On the fifth day of Blogmas

Our choir of gaming Christmas carollers is back again for the second day of Blogmas, where creative conductor Athena from AmbiGaming is leading us in a rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas – but with a video game twist. Check out her blog to see what she’s written for her fifth answer, and keep your eyes peeled for all of the other bloggers out there taking part.

Yesterday we looked at nine games on our to-play lists. With the choir clearing their throats and warming up in the background, let’s see what the subject of today’s verse is:

On the fifth day of Blogmas, the gamers said to me:
What are your 12 favourite gaming memories?
Tell us 11 games you love!
What are ten reasons you’d play a game?
Give us nine games on your to-play list!
Who are eight characters you love?

1. Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn, video game, female, woman, character, warrior, mountain, viewI should hate her for her ability to come out of any scenario looking immaculate. But I just can’t; Aloy’s attitude and independence make her one of the most likeable characters I’ve had the pleasure of playing as. Her physical beauty isn’t something she nurtures and she pulls up anyone who doubts her skill due to her age or gender. She tells men that her ‘eyes are up here’, questions the right of the matriarchs to take power simply because they’ve had children, and pulls apart any traditions that don’t make sense. She’s simply awesome.

2. Candy Borowski from Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods, video game, kitchen, cats, conversation, Kandy, Mom, MaeIt may not have been completely what I was expecting and the ending might have felt slightly disconnected, but there were three things I loved about Night in the Woods. The humour was excellent and the artwork was lovely but most of all: Mae’s mom is a legend. She reminds me of my own parent in a few ways (except she’s not a cat). The random comments said by Candy are exactly the kind of thing my mum comes out with, and I could totally see her telling me useless facts about eels. Eeeeels, honey.

3. Erica Reed from Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

Cognition, An Erica Reed Thriller, Erica Reed, FBI, face, gunThis character may be a kickass FBI Agent who’s searching for the evil Cain Killer, her brother’s murderer, and her ‘psion’ powers might give her an advantage by enabling her to see into the past. But Erica is by no means a superhero and her weaknesses are exactly the reason why I love her. Raleigh Holmes does an amazing job of portraying her as a real person who’s struggling with a stressful job, tragic past and powerful secret. It’s her wonderful voice-acting and some great writing which bring Agent Reed to life.

4. Murray from The Secret of Monkey Island series

Tales from Monkey Island, video game, skull, MurrayMurray may have had his skeletal-body blown to pieces by a cannon but did he let that hold him back? No. Many would have been crushed by this tragic accident but my favourite skull turned it into the opportunity he’d been waiting for: to become a demonic overlord and conquer the land of the living. Despite his reduced state, he still considered himself to be an object of pure evil and dreamed of spreading chaos throughout the Caribbean – showing that sometimes all you need to get you places is a positive mental attitude.

5. Samantha Greenbriar from Gone Home

Gone Home, video game, photograph, dark room, handsAnother superb voice-acting performance in this entry on my list: full marks go to Sarah Grayson for her portrayal of Sam. The teenager comes across as smart and snarky yet insecure and relatable, and you can’t help but feel for her. While unravelling her coming-of-age story and relationship with Lonnie, she reveals herself with a lot of honesty through her journal entries; and by the time you’ve spent the three hours needed to complete the title both she and her story will have left a lasting mark on you.

6. Theresa from the Fable series

Fable II, video game, Theresa, babyIt’s difficult to reveal much about Theresa’s history as her backstory is so detailed. But the most intriguing thing about her is the fact you’re never quite sure whether she’s on the side of good or evil: is she telling you all she knows, or has she seen the future and is now trying to guide you down a certain path? Zoë Wanamaker does such a great job at portraying the Seeress, with a perfect balance of mysticism and threat in her voice; now whenever I see a television advert voiced by this actress it feels as if Theresa is trying to sell me something.

7. Trico from The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian, video game, Trico, animal, beast, phoenix, griffin, boyI love the way the relationship between Trico and the boy strengthens over the course of their game together. When the creature can’t move because he’s scared of the stained-glass eyes dotted around the environment, it paints a picture of the traumatic conditioning he’s been subjected to and it’s up to you to smash the artifacts to pieces. When you’re trapped on the other side of a canyon, Trico mewls at you to give you the confidence to make the jump and catches you just before you plummet. Now that’s trust.

8. Zoë Castillo from the Dreamfall series

Dreamfall Chapters, video game, Storytime, female, Zoe CastilloAfter becoming disillusioned with the path her life is taking, Zoë drops out of university and gives her journalist ex-boyfriend a hand with a story he’s working. Little does she know that this will set in motion an epic series of events that will see her caught in an epic adventure. She’s a likeable, realistic character with a big heart. And unlike some other video game characters who simply go along with the story, she always questions what happens to her and doesn’t just accept the unbelievable events she’s involved in.

It’s time for the choir to take a short break so we’ll be back for the sixth day of Blogmas tomorrow, with our favourite posts. In the meantime, why not tell us about the characters you love in the comments below?

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12 thoughts on “On the fifth day of Blogmas

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  2. Oooh eight characters. Well number one is Sephiroth from FFVII. Then in no particular order: Cecil (FFIV), Midna (Twilight Princess), Vincent Valentine (FFVII), Freya (FFIX), Trico (The Last Guardian), Celes (FFVI), and Rosalina (Super Mario).


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