The way to a hero’s heart (a QotM answer)

June’s Question of the Month is brought to you by Luna from GamersUnited GG Blog: one of the friendliest bloggers in the WordPress community who has a positive outlook on life. To find out more about her and her site, as well as how you can get involved, take a look at this post.

How on earth is a villain meant to successfully take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule? Each are protected by some of the most well-known and loved heroes, feared by their enemies and adored by their fans: Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Link. If you were a boss who was planning on taking over the world, you may decide to revise your plan when it came to these locations or even give up on it altogether.

However, this is the challenge set for the community by the lovely Luna and it’s one we must therefore see through bravely. I have to admit it stumped me for quite a while and at one point, I was going to opt out of this month’s entry; but while browsing through Instagram recently, inspiration hit and I think I’ve now formulated the perfect scheme. And it’s one that doesn’t involve any violence or bloodshed, just plenty of calories.

What do Mario, Sonic and Link all have in common besides being courageous defenders of their realms and sometimes incredibly unlucky? That’s right: each member of this trio is male. And what’s the thing they say is the way to a man’s heart? Apparently, it’s food. To be honest, it’s one of the ways to many women’s hearts also – including my own – so this answer is intended to be tongue-in-cheek and not in any way discriminatory!

First let’s head to the Mushroom Kingdom. Watching The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! in the late 1980s taught me that Mario’s favourite meal is spaghetti but we also know he’s partial to a slice of cake: Princess Peach usually bakes her Italian plumber a sweet treat upon her rescue. So he’d clearly love a homemade carrot cake and Peach would be thankful that someone had given her a break from the kitchen. No mushrooms harmed in its making and plenty for all the Kingdom’s inhabitants.

Next up we have the Green Hill Zone. Continuing my education from cartoons, it’s obvious from the Sonic the Hedgehog show that the blue hero’s preferred food is chili dogs (apologies for the poor quality of the video opposite). After speaking to him about the poor nutritional value of such a meal, someone would be able to persuade him to try a spicy meat skewer instead; and he’d then declare that everyone in the Zone, particularly Robotnik, should switch to a healthy diet.

Hyrule is last on our list. Although not something learned through watching The Legend of Zelda cartoon (well excuse me princess!), Breath of the Wild revealed how well Link could cook. But the last thing you want to do after completing a bunch of quests is make dinner and it must be really difficult getting a takeaway delivered by horse in the kingdom; so if someone was to step in and offer to make this green-suited saviour a three-course meal while he put his feet up, how could he say no?

And who would this someone be? Why, none other than the gorgeous Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate. She’s the hostess with the mostess and has been putting out her interpretations of recipes from the latest instalment of The Legend of Zelda series since May last year. While scrolling through Instagram recently, I came across her photograph of Wildberry Crepes and note about her first blogging anniversary – and then it struck me how she’d be the perfect villain for June’s QotM answer!

The thing is though, this blogger isn’t the sort of person who has it in her heart to be villainous. She could easily sneak a little something extra into any of the meals mentioned above and knock out the heroic trio in an instant but this isn’t a deed I ever could imagine her doing. She’d be more likely to invite the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule to a dinner party and win them over with her kindness and charm.

So that’s my answer this month: my ‘villain’ would be Teri Mae and her ‘weapon’ would be amazing food. Congratulations to her on her first blogging birthday and may there be plenty more to come.   🎂

3 thoughts on “The way to a hero’s heart (a QotM answer)

  1. Awesome post! Yea, I was talking a friend recently about how Sonic always loved chilli dogs and how it has disappeared from newer Sonic cartoons. I love that you would us Teri Mae, I’ve tried 2 of her receipes and they’re scrumptious! If she were ever thinking of becoming a villain, she’d most certainly get the job done! Thanks for participating!

    -Luna 🙂


    • So glad to hear I’m not the only one remembering that Sonic used to love chilli dogs ha ha ha! 😂

      It took me a while to come up with an answer this month and then I realised that Teri Mae would be able to cook her way to everybody’s heart. I can highly recommend the carrot cake recipe above if you haven’t already tried it.

      Liked by 1 person

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