Creature comforts: video game pets

At the end of April, Ian over at Adventure Rules ran the first ever Charming and Open event. He invited readers to ask him questions but there was a catch: in return, he could ask them a question of his own. I decided to query Ian about the location in a video game he’d most like to visit; and he asked me about my memories of The Secret of Monkey Island.

It was such a good idea that many of us were very happy when he announced another Charming and Open event at the beginning of December! Austin from Reaper Interactive enquired about his most embarrassing gaming moment; Chris from OverThinker Y wanted to know which gaming character he’d least like to meet down a dark alley; and Retro Redress asked Ian to tell us the one game he’s always wanted to complete but never has.

Head over to Adventure Rules to check out more of the great posts published as a result. My question to the lovely Ian this time was: which video game character would you most like to meet in real life and why? The one he posed to me in return is below, and this is my answer.

If you could choose any creature from a video game to be your pet, what would you choose and why?

The Last Guardian turned out to be one of the most touching and thoughtful games I’ve ever played, and a title which creates one of the most believable bonds between a human and an animal. It’s therefore no surprise that my immediate reaction to this question was Trico: a giant griffin-like creature whose name can be taken to mean a portmanteau of ‘bird’ and ‘cat’ in Japanese.

The Last Guardian, video game, Trico, animal, beast, phoenix, griffin, boy

But thinking about it harder, I realised how completely impractical this would be. He’d never be able to fit in the house and would therefore have to sleep in the garden, which would almost certainly annoy the neighbours. I dread to think how much the weekly food bill would be – and that’s even if we could find a glowing-barrel stockist. And I’m not sure our cats would be best pleased about us getting a Trico as a pet.

On top of all that, this is a video game creature which needs to be free of captivity. His fear of the stained-glass eyes dotted around the environment in The Last Guardian paints a picture of the traumatic conditioning he’s been subjected to for years and, after going on such a long journey to ensure the boy’s safety, doesn’t he deserve a little peace and happiness in return? So no Trico.

How about Crow, the talking bird? He’s one of my favourite characters from The Longest Journey series: a womaniser who’s partial to fleeting visits with birds replete with kisses but he’s fiercely loyal and has a great sense of humour. He wouldn’t take up as much space as a giant griffin-like creature and we already have a bird-feeder in the garden, so board and lodging are taken care of.

Dreamfall Chapters, video game, Crow, bird, library

He would be the sort of pet that would look out for my stepson and I get the impression the two of them would be inseparable. That would be a source of comfort for myself and my other-half: the teenage years are fast approaching so someone who’s going to help keep him on the right track would be much appreciated. While Ethan is away during the week, Crow could fly over to see him and make sure he’s doing ok.

But this is a creature who, despite being able to speak fowl language (pun intended), prefers a ‘decent conversation with people as bird twitter can be somewhat limited’. Does that mean he’d want to involve us in endless discussion after a long day at work, when all we want to do is crash out on the sofa and play video games? And what about the cats: perhaps they might take to living with a new winged-pet a little too well. So no Crow.

How about a Slime from Slime Rancher then? These are gelatinous ball-shaped aliens that live in the Far, Far Range; and their permanently-happy expressions and high-pitched voices make them seriously adorable. There are a number of different species but the Pink Slime is the easiest to look after as they’ll eat all three main food types in the game: fruit, meat and veggies.

Slime Rancher, video game, Pink Slimes, blobs, cute, aliens

They’re soft, squishy and very happy to be around people so there’d be no need to worry when our friends bring their young children over for a visit. In addition, their plorts (diamond-shaped items they produce after being fed) are used to manufacture everything from food products to household cleaners. My other-half and I could therefore sell them at the Plort Market to generate a second income – kerching!

But there’s the danger of our pet turning into a Largo Slime and this in turn transforming into a Tarr, a creature who seeks only to consume and replicate. I’m also not sure Pete would be happy taking a Pink Slime out for regular walks where all the neighbours could see. Add to these downsides the fact that our cats would constantly be covered in sticky stuff and therefore need constant brushing. So no Pink Slime.

It seems as though a lot of animals within video games, regardless of how adorable they are, would make a pretty lousy pet. Whether it’s issues with space and food bills, incessant talking and attention-seeking, or the threat of it turning into a hostile creature, there’s always something that would put you off keeping one in your own house.

Link, Zelda, cats

I think it might be best if we just stick with our cats, Link and Zelda. They might leave fur all over the house, steal the quilt while we’re sleeping at night, and want to sit on our laps while we’re trying to play video games. But we love those little fluffballs and wouldn’t do without them.

14 thoughts on “Creature comforts: video game pets

  1. Goodness, pets sound complicated. I’ll stick to having a kid!
    You stated elsewhere that you weren’t sure your post would be good, but I really enjoyed reading this. These are unique choices and I enjoyed seeing both what originally drew you to each choice as well as what made you rethink it. Imagining Ethan getting bad dating advice from a crow or Pete standing outside with a giant pink poofy creature adds a great personal touch.
    Thanks for participating in the event! I enjoyed both your question and your answer to my question.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Slimes are so cute though… surely I’d be able to convince Pete? At least until his laptop was covered in plorts, anyway.

      Thank you so much for letting me join in! Each of the community events on Adventure Rules has given me the chance to write something completely different (I’d never have thought I’d end up writing a shanty) and it has been a pleasure to participate in them. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for participating! It’s great having you around as you always contribute something unique to each event. I look forward to continued collaborations in the coming year!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I know it’s on-the-nose, but I really loved my dogs in Fable 2 and Fable 3. They were such awesome companions. Plus, they tore up bad guys and found treasure. Who DOESN’T need dogs like that irl?! 🙂


    • I’m shocked I didn’t think of this option for this post! I actually cried when the dog took the hit at the end of Fable II… and then cried even harder when I chose the Sacrifice option and he didn’t come back… 😢

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I would go for Ori (from Ori and the Blind Forest). It is extremely cute, fluffy, soft and strong. As I like very fluffy soft pets I would definitely choose for Ori! Or I would go for a Umbreon or Espeon since they both are one of my most favorite pokemon haha!


  4. Your cats are adorable. I love cats so much! Hard to beat the cats and dogs I already have, but I’d gladly add an ottsel (half-otter, half-weasel) from Jak and Daxter to the mix if I could!


    • I’d have more cats if I could… we clearly need a Navi to go with Link and Zelda, right? At least that’s what I keep telling my other-half. 😉


  5. Reblogged this on Adventure Rules and commented:
    Adventure Rules Remastered continues! This weekend I’m sharing some more posts from Charming and Open, this time from the monthlong event in December. The first question I received was from Kim at Later Levels, so her answer to my question is the first I’ll share. She talked all about the pet she would want from a video game, so I fully recommend all pet fans to check this one out!


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