Creative Christmas: borrowed outfit

The Creative Christmas collaboration is still going strong, and our group of bloggers is almost at the end of 12 video-game-related questions based around a festive storyline. After answering yesterday’s challenge about the perfect games for winter, here’s what we’re up against next:

You’ve been invited to a swanky New Year’s Eve party but have nothing suitable to wear! Which video game character do you call to ask if you can borrow an outfit?

My answer

Most video game characters are more concerned with saving the world than whether their shoes match their outfit perfectly. But certain protagonists have a sense of style to die for and really know how to work their attire on the digital catwalk. Perhaps they’ll be able to give me some sound fashion advice when it comes to creating an ensemble fit for a glamorous New Year’s Eve party.

However, it can be somewhat difficult as a female in the gaming world when it comes to costume choices. Barely-there bikinis, buttless-chaps and six-inch heels aren’t garments particularly suitable for winter; and some of the flimsy armour on display is just downright ludicrous. That being said though, there are a few characters I wouldn’t mind raiding the wardrobes of.

Horizon Zero Dawn, video game, female, woman, character, warrior, mountain, view

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is right at the top of the list if we’re going for practicality: warm furs will protect against the cold December weather and flat footwear means no staggering in stilettos at midnight. She can take all that Mother’s Heart throws as her and her gorgeous, thick hair still looks as though she just stepped out of a L’Oreal advert. And damn, this is one girl who knows how to strike a pose.

The Curse of Monkey Island, video game, female, pirate, Elaine Marley, gun

If it’s a costume party we’re going to, there’s only one lady whose wardrobe is worthy enough: Elaine Marley from the Monkey Island series. A buccaneers’ outfit is a classic yet elegant choice for a fancy-dress event and the perfect excuse to drink grog all evening. This is a governess who isn’t afraid to kick some zombie ghost butt and keep wannabe pirates in check – and look absolutely fierce while doing so.

Broken Age, video game, Vella Tartine, female, bird, knife, flyring

But if it’s a classy event we’re attending, we’re better off turning to creative Vella Tartine from Broken Age. No, not for that hideous ballgown with ‘Up for Grabs’ emblazoned across the arse which she wore during the Maiden’s Feast; I’m talking that slinky little number she sliced it into when escaping from Mog Chothra! Pink may not be my colour but even I’d be happy to rock this look at a swanky cocktail party.

Dreamfall Chapters, video game, Storytime, female, Zoe Castillo

If the New Year’s Eve party is taking place in a trendy bar, maybe Zoë from The Longest Journey series could give us a hand when it comes to fashion. She sports several outfits through the games and always manages to look stylish but without trying too hard. I absolutely love her hair when she goes for a shorter style and would seriously consider getting something like this in real life myself…

Kathy Rain, video game, female, girl, Kathy, cemetery

Speaking of ‘real life’, maybe that’s the best option in this case: go for something similar to your own tastes so you feel comfortable. Kathy from Kathy Rain would be the person to help me out here because you can’t go wrong with jeans, a leather jacket and a pair of boots. Team with a t-shirt featuring your favourite video game and you’re ready to party the night away.

Other answers

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The Creative Christmas collaboration is open to everyone and further details can be found in this post if you’d like to join in! Tomorrow’s question: Midnight eventually rolls around, which means it’s now time to pick a New Year gaming resolution to see you through the next 12 months. What’s your choice for 2018?

4 thoughts on “Creative Christmas: borrowed outfit

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    • It was a good choice, seeing as NekoJonez included Guybrush in his answer ha ha ha! And it’s the perfect excuse for calling everyone a scurvy sea-dog all night.

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