Holidays are coming, holidays are coming

Welcome to December’s editorial, where we’re gearing up for Christmas – and I’m starting to panic slightly as I haven’t yet bought a single present. Let’s take a look back at what happened last month as well as find out what’s coming up over the next few weeks.


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Personal backstory

As mentioned above, I haven’t yet done any Christmas shopping and the day is now less than four weeks away. I realise how ill-prepared that sounds, but life has been kind of crazy over the past month so I haven’t had much opportunity to think about it. There are a few big things coming up in December and January – more news about those very soon – so most of my spare time has been taken up with planning and making arrangements. The rest of the day will have to be spent on Amazon once I’m done with this post!

Although life has been busy, I’ve still managed to fit in a few video games. My other-half and I are finally done with the Myst series – well, I say ‘done’ but we didn’t actually finish the final instalment thanks to a rogue Bahro. After he caused our game to crash halfway through and reloading from the last save would have meant repeating the entire Age, we gave up and watched the rest on YouTube. On a more positive note, I finally got to start Night in the Woods and have really been enjoying it so far.

The highlight of the month was volunteering for SpecialEffect at the Twitch LDN meetup, where I got to meet a whole bunch of lovely people who are doing their bit to support the charity. Many are going to be taking part in GameBlast19 in February and I’m pleased to announce that Later Levels has now officially registered for the event. If you have a spare five minutes, why not take a look at this poll and help us out by voting for the games you’d like to see us play during our 24-hour stream.

The grind

I really need to make up for the lack of games recently and devote more time to gaming in December. No purchases were made in the recent Steam sale but that’s probably for the best; it’ll give me a chance to work off part of my backlog rather than adding to it.

Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist, video game, box art, night, car     Myst V, End of Ages, video game, box art, sky, sea, clouds     Night in the Woods, video game, box art, title, night, trees, Mae, cat     Rakuen, video game, box art, boy, woman, son, mum, faces, smiling

The community

I’d like give a shout-out to Matt from Normal Happenings and everyone else involved, for all the hard work that went into The Games That Define Us collaboration throughout November. You guys are simply awesome and it was an amazing project to be a part of! If you’re already worrying about what you’re now going to fill your time with, have no fear: the gorgeous Athena from AmbiGaming has something festive up the sleeve of her Christmas jumper and will be sharing more details soon.

I also want to shout-out to the anonymous person who very kindly nominated Later Levels for a UK Blog Award, and whoever it was who decided to put us through to the second stage recently with ten other sites in the ‘Gaming’ category. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you to vote for my little place, but it doesn’t matter who you choose as long as you do vote. These awards are a celebration of blogging, the community that surrounds it and the whole lot of good we can do with the power of our words, and we can all take pride in that.

Critical hits

The following are some great articles I came across in November. That festive feeling is starting to come across is everybody’s posts and I’ve loved seeing how you’re all preparing for the holidays!

 A Most Agreeable Pastime, blogger, logo, icon, title, Victorians     Clan Geek, blogger, logo, title          NekoJonez's Gaming Blog, blogger     The Couch Bandits, blogger, logo, icon, title. sofa, gamepad

The next level

  • I’ll be taking a look back over the most popular video games of 2018 and comparing them to previous years, to see if we can make any sense of gaming trends
  • Go get your hair and nails done, and search for your best blog posts because the winter blog party is being held next week on 10 December 2018!
  • I’ve been asked to represent SpecialEffect at a Christmas party being held by Splash Damage – not sure if I can take photos but I’ll see what I can do
  • I’ll be joining in with AmbiGaming’s festive collaboration from 26 December 2018 so you can expect extra posts over the holiday break
  • There may also be a few extended streams between Christmas and New Year in preparation for GameBlast19 so head on over to Twitch and join us!
  • Bring on the mince pies – Kim   🎄

    UK Blog Awards, UKBA19, logo, voteHello there! If you like what you see in this post, why not take a moment to vote for Later Levels in the UK Blog Awards 2019?
    Doing so will bring you great loot, increase your XP by +100 and make you immune to fire.*
    (*Not guaranteed.)

    Editorial: December 2018

    9 thoughts on “Editorial: December 2018

      • It’s my pleasure! How are you getting on with collecting all those gaming memories?

        As for this post about trends, I’m currently stuck in the middle of a decade’s worth of data on the top-100 trends… which is fun. 😂

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    1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Great post with some interesting links I am going to have to check out and I can’t wait to see your upcoming posts too 🙂


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