Since February 2017, the Question of the Month has seen us go up against our blogger-friends to answer a quandary puzzling the gaming community since it first stared open-mouthed at Pong. We’ve attempted to name the hardest game ever; agree upon the best plot-twist; and (my personal favourite) decide which video game character would do a better job than Santa.

But all good things must come to an end and nothing stays the same, and January is a good time for making resolutions and looking to the future. Great feedback from a couple of my blogging buddies has made me think about what more we can do to help promote the amazing blogs around us; and that’s why the QotM feature will be changing for 2018.

❓   Instead of publishing the question and answers provided in a single post with a poll, we’ll be moving to something similar to that used for December’s Creative Christmas collaboration.

❓   The challenge will be announced at the start of each month and everyone will be invited to publish their answers on their sites over the next several weeks, at a time which suits them.

❓   There’s no word-limit or other rules about the format so you can be as creative as you like: write a blog post, record a video, create a drawing or even make a sculpture out of leftover mince pies.

And who will be the person to choose the questions? Who better to do so than you guys! A different blogger will be given the opportunity to tell us about themselves and their site, as well as decide on the quandary we’ll all be facing. This will hopefully give us a wide range of interesting questions to ponder over as well as promote the work of the wonderful writers within the community.

The first new-look QotM challenge for 2018 will be announced later today so keep your eyes peeled. A massive thank you to everyone who joined in with the series last year, and good luck to everyone for January’s question!

Question of the Month: an update for 2018

9 thoughts on “Question of the Month: an update for 2018

  1. Creative Christmas was our first attempt at collaboration within the community. It was a lot of work and we had a lot of fun, so I’ve got high hopes this will work very well, based on what I saw throughout December! Keep up the great work and congratulations on hitting the 500 follower mark! 😎


    • Thanks Dan, the support is very much appreciated! You’re always more than welcome to join in with the QotM any time, if you haven’t had enough of answering questions. 😉


    • Chris from OverThinker Y came up with a good question from January – I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers!


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