You know what they say about the New Year being a new start? Well that’s exactly the case for the Question of the Month. We had some excellent star bloggers pose clever gaming conundrums to the community throughout 2018 and now your favourite monthly head-scratcher is getting a glamourous makeover for 2019. Before the details are revealed however, let’s find out who won December’s challenge…

The winner

Last month, Daniel from Home Button asked: “Were you the embodiment of the N64 kid and receiving a gaming-related gift that seemed legendary to you? Did you come together over a hefty meal and a game of Mario Party? What is your favourite holiday season gaming memory?” He reviewed all the answers submitted in response and here is his judgement:

“Everybody had such wonderful memories, which made it hard to choose. Sometimes the gifts we remember the most aren’t just the ones we liked the best, but can instead be because of the way they were delivered – or more importantly what loved one they were from.

Bandicoot Warrior gave us two interlacing memories about gifts from his grandparents, the very people that got him into gaming. The writing was warm and I felt like I was there with the author for both the highs and the lows of the piece. My condolences for your loss Bandicoot Warrior, but I’m glad your Granddad was there to get you into gaming, otherwise we would miss out on your wonderful blog altogether!”

Congratulations to Bandicoot Warrior and thank you to everyone who joined in with the last question of 2018! Now let’s find out about the changes for the current year and what the first challenge of 2019 will be.

Changes for 2019

Most readers will already have heard of the awesome Adventure Rules, a site that provides guidance and comfort in a harsh world full of monsters and puzzles. Owner Ian works so hard on bringing the community together and for the past two years has hosted the Blogger Blitz, a community event which sees bloggers battle it out in random and hilarious matches while showcasing their writing talent (take a look at this page on Adventure Rules for further details).

After 2018’s event, Chris from OverThinker Y and I decided we’d like to do a little something to show Ian our appreciation for all he does; but what would be the perfect gift? Inspiration struck when he stepped up to be the star blogger for September’s QotM and asked the community a question about making The Ultimate Video Game. We then knew exactly what to do so get ready and prepare yourselves for…


This year’s QotM series will bring the community together in a virtual development studio to create The Ultimate Video Game. Every month we’ll be asking brave volunteers to share their ideas for a single element of our title – for example, an atmospheric setting, a heroic protagonist, an interesting gameplay mechanic – and the best will be blended together at the end of 2019 to make the most awesome video game the world has ever seen. We may not be able to create it for real but at least we can do the theory!

Here’s an outline of how it will work:

Question of the Month, current month, arrow, diagram

The game element for the current month will be announced on Later Levels Bloggers can submit their ideas for the game element via posts on their sites Members of our development studio will discuss these ideas on our Discord chat A commentary post announcing the winner will be published on OverThinker Y The winner will be invited into our Discord group and receive a badge for their blog

In honour of Blogger Blitz and all things Adventure Rules, Chris and I have asked Ian to be the first member of our development studio and help select a winner for January. The game element up for discussion this month will be announced here on Later Levels on Wednesday so you won’t have to wait too long to get started – and you’ve got a couple of days to play some video games to get those creative juices flowing for your ideas.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the QotM series throughout 2018, and to those now thinking of participating in 2019. We’re really excited to see what The Ultimate Video Game created by the community is like!

Question of the Month: an update for 2019

13 thoughts on “Question of the Month: an update for 2019

    • Unfortunately this is just the theory – I doubt there are very few developers who are skilled enough to be able to program a game as wild as one the community can come up with together ha ha! But hopefully everyone working together will result in an ides for something we’d all want to play. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh… perhaps we have our first entry coming up… 😀

      Mechanics are definitely one of the elements that will be coming up in one of the months, but I’m going to be evil and not say exactly when. 😉


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