That’s EGX Rezzed done for another year. Thousands of gamers hit the Tobacco Dock in London from 04 to 06 April 2019 to play games all weekend and talk to their creators on the show floor, as well as attend developer sessions and have their portfolios reviewed.

As mentioned in my introduction post last week, this was my seventh time at Rezzed and in the past it has always been my favourite event in the calendar. Unfortunately though, after checking out the website to see what games were due to be displayed and discovering that over 45% of them had either appeared at the expos since 2017 or were already available for purchase, I was a little disappointed. Was it still worth going? Let’s find out in the round-up below…


In more recent years, the quality of the subjects discussed during the various sessions had declined somewhat. This time around however the organisers did themselves proud; there were so many talks I wanted to attend, and I’ll be watching back those I missed on the EGX YouTube channel. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we were only able to see two but they were incredibly interesting: The psychology of gaming addiction and The future of adventure games. More about both of those this week.

Sadly we weren’t able to attend on the Saturday, but on the Thursday and Friday there seemed to be more space available. Rather than work our way through crowds in each room, it felt as though we were able move around freely and didn’t have to queue for so long to get our hands on the titles we wanted to play. This may have been the reason for the attendees seeming ‘calmer’; they no longer felt the need to push in order to be the first at a stand and it made for a nicer experience overall.

Speaking of the games themselves, there were several which stood out for me this year. My favourite game of the show was Nanotale – Typing Chronicles by Fishing Cactus, a title I’ve been looking forward to since playing Epistory – Typing Chronicles back in 2016. Then there was Metamorphosis by Ovid Works, a puzzle-platformer where you’ve been transformed into a tiny bug; and Wardialler, an intriguing little project by Mode 7 which we found in the Leftfield Collection. Keep your eyes peeled for posts over the coming week.


Now on to the lowlights. Let’s deal with the games first: we saw a number of empty stands and there were fewer on display than in previous years. In a direct contrast to 2018’s narrative fest there were only a handful of story-based titles to try, and many areas were dedicated to more action-orientated works or party games. A note to the organisers: you really don’t need to have Gang Beasts on show every single year because it’s starting to become a bit of a cliché.

I mentioned above that there was more space but this could have had something to do with a lower number attendees. Many rooms felt almost empty and that buzz of excited crowds was missing. Several bloggers mentioned that they were skipping Rezzed this year in favour of EGX in October now that the event is moving to London, so perhaps this was the cause? As such, it seemed as though several school trips and an increased number of press had been invited along to make up the numbers.

Another message to the organisers: you really need to sort out the food situation because it was the worst it’s ever been. Installing only two food stalls and one coffee stand available for hundreds of attendees was shocking; and having both of those stalls sell only pizza was horrible, particularly for anyone like me who doesn’t eat cheese. Telling people they could bring in their own lunches as long as they weren’t ‘branded’, but then making them throw away their crisps and soft-drinks before entry, was uncalled for. Please do something about this.

Did you attend this year’s Rezzed event? If so, what did you think of it and what was your game of the show? There’ll be more posts coming up over the next few days and in the meantime, you can check out our photo gallery below.

EGX Rezzed 2019 photo gallery

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EGX Rezzed 2019: a round-up

10 thoughts on “EGX Rezzed 2019: a round-up

  1. Sadly I felt much the same way. Most of the reason I like to attend is to drift around and discover interesting narrative heavy or unique concept titles – sadly the majority seemed to be action/party games (which is all good, just not really why I was there).

    The food situation was kind of ridiculous; we managed to get in early on the pizza queue and waited a mere 20 minutes for a single pizza (despite cheese not entirely agreeing with the complex hundstrasse biological system) given the queue, others must’ve faired much wide… and thanks to your warning had decanted other snacks into plastic tubs for secret eating. The sole coffee stand had a “back in 15 mins” sign up for at least half an hour and nobody severing at any of these seemed to have worked a large event before. Outside of the bar we couldn’t see anywhere to get water/soft drinks/ anything dairy/gluten free … Except maybe if you wanted to sustain yourself on fudge for the day…

    Eventually we left just after 3 (crazy sort visit as we only got in at 1130), but we just wanted a hot drink and to sit down somewhere.

    Just not the same vibe as other years sadly. 😞


    • Woman cannot live by fudge alone!

      The food situation generally seems to get worse at each Rezzed. I was pleased when they announced this year that you’d be able to take your own stuff in as long as it wasn’t branded, which we took to mean ‘don’t go to the McDonalds around the corner and bring your lunch back here’. But so many people ended up having things confiscated. 😦

      I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t the trip you were hoping for… did you manage to find at least one upcoming game to look forward to?


      • Unsurprisingly I’m looking forward to “Close to the Sun”.. I know right! Art Deco styled, mystery adventure, Nicola Tesla… it’s so unlike me! 😛

        … oh and Gangbeasts of course…


        • Close to the Sun looked good, didn’t it? Totally the sort of game I’d play.*

          * By ‘play’, I mean watch someone else play while I watch from behind my hands.

          Let’s see if Gang Beasts makes it to EGX in October. 😒


  2. This is not the Rezzed I remember! Though in seriousness, this isn’t good. The committee will need to up their game (Hah!) for the sake of Rezzed, or amalgamate it all into EGX as a whole, which I wouldn’t want to see happen in all honesty. It was always nice having a niche games expo to read up about, or to go and visit.


    • Pete thinks this is the ultimate plan: to move EGX to London, make it more popular than Rezzed and then phase Rezzed out. I really don’t want this to happen though because there’s (usually) more of the sort of games I enjoy there. 😦


      • Yeah, it’s also partly on the industry itself. There are dozens of new incentives for indie devs per month… So why incur extra costs hosting an area at Rezzed? Small devs surely couldn’t afford a stall (or wouldn’t feel comfortable / justified).


        • There’s a developer whom I’ve been bumping into at events regularly since I started blogging and he once told me about the costs to put on a stand. I can’t remember the exact figure but I was surprised by just how much it was!


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