Creative Christmas: mistletoe kiss

The Creative Christmas collaboration is still going strong, and our brave group of bloggers is almost halfway through 12 video-game-related questions based around a loose festive storyline. After answering yesterday’s challenge about video game soundtracks for party playlists, here’s what we’re up against next:

The party is still going strong and you find yourself conveniently positioned under the mistletoe. Which video game character would you call over for a cheeky kiss?

My answer

There are indeed some very well-designed (ahem) video game characters that appeal to plenty of gamers in the digital-crush stakes nowadays. Lara Croft, Samas Aran and Jill Valentine have long been adored by the community; and Nathan Drake, Geralt of Rivia and Jacob Taylor are all viable candidates for a bit of eye-candy. It could therefore potentially be extremely tough choosing someone to have a little Christmas smooch with.

What we need to do is choose someone who’s ready to wage battle against anyone who crosses their path, yet is still sensitive and caring. Somebody who has a hard exterior shell to protect themselves and their loved ones, but is ready to sweep you off of your feet and show you how amazing you are. A hero who has been saving the world for years and smouldering sexily all the time while doing so.

And that person is: Guybrush Threepwood.

The Secret of Monkey Island, video game, Guybrush Threepwood, pirate, man, surprised

Ok, I know that for regular Later Levels visitors that answer will come as no surprise whatsoever; and for those new to the blog it will sound like a bit of a weird choice. Granted, this wannabe pirate isn’t your typical video game hunk. But I have plenty to thank him for and a kiss under the mistletoe this festive season would be a good way to show him how much I appreciate him.

It was Guybrush who got me into video games as a kid, after receiving an Amiga 500 for Christmas one year and choosing The Secret of Monkey Island to be the first title I played on it. My dad and I spent the day going up against dangerous-looking yaks in the governor’s mansion and insulting buccaneers by telling them they fought like cows; and we even managed to rope my granddad into helping us with the grog-mug puzzle.

I’ve written on the subject before so won’t say too much more here, but I think that’s the real secret of Monkey Island. It can show a nine-year old girl that magical worlds do exist and enable a dad to spend time with his daughter. It can convince a granddad to get involved with something he wouldn’t usually be interested in. And it can give a blogger a lifelong love of the adventure genre and the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

EGX, video games, expo, event., gamers, Kim, Pete

However, this festive liaison under the mistletoe wouldn’t be so much a ‘smooch’ but more an ‘appreciative peck’. Guybrush may be the pirate who stole my heart all those years ago but there’s only one man who receives all my Christmas kisses. He gives me so much support, makes me laugh, keeps me grounded – as well as plays video games with me – and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

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The Creative Christmas collaboration is open to everyone and further details can be found in this post if you’d like to join in! Tomorrow’s question: You’re woken from your drunken haze by another frantic call from Santa, who’s worried he’s not going to make all his deliveries in time. Which video game item or vehicle would you recommend for him?

10 thoughts on “Creative Christmas: mistletoe kiss

  1. Pingback: Creative Christmas: Of Mistletoe and Lamposts (spoilers) – Fistful of Glitter

    • Predictable, right? Ha ha ha 😉

      I can totally relate on the whole Elaine thing though. Who doesn’t want an excuse to dress up as a pirate?! In fact, she’ll make an appearance in one of my answers soon…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was wondering if Guybrush was gonna make an appearance today! He may not be traditionally hunky but he seems like a smooth-talker. If his compliments are as good as his cow-based insults I could see why someone would pick him!


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