbasaur plant pot and then you barely have to do anything =) I shouldn’t have looked at this really because my Xmas list has grown now! A subscription to Loot Crate would be amazing!


    • Hint hint, boyfriend! 😉

      The only negative thing I can say about Loot Crate is that the deliveries are almost always delayed. The Stranger Things crate was due to arrive in line with the release of the second series but sadly it’s still not here! The communication from the company isn’t great, but the support team are really good if you contact them directly.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, I can see a few items that maybe appearing on my Christmas wishlist! I like the look of the PS4 controllers, so I may purchase one in the next year. I have one the the Elder Scrolls Online books and I agree, they would make a great gift!


  3. “…although if the sellers read it and would like to send me these items, I’m not going to complain.” Best. Disclaimer. Ever! 😂

    Nice list! I love that Aloy statue. I got the Collector’s Edition one so I can’t really justify asking for two Aloy statues… maybe.


    • Unfortunately the disclaimer hasn’t worked… yet!

      We haven’t had a chance to make a start on it yet, but early 2018 will hopefully see us finally sort out our gaming room. And what sort of gaming room would it be without an Aloy statue?

      Liked by 1 person

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  5. I discovered Gametee a few months ago and fell in love with their stuff immediately! I tried LootCrate a few years ago and was just not impressed. I hope the quality has gone up! a lot can happen in 3-4 years for a company.

    Also, I wanted to let you know Kim, I nominated you for a blog award! Feel free to participate. I just wanted more people to know about the awesome blog and community you have growing here!


    • Thank you once again, Megan! A Christmas collaboration will be starting next Monday so I’m going to be tied up with that for the next few weeks, but I promise there’ll be a post about your questions very early in the new year. 😀

      I had a subscription for Loot Wear earlier this year and even though a lot of the franchises weren’t to my taste, the quality of the items was pretty good. I recently switched over to the t-shirts to see if I like those better.

      Saying that though… the delays are awful. I’m still waiting on the Stranger Things special edition (which was meant to arrive in time for Halloween) and last month’s parcel (which should have arrived by the end of November). And a Fallout special edition I ordered as a Christmas present now won’t be here until January! *sigh*

      Liked by 1 person

  6. You’re so welcome! It’s no rush at all. I know many of us have posts already written or planned out so throwing in a post can be difficult sometimes. Nevertheless, I’m super excited to see it when you’re done!

    Those delays are something else. I have a Cratejoy subscription box (OwlCrate) and so far it has never been late or disappointed me with the contents inside. LootCrate would contain maybe two items at most that I liked, and everything was very “cheap.” The rest of the items were given away. I loved their t-shirts though so maybe I should give that a try (if I don’t mind delays like that!).


    • I’ll take some pictures of the items I’ve received and add them into a post at some point, so you can see what you think of the t-shirts… if they ever arrive… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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