Rezzed 2018: the fun starts today

This morning sees the start of 2018’s Rezzed. The expo is hosted by the team behind EGX and features many playable pre-release games on both PC and console, with a strong focus on indie titles. Developer sessions by well-known designers give attendees the opportunity to find out more about their projects, and creators are happy to answer questions out on the show floor.

This will be my sixth time at Rezzed and the thing I love most about it hasn’t changed in all those years. The atmosphere is one in which everyone comes together to celebrate indie gaming and there’s a real vibe of support for independent developers. It’s not as flashy as some of the other expos and there aren’t as many publishers trying to push their wares into your face, so you can really get to spend some quality time with upcoming titles.

I’m going to be at the event all three days and it’s special this time around for several reasons. Firstly, the lovely Ben will be joining my other-half and I today after being unable to attend last year so we’re all really excited! My blogging-partner-in-crime loves getting the chance to chat to developers and find out what their up to, so who knows: maybe this is just what he needs to ease him back into writing on the blog.

Secondly, my stepson Ethan will be joining us on weekend. We took him to Rezzed with us for the first time in 2017 after deeming him finally old enough and he had such a good time; he called it ‘one of the best conventions he’d ever been to’ and took a real liking to Giant Cop, his first virtual reality experience. It’s going to be a bit of a family day out as Ben will be bringing his son along on Saturday too.

Then on Sunday, we’ve got some partying to do: both Pete and I turn another year older this week and will be celebrating levelling up at the expo. There’s nothing like playing a few video games, yelling at pixels on s screen and taking down a few opponents to make you feel ten years younger. If we have any cake left, we might be willing to share it so come and say hello if you see us.

And finally, there are plenty of awesome people who are going to be at the event. We’re looking forward to catching up with Will and Murr from geeksleeprinserepeat along with Kevin from The Mental Attic, and we’ll hopefully get the opportunity to meet Luke from Hundstrasse (I owe him a coffee after missing him at EGX) and Khinjarsi from Upon Completion. I guess we really had better save some of that cake…

Tim Schafer, man, person, sitting

There are loads of games on show this year and I’ve marked out 15 in particular that I’d like to spend some hands-on time with. These include Harold Halibut and Raji: An Ancient Epic, two titles I backed on Kickstarter but which sadly weren’t successful. There’s also the fact that Tim Schafer, one of the designers of my beloved Monkey Island, will be doing a developer session today – hopefully I’ll be able to get a seat.

If you haven’t yet bought your tickets and would like to attend, head over to the official website (there are still some available at the time of writing) and be sure to check out our gamers’ guide to London for some tips on places to visit. Let us know in the comments below if you’re going and we’ll keep an eye out for you!

11 thoughts on “Rezzed 2018: the fun starts today

  1. I’m just polishing off breakfast, but will be on my way soooooon! …

    … So I have to catch the underground, then the overground once I’m in London… Right?


  2. I’m also heading south! But to somewhere completely different…

    Is Raji still being made? I also backed it and was a bit disappointed when it didn’t get near its goal.


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