GameBlast19: we need your help!

Here’s the latest on our plans for GameBlast19, an annual gaming marathon for SpecialEffect. This amazing charity puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of those with physical difficulties by helping them to play video games using a range of technology, making a positive impact on confidence and rehabilitation. Take a look at this update on the SpecialEffect website or click on the link to see all Later Levels’ posts about the event.

Following on from our first GameBlast19 update in September, I’m afraid to report we’ve already run into a couple of ‘technical difficulties’ for next year’s event. It’s officially scheduled to take place on 22-24 February 2019 which just so happens to be the same weekend as Ben’s wife’s birthday; and Nathan is expecting the arrival of his son in just a few weeks so he’ll be tied up with nappy changes. This cuts our dream-stream-team in half to just myself and Pete so we need to start thinking creatively.

He’s convinced we’ll be able to manage another non-stop 24-hour gaming session and, while I’m not so sure myself, I’m wiling to step up to the challenge and give it a go. But it just wouldn’t be the same without the presence of our partners-in-crime and so we’ve therefore been considering ways for them to be involved remotely. We’d also like to get some audience participation going and think we’ve come up with a solution – so we’d like to ask you guys for your help!

It’s time for…

🎮   The GameBlast Genre Generator   🎮

Can you think of a video game perfect for a stream because it supports cooperative play or encourages plenty of discussion in Twitch chat? Whether it’s an action title that multiple players can join in with or a puzzler where everybody can help figure out the solutions in chat, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Help shape our GameBlast19 stream by suggesting suitable PlayStation and PC games in the following genre categories. Get creative for the community section and pick anything you wish; this is your chance to see us play your favourite release, work our way through something we’ve never heard of or suffer something difficult after almost an entire day without sleep.

  1.    Adventure
  2.    Platformer
  3.    RPG
  4.    Virtual reality
  5.    Action
  6.    Horror
  7.    Shooter
  8.    Community choice

Submit your suggestions using the comments at the end of this post or contact me directly using any of the Later Levels social media channels. We’ll then combine everyone’s ideas into a poll for our next GameBlast19 update towards the end of November, and you’ll have the opportunity to vote on the game you’d like to see played during each section of the stream.

We’re both excited and a little scared to see what you guys come up with because our streaming fate in your hands. More news coming next month!

18 thoughts on “GameBlast19: we need your help!

  1. There’s a platformer I saw on Twitter ages ago that would be great for some laughs, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name. The mechanics were crazy though – disappearing platforms, whole ceilings collapsing, spike traps from the previous screen jumping in to try and catch you; it was something else. It’s the kind of game that would be played for laughs when awake but would probably lead to genuine rage when you’re tired!

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  2. Off the top of my head for good titles to play;-
    Gang Beasts
    Portal 2 – for co-op
    Left 4 dead
    Until Dawn could be good for some horror and interactive stuff!
    If I think of any others I’ll let you know. Also if you want someone to play games with, I’m up for joining in or helping out somehow.

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    • I didn’t think of SpyParty – that’s a really good suggestion. I’ll add all these games into our list of ideas. Hopefully by mid-November we’ll have enough of them to be able to get everyone to vote for the games they’d like to see, and then we can rope a few people into playing them with us! 😉


  3. Great idea and looking forward to seeing more of this.

    Off the top of my head I believe the Jackbox games are very accessible and easy to get lots of people involved. Also a great laugh. I think some modes even like Quiplash even have audience participation modes where Twitch viewers can vote on their favourite answers.

    As for co op or multiplayer games Overcooked and Overcooked 2 are frantic, vocal fun. Stressful but never dull. Tricky Towers or Puyo Puyo Tetris are also great puzzle games I think are suitable for the situation.


    • Quiplash is a fab suggestion – that one is definitely going on the list. We’ve played it during a couple of our previous marathon streams and it worked very well.

      Overcooked on the other hand… not so much ha ha! We started playing it far too late into the stream last time so we were all completely shattered and it ended up in absolute chaos. 😂


      • If you like Quiplash it might be worth checking out the new Jackbox 5 pack. The Split The Room game and the rap battle between robots one look fun and have audience voting.

        Haha definitely understand no Overcooked. There’s like a Venn diagram of when Overcooked is enjoyable and not an argument waiting to happen.

        SpeedRunners could work, fast competitive action. Ultimate Chicken Horse is worth a mention too. I’ll stop there otherwise this’ll be a long reply 🙂


        • Rap battle between robots? SOLD.

          Keep them coming if you have any further suggestions! The plan is to group all of them by genre, and for my other-half and I to both pick one from each of them. Then we’ll put our choices head-to-head in a poll next month and see which games come out on top.

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  4. It’s a little meta (I suppose) but A Blind Legend is an RPG without any visuals, because the main character, a knight named Edward Blake, is blind. I’ve only seen a bit of it (and will be playing it soon), but I think it would prompt a lot of great discussions!


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