It’s time for a new Question of the Month, one which will see us attempt to answer a quandary that has been puzzling the gaming community since they realised those Space Invaders would never stop coming. But first let’s find out who won June’s challenge!

The winner

Last month, Luna from GamersUnitedGG Blog asked: you are a new villain trying to make a name for yourself so you have decided to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Green Hill Zone and Hyrule. Who are you and how will you defeat each hero and take over? She reviewed all the answers submitted in response and here’s her judgement:

“I choose Luke From Hundstrasse. I really liked his approach starting from the ending where he took over the worlds and then recapping his rise. I loved his use of portals and using different items from each world to help take over the next.”

Congratulations to Luke and thank you to everyone who joined in with June’s question. Now let’s find out more about our latest star blogger along with the challenge they’ve set us for July 2018.

The blogger

The Gaming Diaries hails from the hot and sunny UK (well, it’s that way at the moment at least) and started blogging in August last year. She may have only been on the WordPress scene for a year now but in that time she’s made plenty of friends and she’s one of the loveliest bloggers you’ll ever meet. Her site is a place where she shares rambles her experiences as a gamer the games she’s playing, along with some touches of real life.

She has a mixed taste in games and her favourites include the Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect series, Life is Strange and What Remains of Edith Finch. Don’t give her horror titles however – The Gaming Diaries has said herself that the chances of her making it through even half-an-hour of one are slim to none. In fact, I seem to recall us having a conversation at some point about hiding behind cushions while watching someone else play!

Some of the best articles on The Gaming Diaries site are those in the ‘Overheard in a Game Shop’ series, where this blogger recounts some of the interesting conversations she had the chance to listen in on while perusing the aisles. I’d also recommend taking a look at her article about the media’s response to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) gaming disorder definition. It’s a measured and insightful read about not jumping to conclusions.

The challenge

The question set for us by The Gaming Diaries is: It is coming into wedding season, if the shops and people I know are anything to go by. So in that spirit, you and a plus-one are attending the gaming wedding of the year. Which video game character do you take to the wedding and which character gives you advice on what to wear?

If you’d like to get involved, publish your answer to The Gaming Diaries’ question at a time that suits you before 26 July 2018 and leave us a link in the comments below. There are no rules on word-limit or format so you can be as creative as you like: write a post, record a video, create a drawing, or impress us with another unique idea.

Our star blogger will then choose their favourite entry and the winner will be announced at the beginning of August. Good luck to everyone who’d like to participate this month!

Question of the Month: July 2018 edition

27 thoughts on “Question of the Month: July 2018 edition

  1. Hmm…I haven’t had any great ideas or the last couple of questions, but I just might be able to come up with something for this one!

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. I think I can come up with an answer to this. Now… which video game characters have a good sense of fashion? I have no fashion sense at all so I’ll need all the help I can get. Haha.


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