Zombies? Snow problem! (a QotM answer)

April’s Question of the Month is brought to you by Nathan from Hurricane thought process: occasional blogger, good friend and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. To find out more about him and his site, as well as how you can get involved, take a look at this post.

Imagine a world where there’s no colour. A planet where the temperature is so cold, polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers seem to form in front of your eyes during the short periods you’re able to see when not blinded by the light of the sun on the snow. A place where the only sound is the howling of the harsh wind; and the low moaning of hordes of shambling undead, who are constantly on the hunt for their next meal…

This desolate picture is one painted by Nathan as part of April’s Question of the Month. It’s a version tailored to me as a result of my birth date: which three video game characters would I choose to help me survive this icy zombie apocalypse? After thinking long and hard about my choices, here are my brave recruits – let’s hope they’ve got their winter thermals on.

Recruit 1: Guybrush Threepwood

Guybrush Threepwood, man, pirate, face, smile

From:   Mêlée Island
Profession:   Pirate
Strength:   Wit

  • The original zombie-killer
  • Knows how to use root beer as a weapon (and nobody drinks that stuff so there’ll be a good stock)
  • Combines all sorts of random stuff in his endless inventory space to make more useful items
  • Has a supply of fine leather jackets stashed away for when it starts getting a bit chilly on the arms
  • Provides comedy value

  • Recruit 2: Aloy

    Aloy, warrior, woman, face

    From:   Mother’s Heart
    Profession:   Seeker
    Strength:   Intelligence

  • The saviour of the world
  • Experienced at surviving in the frozen wilds and hunting animals for food and other resources
  • Knows which herbs to collect to keep our medicinal pouches full, functioning as the team’s doctor
  • Always looks perfect regardless of the situation, so maybe she could give me some tips and do my hair
  • Who doesn’t want a badass on their team?

  • Recruit 2: Dragonborn (also known as Ben)

    From:   Skyrim
    Profession:   Warrior
    Strength:   Magic

  • Twisted firestarter
  • I’ve seen how Ben dual-wielded magic during our GameBlast18 stream – I wouldn’t mess with him
  • Can use fire magic to melt ice for water, cook food, provide warmth and slay zombies
  • Can use shock magic to provide a constant source of electricity when the world starts shutting down
  • Why not bring a friend along to the apocalypse?

  • With a team like this, the zombies wouldn’t stand a chance so bring on the apocalypse! Which three characters would you choose to help you survive?

    8 thoughts on “Zombies? Snow problem! (a QotM answer)

    1. I agree with those characters. Frank West (of Dead Rising) is another one I’d consider. Expert at zombie killing and creating interesting devices out of nothing.


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