Creative Christmas: winter gaming

Welcome back to day nine of the Creative Christmas collaboration, where a group of bloggers are joining forces to tackle 12 video-game-related questions based around a loose festive storyline. Following on from yesterday’s answer about a Christmas feast made only from gaming food items, the next one we’re facing is:

The presents have been opened and dinner has been eaten, so you’ve got a bit of time for gaming while Gran is snoozing on the sofa. What’s the best video game to play during the holidays?

My answer

There’s something about Christmas which gets everyone nostalgic and that’s exactly what I like from my video games at this time of year. I always seem to return to titles I’ve played before: games which are familiar and bring back good memories while I’m cosied up on the sofa with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie or two. It beats watching the Queen’s speech any day (apologies, Your Majesty).

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim usually comes somewhere near the top of the list, although in recent years this is slowly starting to be replaced by The Elder Scrolls Online thanks to my addition. There’s no better place to be on a cold winter’s day than in front of a blazing fire at an inn with a bard and tankard of mead nearby. Here are games which can hold you in their world for hours on end and see you right the way through the holidays.

A fantasy fairy-tale vibe fits in so well at Christmas time and that’s one of the reasons why I like to play Fable. I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but this title is one of my favourites: it’s full of magic and secrets, with tongue-in-cheek characters and a Monty-Python-esque sense of humour which remind me of a pantomime. You can dive straight into Fable II after the first instalment (but let’s not talk about Fable III).

And of course, there’s always my favourite wannabe pirate. I played The Secret of Monkey Island as a kid after receiving it as a gift so the nostalgia factor is definitely high with this one. After working my way through the Creative Christmas questions, I’m tempted to start a Monkey Island marathon and replay all five titles yet again; there’s just something about telling buccaneers they fight like cows which puts me in the festive spirit.

Then what about the annual Steam sale? I must admit, these haven’t seemed as good in recent years; but it’s still impossible not to make at least one purchase and add more to your backlog. There are still titles sitting in my library which were bought last year and haven’t been played… yet it wouldn’t be Christmas without this gaming tradition.

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The Creative Christmas collaboration is open to everyone and further details can be found in this post if you’d like to join in! Tomorrow’s question: You’ve been invited to a swanky New Year’s Eve party but have nothing suitable to wear! Which video game character do you call to ask if you can borrow an outfit?

16 thoughts on “Creative Christmas: winter gaming

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  2. I really really agree with this. I used to pop in both Skyrim and Fable during the winter months. Nothing like being festive. Destiny automatically changes with the seasons so I don’t have to do much these days. Hopefully bungie fixes it soon though.


    • I’ve played so much Elder Scrolls this Christmas, it’s ridiculous. It’s the perfect game for dipping in and out of: “I’ll just do another quick quest while dinner is in the oven.”

      Unfortunately that’s meant my other-half hasn’t been able to get close enough to the PS4 to get some time in with Destiny… 😉


  3. Skyrim has been a festive favourite of mine too in the past. But having to travel light this Christmas led to me bringing my seldom used 3DS and loading up Pokémon Red on the train home. It’s amazing that the game still holds up so well, and nostalgic… There couldn’t be a game more nostalgic!
    So yeah, been making steady progress with that so far 🙂


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