Back in the beginning of the nineties, there was a stall at a local market which stocked video games. My dad would sometimes take my brother and I there on a Saturday morning so we could spend our pocket-money and as a kid, it was heaven.

Visiting the London Gaming Market in November last year felt just like that all over again. Held every four months at the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square, I regressed back to those nostalgic times as a child when I saw all the games available for purchase in the main room and had to show immense willpower in not parting with my cash all at once. Best of all, everything for purchase here was the real deal – unlike that dodgy bloke down at the local market.

We returned last weekend with my stepson and his own pocket-money in tow, eager to see what bargains were available this time around. The summer weather and World Cup meant that the hall wasn’t busy as it had been previously but it was all the better to move and see what was on offer. Sadly there didn’t seem to be as much artwork on display but that was probably a good thing; every time we go to an event I seem to come home with another picture and we’re beginning running out of wall-space.

The real find of the day was a Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition which included a copy of the game (even though we have two already), a Pip-Boy Replica and Capsule Case. Ethan is currently obsessed with the Fallout world and nothing was going to stop him from parting with most of his birthday and pocket-money to own that thing. He also bought a Metroid keyring along with Streetfighter mini-bead magnets for the whiteboard in his bedroom, so he left the event feeling pretty pleased with himself.

As for me, I only came away with one purchase this time. Remember I said above that I originally bought Simon the Sorcerer at that local market when I was a kid? I managed to find a copy for £6 to add to the collection on my shelf. I also came close to buying a PlayStation 2 because seeing all the games for the console brought back waves of nostalgia; but Pete is pretty certain he still has his old one in the loft, so guess what we’ll be trying to find this week.

The next London Gaming Market is due to take place on Sunday, 21 October 2018 with the doors opening at 11:00 and closing at 16:00. Tickets are available on the door at a small entrance free.

London Gaming Market July 2018 photo gallery

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London Gaming Market July 2018: a round-up

19 thoughts on “London Gaming Market July 2018: a round-up

  1. Oh my, this makes me so happy – Simon the Sorcerer used to be one of my favourite adventure games!! Can’t beat a bit of sarcastic fantasy humour… I would definitely do a replay of the first two in the series!


  2. This sounds like a great event. Too bad it’s too far away… But I might try the Adventure X sometime, don’t know if it’s this year. Bargain hunts can be fun, but also quite frustrating these days ;-). Simon the Sorcerer is awesome, I’ve been planning on reviewing all the games… not just the three, but the other twos as well… you might know they’re from Germany, not even sure if there’s an English version, and they’re more classic point-and-clickers, not that terrible 3D thing… although I have to say I loved the humor of that one.


    • I’ve never been to Adventure X, although I’ve always wanted to go. It’s just always been difficult in the past due to the turn-up-and-queue policy; not having guaranteed entry with a child in tow isn’t going to work! I’d read somewhere that they’re changing to a ticketed system this year though, so who knows…

      Yep, there’s an English version of Simon the Sorcerer. I totally agree with you on the 3D version – it was horrible! I got to the end section but became so frustrated with it, I gave up. 😦

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      • Yes, there are tickets now for this year’s Adventure X event, and it’s a bigger location. So you’d best see to get a ticket if you want to go ;-). I know that my Adventure-Treff colleagues always went there without any problems to get inside. I’ll have to see, but would be cool to meet at some event in person :-). Still waiting for my accreditation of Gamescom to get through this year…

        It’s really too bad about the Simon 3D version. The controls and graphics were abysmal, but the humor and even some of the puzzles were cool. No wonder that it was the last nail in the coffin for the series.. and to be honest, the German sequels weren’t that funny… being a German I can say without prejudice… that most of our sense of humor is soooo not funny :-).


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