Christmas is almost here and who knows, we might just receive some new video games from Santa! A huge thank you to all of our 720 followers for joining us on our blogging journey this year – we’ve listed you over on our dedicated page to show just how awesome you are.

The WordPress community continues to publish some amazing posts and there’s always something new to look at. Sadly work has been manic over the past month and I’ve not had as much time as I’d have liked to read, but here are some of the highlights I came across:

  • Fancy an early Christmas present? Then get yourself over to Adventure Rules to see the responses for the latest Charming and Open event, hosted by Ian.
  • Still trying to figure out what to get your favourite gamer for Christmas? Here are some great ideas from Athena over at AmbiGaming.
  • A rap about Horizon Zero Dawn by Michael from cowopinion – surely that’s got to take the number one spot in the charts this holiday season?
  • We love Skyrim but aren’t sure we need a third copy, even if it is portable. Here are some thoughts by Sam from For Fods Sake!
  • And you thought beer was expensive in London… take a look at this interesting comparison report by Joef from I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blogger.

  • Last month, Kim was…

    Doing:   networking
    Feeling:   hopeful
    Playing:   The Elder Scrolls Online, Stories Untold, Blackwell Epiphany, Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death and Undertale
    Writing:   I don’t like Destiny 2 (and that’s ok)

    Work has been giving me a bit of a beating during the past several weeks and it’s unfortunately left me with little spare time for video games. I’ve managed to fit in a few hours of The Elder Scrolls Online to keep feeding my addiction; and I was also able to tear my other-half away from Desiny 2 long enough to play Stories Untold with me. I’m so glad we finally got around to doing this because it’s so good, and it reminded me why I used to enjoy text-adventures when I was a kid. I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t picked it up already (thank you to Bradley from Cheap Boss Attack for the tip).

    Unfortunately however, our foray into the world of Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death didn’t end so well. It’s testament to the fact that a bad control scheme and bugs can really diminish your enjoyment of a title and drive you to watch a YouTube longplay rather than finish it for yourself. Hopefully the next entry in the conversation and critique series will be a little more successful…

    Thank you so much to TriformTrinity for inviting me to take part in his gaming gripes series – we had such a good conversation that spanned over a couple of days! The subject I chose was whether video games are bad for us so it was quite a broad and emotive topic. We came to the conclusion that this wasn’t an easy question to answer and an argument needs to be fairly considered from both sides; but gaming has a lot of positive benefits, including giving us the opportunity to meet some pretty great people from all over the world.

    On a more personal note, over the past month I’ve been attending a number of training sessions and seminars. They’ve reminded me just how much I enjoy doing the work I do and that perhaps it’s not an entire change of career I’m looking for; but they’ve also made me realise that maybe I’m not in the right place to achieve everything I want to do. These events have taken up a good chunk of my time and I’ve missed not being around as much to read and comment on blog posts, but it’s time to take back control and set a new direction. Hashtag positivity.

    Coming up this month…

    There’s so much to look forward to! With Christmas on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to launch a collaboration project spanning over 12 days – keep your eyes peeled for more information later this week in case you’d like to join in. It’s also a good time for a social gathering, so prepare yourself for the next blog party on 11 December 2017 and bring along your favourite festive tune.

    I’ll also be revealing my response to the question posed to me by Ian from Adventure Rules as part of the latest Charming and Open event: if you could choose any creature from a video game to be your pet, what would you choose and why? It took me a little while to come up with the right answer, but hopefully I’ll do him proud!

    Registration for the GameBlast18 event is now open so you can sign up and show your support for the wonderful SpecialEffect. I’ll be roping in some lovely lads to join me in a 24-hour gaming marathon to raise funds and awareness for the charity early next year, and there’ll be more details about this coming very soon.

    Grab yourself a mince pie and a controller, and enjoy the festive season – Kim   🎄

    Editorial: December 2017

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