2019’s Question of the Month series will see bloggers come together in a virtual development studio. Every month we’ll be asking brave volunteers to come forward and share their ideas for a single element of a title, so all the winning answers from the community can be blended together at the end of the year to create a title to overshadow all others: The Ultimate Video Game! Read on to find out more along with how you can take part.

The development team so far:

  • Ian from Adventure Rules
  • Chris from OverThinker Y
  • Luke from Hundstrasse (winner of settings and themes)
  • Brandon from That Green Dude (winner of the protagonist)
  • Kim from Later Levels

  • The game so far:

  • January 2019:   settings and themes
  • February 2019:   the protagonist
  • March 2019:   announced below
  • April 2019:   to be revealed
  • May 2019:   to be revealed
  • June 2019:   to be revealed
  • July 2019:   to be revealed
  • August 2019:   to be revealed
  • September 2019:   to be revealed
  • October 2019:   to be revealed
  • November 2019:   to be revealed
  • December 2019:   press release for The Ultimate Video Game

  • This month’s game element:

    March’s game element is: the antagonist.

    Almost all games are about overcoming some sort of obstacle. Whatever kind of gameplay The Ultimate Video Game have, it’ll involve February’s protagonist interacting with something in order to achieve a goal and the antagonist stands in the way of that. They might be threatening the world featured in January’s setting, maybe they’re a more personal rival – or perhaps the main baddie is simply the frustration of matching three sweets in a row to make explosions. Either way, there’ll be a character or a force over which the player will need to triumph.

    We want to know who (or what) this is, what they look like, their preferences, strengths, weaknesses – anything to help us get to know them. Make sure your answer refers back to the previous game elements. Be careful though: we’ll be covering the story in a later month so stay focused on the subject for March and don’t stray too much into the plot.

    The rules:

  • You can join in with the competition by coming up with an idea for an antagonist who fits into the world defined in January’s winning entry and could battle against February’s protagonist, to help create a collaborative version of The Ultimate Video Game. March’s winner will be picked from these entries and Chris wonderfully explains how this will work in this post.
  • Alternatively, if you’d like to join in just for fun then tell us about the antagonist for your own ultimate video game. Use the elements you created previously or start afresh if this is your first month! You won’t be eligible to win but you may receive a special mention if we like your idea.

  • Whether you’re joining in for competition or fun, try to focus on the single element for the current month in your answer and not cover other areas. Concentrate on the antagonist only for now!
  • There are no guidelines on word-limit or format so you can be as creative as you like: write a post, record a video, create a drawing, or impress us with another unique style.
  • Publish your idea for this month’s element on your blog or social media channels by 28 March 2019 and leave us a link in the comments below.
  • Submittals will then be discussed by the development team above, and the winner announced in a commentary post over on OverThinker Y on 31 March 2019.
  • The winning blogger will be invited to join our development team on Discord so they can help select future winners – and they’ll receive an exclusive badge to display on their site.

  • Good luck to everybody who’d like to take part this month. We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas for The Ultimate Video Game!

    Question of the Month: March 2019 edition

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