The Later Levels Official Album

Other than hearing the radio alarm go off at a ridiculous time in the morning, I don’t often listen to music. My other-half, stepson and I have tastes which are so completely different that it makes finding something we all want to hear pretty hard.

That makes responding to the Shuffle the Music Tag from Halsdoll a little difficult. But there are plenty of tracks which bring back memories of times spent with family, events with friends and playing excellent video games, that would go into my list. So for your listening pleasure, may I present to you and dedicate to Halsdoll

The Later Levels Official Album

1. I Feel For You
By: Chaka Khan
Released: September 1984
Reminds me of: Going too see ZoonNation perform Into The Hoods in London and wanting to do the robot whenever I hear this song since. Although I’ll never be able to do it as good as the dancers in this video.
2. Waterfall
By: Toby Fox
Released: September 2015
Reminds me of: Christmas last year and playing Undertale for the first time. I love the way the song builds into something that captures both the loneliness and hope of Frisk’s journey at that point in the game.
3. Be the One
By: Jack Peñate
Released: June 2009
Reminds me of: Buying my first flat and feeling very grown up doing so; it was so tiny but I loved being in that place. I had the Everything is New album playing while unpacking boxes and getting convered in dust.
4. Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly)
By: Whistlin’ Rick Wilson
Released: August 1989
Reminds me of: Watching my other-half play Lumo while writing blog posts last year, dying a hundred deaths and screaming a thousand curses. This song has an interesting backstory and ended up getting stuck in our heads for days.
5. Turning Japanese
By: The Vapors
Released: 1980
Reminds me of: My other-half and stepson. Wherever this song comes on the radio, they do this stupid dance where they kick their legs and wave their arms as fast as they can – they can be a pair of loons sometimes.
6. Shop Theme Acapella
By: Smooth McGroove
Released: March 2013
Reminds me of: Introducing my stepson to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and curing his Minecraft obsession. Plus Smooth McGroove’s cat (a minute into the video) looks just like our very own furball Link.
7. Music Sounds Better With You
By: Stardust
Released: July 1998
Reminds me of: Being a teenager before adulting became necessary. Dodgy nightclubs, luminous alcopops, too-high heels and singing at the top of your lungs – don’t look at me like that, I know you’ve all done it.
8. Moves Like Draugr
By: JT Machinima
Released: March 2012
Reminds me of: Naughtily showing this to my stepson and watching him almost wet himself laughing! It features a guy in homemade armour, dancing around a forest with a sword – it’s immature but what’s not to love?
9. Little Bit
By: Lykke Li
Released: May 2008
Reminds me of: Getting dressed up for a Christmas do with friends and getting the chance to wear a purple 1950s-style evening gown. An aerial hoop artist performed to this track at the event we went to.
10. Everything’s Alright
By: Laura Shigihara
Released: November 2011
Reminds me of: Playing To The Moon, one of the first indie games I tried, and crying my heart out at the end. I now can’t hear this song without getting a little tear in my eye – let’s see how I fair with Finding Paradise.
11. Never Too Much
By: Luther Vandross
Released: July 1981
Reminds me of: Going to a Halloween party with a few friends and my other-half. Pete dressed up as a zombie, had a few too many beers, got drunk and serenaded me with this song on the dancefloor at the top of his lungs.
12. Passing Breeze
By: Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Released: September 1986
Reminds me of: Stealing my brother’s Game Gear when we were kids (I had a Game Boy instead) just so I could play Outrun; and then getting into many arguments with him when I ran the battery down.
Bonus: Young Hearts Run Free
By: Candi Staton
Released: 1976
Reminds me of: Take me to a karaoke bar, buy me a few glasses of wine and this is the song you’ll hear. I’m not going to say anything else right now for fear of incriminating myself further.

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