It’s time for a new Question of the Month, one which will see us attempt to answer a quandary that has been puzzling the gaming community since they first found out their princess was in another castle. But first let’s find out who won May’s challenge!

The winner

Last month, Pix1001 from Shoot the Rookie asked: if you could live in any video game settlement (ie a town, village, city, etc), where would you choose to live and why; and what role would you play in it? She reviewed all the answers submitted in response and here’s her judgement:

“So I’ve picked Brandon from That Green Dude as my winner, for his entry about Twilight Town from the Kingdom Hearts series. It was really tough to pick a winner, there were so many creative and often hilarious entries to choose from and I enjoyed reading every single one of them. I’ve picked Brandon because his response was so genuine and charming. He describes beautifully why Twilight Town is a great place to live, and I loved the emphasis on friendship and support. I also really liked the way he showed why it is a great fit for him as an individual – he describes how he would be able to take up skateboarding again if he lived there for example. I also really like all the little stuff that really make the town come alive – like climbing the clock tower and just sitting there eating an ice cream. When thinking about a place to live it’s often the big things people focus on, but he describes wonderfully how the little everyday things are really important, and you can feel his genuine love for this place in his writing. I’ve not played any kingdom hearts games but reading this made we want to live there too!”

Congratulations to Brandon and thank you to everyone who joined in with May’s question. Now let’s find out more about our latest star blogger along with the challenge they’ve set us for June 2018.

The blogger

Luna started blogging in January last year and is from Orlando in Florida. Her sunny location is just as bright as her personality: she’s one of the friendliest bloggers in the WordPress community and always has a positive outlook on life. GamersUnitedGG originally started after she realised she wanted to create a social gaming site for video game discussions, tournaments and more, and it has evolved into something special and welcoming to all over the past 18 months.

Although Luna continues to write mainly about video games, the scope of GamersUnitedGG has expanded to now cover an interesting mix of conversation, fan fiction, and movie and Netflix reviews. This gamer has a revolving list of ‘favourite’ titles including Gears of War, Mario Kart and Fable – which I’ve had the pleasure of discussing with her on several occasions – and she’s currently hooked on Tropico 5, Overwatch and Pokémon Go.

Something I’ve realised about this lovely lady is that she has a soft-spot for a certain villain! Her favourite post is her Memoirs of a Villain: The Joker, written for the last year’s Blogger Blitz event hosted by Adventure Rules in the style of a journal entry by the bad-boy himself. The question she has created for us encourages everyone to get in touch with their mischievous side so we’re looking forward to seeing what trouble you get up to in your responses!

The challenge

The question set for us by Luna is: You are a new villain trying to make a name for yourself so you have decided to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule. Who are you and how will you defeat each hero and take over?

If you’d like to get involved, publish your answer to Luna’s question at a time that suits you before 25 June 2018 and leave us a link in the comments below. There are no rules on word-limit or format so you can be as creative as you like: write a post, record a video, create a drawing, or impress us with another unique idea.

Our star blogger will then choose their favourite entry and the winner will be announced at the beginning of July. Good luck to everyone who’d like to participate this month!

Question of the Month: June 2018 edition

19 thoughts on “Question of the Month: June 2018 edition

  1. Oh this I look forward to. Already a good philosophical approach to the question asked is sneaking up in my thoughts.

    This…this time I will succeed (MUAHAHAH), nevertheless it will be interesting to see what others come up with.


  2. I am stiill surprised that I won. Thank you again. 🙂

    This month’s question sounds like I can get creative. I have an idea for a villain. I’m exicted for this one.


    • Now that sounds interesting, looking forward to reading more! I need to come up with my own plan and I’m still not entirely sure where to start…

      Also, congratulations! It was well deserved. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than your answer for last month’s question… BOOM.

      That was like reading the plot of an RPG; how on earth did you go about planning how it would all work? I didn’t realise you could be so villainous!


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