Visiting the London Gaming Market always makes me feel like a child again. Seeing the rows and rows of boxes each containing a ticket to a magical world encourages that same sense of excitement, and it’s hard to not come away with at least one purchase.

It takes place every four months at the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square and when we attended in July last year I was incredibly tempted to buy a PlayStation 2. Pete was sure however that he still had his original one in our loft somewhere so I found the willpower to temporarily restrain myself. Although we managed to find a box of games during our dusty search, our hunt for the console was sadly unsuccessful; so we returned to the Market last weekend to get ourselves some hardware.

The event was slightly bigger than we’d previously seen, with additional stalls spilling out into an extra room at the back. There didn’t seem to be as many PC games available this time but there were hundreds of titles for the original PlayStation and its follow-up, along with those for the older Xbox consoles – perfect for what we were looking for. After doing a few rounds of the hall and seeing what was on offer, we made a purchase from Console Passion and happily walked away with our new (old) toy.

That then gave us the perfect excuse to browse through all the game cases and I managed to pick up a couple of gems. First was Fahrenheit for £4; not everybody’s cup of tea I know, but I loved this title when I played it upon release and it’s just not not the same when now trying to play it on a PC. In addition, I also found a copy of ICO. It was a little expensive at £24 but it now means I’ve got the Team Ico collection, and can put it on my shelf next to Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian.

Some advice for anyone thinking of attending the London Gaming Market: beware of unscrupulous dealers! While at one stall, I watched someone ask about a particular game and then be offered it at quite a high price because ‘it was the only one available’. After the attendee had parted with his money and left, the dealer reached under the table and replaced the title with another. If you’re not entirely trusting of the seller you’re speaking to or the prices they’re charging, hold onto your money and visit a different stall.

Aside from that small negative, we had a fun afternoon and are looking forward to going back on 21 July 2019 to pick up further titles for our PlayStation 2. At the time of writing we haven’t yet had a chance to test the console but hopefully it will work – and if it does, we’ll likely stream some older games on the Later Levels’ Twitch channel in the very near future. If there’s anything you’d like to see in particular, let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do!

London Gaming Market March 2019 photo gallery

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London Gaming Market March 2019: a round-up

13 thoughts on “London Gaming Market March 2019: a round-up

  1. Ahh! I always miss stuff like this, and I’m always jealous any time I see folks like The Game Chasers on YouTube going to cons with tables like in that picture above 🙂 I should pay more attention, I bet you can get some great deals. (And some horrific scams from the sound of things, too!)


    • I’ve now been to four markets and each time I come away with something. I think I need to get a little more organised for the next one though and take along a list of games I’d be interested in picking up. Otherwise, there’s just so much stuff and it can get a bit overwhelming!

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    • I’ve been so tied up with blogging stuff during the past few days that I still haven’t had the chance to test it! It might be a good idea to do so after finishing Eastshade however, otherwise I’m going to get sucked into playing ICO. 😉


  2. Sounds really duplicitous! I’ve seen someone do that at MCM do in general I avoid high cost stuff like the plague. Overall though this event sounds pretty cool 🙂


    • It’s definitely worth going for a few hours! I think the key is to go in with open eyes: if something seems too expensive or you’re not sure about the seller, don’t part with your cash. It’s important not to let nostalgia suck you in either, because there are just so many games you remember from your childhood for sale.

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  3. Wow what a scumbag, I get these are hard times but seriously?

    I ditched consoles in the mid to late nineties in favour of PC, didn’t get another one until late 2011 I think, so I’ve missed a huge chunk of history there. I might just have to keep my eyes out for events like this and some bargain oldies. There’s already space on the trusty IKEA Kallax shelves for a couple more consoles… not enough sockets though!


    • Replay hold a few other gaming markets around the UK, so it could be worth following their Twitter account to see whether there’s one near you? Just remember to pick up plenty of adapters and extension leads on the way home. 😉


  4. Geez, it’s bad enough when retailers like GameStop are pulling stuff like this off, but when individual retailers are as well? Reminds me of the time I went to one of these conventions and someone tried to get me to buy a $150 copy of Earthbound with the label torn. The vendor seemed annoyed when I revealed I already had a copy and tried (poorly) to get me to buy the whole box set. I still intend on visiting it this year, but it’s definitely a “buyer beware” situation.


    • Completely! It’s not necessarily about being on your guard, but keeping your eyes open and looking at potential purchases with a logical mind. It’s so easy to get sucked into buying something that gets you all nostalgic and reminds you of good times.

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  5. Great picks! I swore off David Cage after Heavy Rain, but I really enjoyed Fahrenheit when it came out! And ICO is just a beautiful game.

    I don’t keep physical media anymore, but whenever I enter one of these conventions, I always have the urge to start up a collection and find all of my old favourites. Maybe it’ll become a hobby of mine someday when I have the room.


    • I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a collector, but since going to the market and other events I’ve started buying games that I played as a kid or which bring back good memories. It’s nice to see them on the shelf and kind of feels like they’re ‘old friends’. 🙂

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