On the eighth day of Blogmas

Our choir of gaming Christmas carollers is back again for the second day of Blogmas, where creative conductor Athena from AmbiGaming is leading us in a rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas – but with a video game twist. Check out her blog to see what she’s written for her eighth answer, and keep your eyes peeled for all of the other bloggers out there taking part.

Yesterday we looked at six gaming and blogging resolutions to see us into the New Year. With the choir clearing their throats and warming up in the background, let’s see what the subject of today’s verse is:

On the eighth day of Blogmas, the gamers said to me:
What are your 12 favourite gaming memories?
Tell us 11 games you love!
What are ten reasons you’d play a game?
Give us nine games on your to-play list!
Who are eight characters you love?
Share seven of your favorite posts!
What are your six gaming or blogging resolutions?
What are five games you’ve played more than once?

1990: The Secret of Monkey Island

I’m sure this one is no surprise to many people reading this! I’m not even sure how many times I’ve played The Secret of Monkey Island, along with all its sequels, since discovering it as a kid. It’s made a few appearances during past GameBlast streams and at some point I’d love to do a Monkey Island marathon on Twitch. The only game in the series I’ve only played once is Tales of Monkey Island and I’m not entirely sure I want to go back there; more about that in another Blogmas post coming soon.

1993: Simon the Sorcerer

I’ve played this adventure so many times that I now don’t have to think about the solutions for any of the puzzles. It’s like comfort-food: when I want something nostalgic that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, Simon the Sorcerer is often the game I’ll return to. Last year I joined forces with nufafitc from Emotional Multimedia Ride to celebrate the series and I streamed the first two releases, but I haven’t yet had a chance to return to the third… that’s probably for the best however.

2011: To The Moon

I first played this title after getting into the indie scene and reading about in on a gaming website. I then played it again before starting the follow-up so Chris from OverThinker Y and I could discuss the title in depth. And I’m sure I’ll play it again before the next game in the series, hinted at during the ending of Finding Paradise, is released. I now can’t hear Everything’s Alright by Laura Shigihara without getting tears in my eyes because it makes me think of To The Moon’s story and I get all emotional.

2012: The Secret World

This game is my nemesis: I’ve racked up almost six hours on Steam but have never been able to get further than the first half-hour. I turn into a raging button-mashing mess every time I try to play it and end up quitting in frustration, with keyboards being thrown across the room. I’m determined to overcome this however because I really want to love it and so I have no doubt I’ll end up trying yet again in 2019. Just make sure any valuables are removed from the room before I start up the PC.

2014: The Elder Scrolls Online

I’ve never come anywhere close to completing all of the quests in The Elder Scrolls Online but I have restarted with a new character on a number of occasions. I’ve recently done the same once again as my other-half is now getting involved with the game: we spent Christmas adventuring through Auridon together after he decided to purchase a second PlayStation 4 last autumn. I’m not sure my on-off addiction to this title is ever going to truly end and with a partner-in-crime, perhaps this will be the time I make it further than ever before.

It’s time for the choir to take a short break so we’ll be back for the ninth day of Blogmas tomorrow, with four memorable video game moments. In the meantime, why not tell us about the titles you’ve played multiple times in the comments below?

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