Versatile Blogger Award: would I lie to you?

Just before Christmas, I received a festive gift from TWOTALL4UFOOL over at TWOTALL4UFOOL’s Gaming & More: a Versatile Blogger Award for Later Levels. Make sure you head over to his blog today and check it out; he always comes across as having a positive outlook on life, and covers topics all the way from game and software reviews to industry news.

Blogging awards are usually designed to give the nominee an opportunity to reveal a little more about themselves to the community and this one is no different. The rules state you’re meant to include seven facts about yourself in your response post – but rules are made to be broken so I’m going to shake things up a little today. I’ve asked several friends and family members to each share two pieces of information about me, but one is true and one is false. Can you correctly guess which is which?

Fact-provider Fact 1 Fact 2
Me My full name is Kimberley but I shorten it to ‘Kim’ online. My edible guilty pleasure is KFC with plenty of barbecue sauce.
Ben, my blogging-other-half I can down a pint of larger in less than four seconds. I’ve raised over £2,000 for the charity SpecialEffect.
Ethan, my stepson I make the best ice-cream sundaes (crushed Maltesers are the secret). I’m a secret spy sent to rid the world of the evil that is ice-cream.
John, a work colleague I think everything is better with a bit of chilli on it. My favourite colour is pink, and I insist on wearing it every day.
Lisa, my friend I was a finalist in Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. I’m a mass-murderer who has killed hundreds of people.
Nathan from Hurricane thought process Point-and-click is one of my favourite genres to play. I actually loathe Monkey Island, which is why I write about it so much.
Pete, my other-half My favourite game in the entire world is Tom Clancy’s The Division. I’ve walked a marathon in the past and would love to run one someday.
Suzy, my friend I totally hate cheese and think it’s the work of the devil. I competed in an Olympics cycling event when I was younger.
Tim and Jake from GeekOut South-West I thoroughly dislike cats, to the point where I’ve created the Anti-Cat Club. I have two black cats named after video game characters: Link and Zelda.
My mother-in-law I really enjoy cooking and make an excellent paella. I’m a thoroughly wicked step-mum to Ethan and regularly don’t feed him.

So how did you do? Continue on for the true facts below and, while you’re doing that, why not also leave a true and false fact about yourself in the comments below so we can continue the game? Thank you once again to TWOTALL4UFOOL for the kind award, and to everyone reading!

The true facts about me are: Me – fact 2; Ben – fact 2; Ethan – fact 1; John – fact 1; Lisa – fact 2 (in video games only!); Nathan – fact 1; Pete – fact 2; Suzy – fact 1; Tim and Jake – fact 2; Mother-in-law – fact 1.

15 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award: would I lie to you?

  1. When I was reading the Popstars: The Rivals one I knew it was either true or the alternative was talking about video game murders. Though Kimberley the Popstars: The Rivals finalist who loves pink and dislikes Monkey Island and does this whilst working on killing lots of people sounds like an interesting character for a story.


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