GameBlast19: festive streams

Here’s the latest on our plans for GameBlast19, an annual gaming marathon for SpecialEffect. This amazing charity puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of those with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games using a range of technology, making a positive impact on confidence and rehabilitation. Take a look at this update on the SpecialEffect website or click on the link to see all Later Levels’ posts about the event.

In our last update at the end of November, Pete and I each chose a game under eight genre categories to go head-to-head in our GameBlast Bytes Battle. Whichever options get the most votes from you lovely lot will be the titles we play during our 24-hour stream from 08:00 on Saturday, 23 February 2019. Our pride and reputations are at stake and with both of us currently taking the top spot in four categories, we need your help! Choose your selections in the polls below before 18 January 2019 so one of us can achieve bragging rights.

The game I’m most looking forward to at the moment is A Way Out. I’ve wanted to play it for a while now and a couch co-op should be a great way to kick off a marathon stream and get us both in the mood for an extended gaming session. It’s closely followed by The Elder Scrolls Online; I know a number of fellow bloggers are fans of the title so there’s always the possibility we’ll bump into them online. We’re not sure whether we’ll be playing that on the PS4 or PC at the moment but if it’s something you’d be interested in, please do get in touch.

🎮   The GameBlast Bytes Battle   🎮

In other news, we’d like to say massive thank you to the following awesome people: Rob from I Played The Game! (a fellow GameBlaster), LightningEllen from Livid Lightning and Fitzy from Game Time. It’s down to their very kind donations that we’ve already reached 10% of our £500 target, two months before GameBlast19 has even begun. All money raised via our JustGiving page goes directly to SpecialEffect, to enable them to continue their wonderful work and help many more physically-disabled gamers across the UK.

Pete and I have several days off of work for Christmas next week but we won’t be using that time for resting: we recently bought a new microphone and some other equipment so this will be the perfect opportunity to get in a practice stream or two. After the lessons we’ve learnt from our last few marathons, we’ve realised it’s never too early to start testing. If you fancy stopping by and saying hello – as well as finding out what we’ve spent our all money on during the Steam sale – keep an eye on Twitter and we’ll announce when we’re going live.

Once the festivities are done, we’ll be taking a trip to Bristol to visit the guys from GeekOut South-West early in January. Tim and Jake jumped on board in November by offering their support so we’ll be making plans for the stream – as well as participating in a few games over a couple of beers, no doubt. We’ll share the photographs from the weekend in next month’s update along with the winning titles from the GameBlast Bytes Battle above. Get voting!

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