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Welcome to September’s editorial, where we’re starting to get excited about EGX at the end of the month! Let’s take a look back at what happened in August as well as find out what’s coming up this month.


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A trip down blogging memory lane
Dear Stylist: it’s not just film

Personal backstory

Well the good news is that I’m finally in my new role, and my new manager has turned out to be someone I think I’m going to be able to work with well. She certainly knows her stuff and we have similar views on the things that need to be tackled as a priority. She’s also taken over a lot of my previous meetings, something I’ll be eternally grateful for, so I can now spend more time doing tasks which are actually worthwhile rather than being subjected to death-by-PowerPoint every day.

This change has given me more headspace to consider not only the direction for my career but updates for Later Levels too. I’ve been playing around with themes and colours over the past couple of weeks and after a brief flirtation with pink, I’ve reverted back to purple and think I’ve found a new look I’m happy with. There are a few more changes yet that I’d like to make so apologies if the blog looks slightly different every time you visit!

August gave me the opportunity to attend the PLAY Expo when it finally took place in London, although unfortunately the length of time it was necessary to wait to get on a game was a bit of a downer. Insomnia63 was a little better but Fortnite made far too much of an appearance at the event. And sadly I haven’t played as many video games as I’d like this month, but hopefully I’ll have more opportunity to do so now that work situation is settling down.

The grind

Here are the games I played during August. Black Mirror II started off incredibly slowly but I’m getting into it now so I’ll move on to the next instalment in the series at some point in the near future.

Black Mirror II, video game, box art, face, man, scared, hands     Cat Quest, video game, box art, cat, knight, sword          Lara Croft, Guardian of Light, video game, box art

The community

It’s all about Blogger Blitz right now! The semi-finals start today and some amazing competitors have made it through to the next rounds, with Athena from AmbiGaming and Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate being first up in a match called Movie Marauders. Head over to Adventure Rules to find out more about the event so far and follow Ian on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the competition’s progress.

In other news: come visit us on Twitch this Saturday where we’ll be playing Simon the Sorcerer in honour of reviews of series by fellow adventure fan nufafitc due to be published on at Emotional Multimedia Ride later this week. And if you have an upcoming collaboration project you’d like to share with the world, get in touch and let me know – I’d be happy to feature it on the new Side-quests page!

Critical hits

As mentioned above, August has been all about Blogger Blitz. If you haven’t yet read the following posts, catch up now before the semi-finals start later today.

Alex Sigsworth, blogger, Purple Prose Mage          GamersUnitedGG Blog, blogger, Luna     Git Gud at Life thumbnail     Livid Lightning, blogger, LightningEllen     Monk of Mists, blogger, FlameFlash     blogger, Chris, OverThinker Y, title, logo     Sheikah Plate, blogger, Teri Mae

The next level

  • I’ve backed quite a few projects on Kickstarter recently, with One Zero Three by Dystopia Interactive being the latest, so there’ll more news about the game later this week
  • Response posts to awards from Brandon from That Green Dude and Graham from Digital Brain will be coming very soon (thanks for the nominations, guys!)
  • It’s the event you’ve all been waiting for: the next blog party will be taking place on 17 September 2018 so stick the date in your diaries and get your best posts ready
  • I’ll be volunteering for the awesome SpecialEffect at ESI London in a few weeks’ time so hopefully I’ll be able to bring you all some interesting news from the event
  • And finally there’s another road-trip on the horizon with EGX taking place at the end of the month – I can’t wait to get back to the NEC Birmingham!
  • Onwards and upwards – Kim   ⬆

    Editorial: September 2018

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