Versatile Blogger Award: testing times

I’ve finally managed to write a response post to a Versatile Blogger Award from Jonez over at NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog received just after Christmas. I’ve known him for a while now and his blog is well worth a follow if you’re not already doing so. He crams so much into so little time (I’m envious) and still manages to write a variety of articles about gaming and more.

Last Friday’s post featured facts to help you get to know a little more about me once you’d figured out which of them were true. However, this one is going to be all about you: have you ever wondered which video game character you’re most like? Read on below and answer a series of ten carefully-crafted (ahem) questions, which will allow me to see inside the hidden corners your mind and select the perfect pixelated spirit guide for you.

The questions

1.   What’s your favourite video game genre?

A:   Platformers
B:   Point-and-clicks
C:   Action-adventures
D:   RPGs
E:   I like a variety of games

2.   Choose a platform:

A:   NES
B:   PC
C:   Switch
D:   PlayStation 3
E:   Sega Saturn

3.   What word best describes you?

A:   Friendly
B:   Resourceful
C:   Courageous
D:   Strong
E:   Intelligent

4.   What’s your biggest flaw?

A:   Being a sore-loser
B:   My partner
C:   Being a goody-two shoes
D:   My desire to kill anything bigger than me
E:   Being too independent

5.   What’s your guilty pleasure?

A:   Cake
B:   Pirates
C:   Lycra
D:   Shouting at people
E:   Trapping people in fridges

6.   What’s your favourite song?

A:   Jump by Van Halen
B:   Treasure by Bruno Mars
C:   Don’t Say a Word by Ellie Goulding
D:   Shout by Tears For Fears
E:   Single Ladies by Beyoncé

7.   What would you prefer for dinner?

A:   Mushrooms
B:   Meat with condiment
C:   Grandma’s soup
D:   Sweetrolls
E:   Venison

8.   What would be your perfect job?

A:   Maintenance worker
B:   Mayor
C:   Councellor
D:   Jack of all trades
E:   History teacher

9.   What’s your dream holiday?

A:   A weekend on the canals of Venice
B:   A Carribbean cruise
C:   A horse-riding week
D:   A stay in a remote castle
E:   A tour through the Greek islands

10.   What did you think of my test?

A:   It’s-a super
B:   Stop it, you monstrous maggot mating ground
C:   <silence>
D:   More painful than an arrow to the knee
E:   It’s a weapon more powerful than you can ever imagine

Your result

Mostly As:   Mario

Mario, video game, Super Mario, plumber, moustache, man, faceAmiable and good-natured, you like the simple pleasures in life (such as cake). You’re not afraid to slay a few dragons for the princess in your life however and will jump through hurdles whenever your partner is threatened. Just stay away from those dodgy-looking mushrooms.

Mostly Bs:   Elaine Marley

Elaine Marley, video game, face, woman, pirate, earrings, bandanaAlthough sometimes impatient when those around you can’t keep up with your intelligence, you’re a caring and gentle soul. That doesn’t mean you’re a damsel-in-distress however: you’re resourceful and quite capable of saving yourself. Now go out there and kick some zombie-pirate butt!

Mostly Cs:   Link

Link, The Legend of Zelda, video game, face, boyThe strong and silent type: you may not say much but when those closest to you are in need, you’ll be right by their side. Some people may think of you as an annoying do-gooder – but give you a few glasses of Lon Lon milk and you’re the life and soul of the party.

Mostly Ds:   Dragonborn

Dragonborn, video game, Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, warrior, face, armour, helmet, shout, screamYou may annoy your friends by continuously pushing them over the edge (ie shouting them off of cliffs), but if someone needs a job doing then you’re the person to do it. A master of many skills, you’re able to adapt to any situation and overcome the highest mountain.

Mostly Es:   Lara Croft

Lara Croft, video game, Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, woman, face, dirtAlthough some may see you as being too independent for your own good, underneath that cool exterior lies a passionate heart with a thirst for knowledge and adventure. Be careful that your desire for powerful ancient artifacts doesn’t leave you with a debilitating curse.

So how do you fare in this totally-scientific-and-not-at-all-lame test? Thank you once again to Jonez for the award, and enjoy the rest of your week!

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