The Question of the Month started in February 2017 after a conversation with several blogging mates. We entered into some friendly competition to see who could come up with the best answer to a gaming-related quandary; and for 2018, we reached out to the community to ask fellow bloggers to pose the monthly question and invited everyone to join us.

2019 was all change again when we attempted to create The Ultimate Video Game, with each new month being focused on a different game element. We started off in January with a setting and theme; moved onto the protagonist in February; covered the antagonist in March; and then began looking at the plot in April. Chris from OverThinker Y and I had the pleasure of reading some extremely creative entries and welcoming talented writers into our online ‘development team’.

Super Mario 3D World, video game, game over, Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, Toad

Sadly though, the QotM series has run its course and after much deliberation we must announce that last month’s challenge will be the last for a while. This isn’t a decision we’ve come to lightly. There are too many other things going on in the community right now, several blogging companions have chosen to take a much-needed break from their sites to focus on personal matters, and other factors have meant that it just isn’t the right time for The Ultimate Video Game.

Who knows: it may return in the future and be better than ever but Chris, myself and the rest of the team feel that it’s appropriate to postpone its development further at present. We’re not looking at this as a failure however – we tried something new and have learnt a lot from the experience, even making some new friends along the way! Blogging is all about pushing yourself, trying new things and continuously learning, and this collaboration has enabled us to do that.

Before it ends though, we’d like to give a few shout-outs to some special people:

  • Ian from Adventure Rules – the man who inspired it all. This blogger deserves a medal for all the hard work he puts into his community events and it has been an absolute pleasure working for him. We’re looking forward to the next Blogger Blitz already.
  • Luke from Hundstrasse, Brandon from That Green Dude and TriformTrinity – very talented writers who were selected as winners and then invited to join the team. You guys are awesome and we’re looking forward to working with you on other projects.
  • Katie from Musings of a nitpicking girl – this girl is amazing. She created a version of The Ultimate Video Game that we’ve all been eagerly following each month and it’s a one we’d all love the chance to play. Maybe one day that may become a reality.
  • Nana from NANA MARFO – a blogger that has participated in every Question of the Month since the beginning of the year and shows so much enthusiasm at a young age. The dream of becoming a developer and running an indie studio is surely within reach.

    This isn’t the end of the development team, for we have a few other collaboration ideas currently in discussion so you may see something new in the very near future. In the meantime, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the Question of the Month series – you’re all winners to us!

  • Question of the Month: an update for the rest of 2019

    12 thoughts on “Question of the Month: an update for the rest of 2019

    1. I’m sorry to see this end for now. There have been so many great posts since I first discovered it. I didn’t manage to take part this year when I would have liked to but seeing what people have come up with has been amazing. This must have been difficult for all of you but thank you for the opportunities and the questions that this has featured.


      • Aw that’s much appreciated! The Question of the Month may make a return in the future… I have a feeling it won’t be gone forever. 😉


    2. That’s a shame. It was a great idea for a collaboration and I enjoyed reading everyone’s entries as well as taking part myself. I’m hoping to stay motivated and carry on with it in my own way though!

      Thanks for planting the seed, and thanks to Chris and everyone else involved – I appreciate it must have been a lot to organise!


    3. I’m sorry to see this go, it was such a creative and unique idea! I’m sorry as well for not participating this year. I usually jump at the chance to take part in things like this but as I said to Chris when it started I’d actually already done a series of posts coming up with my ultimate video game for a competition I took part in last year and didn’t feel I could really do that again 😞

      Looking forward to whatever you guys come up with next!


      • Nothing to apologise for – it’s difficult writing about something you’ve already covered before, and blogging is meant to be fun!

        We’ve had a few ideas about other collaborations so now we’re trying to figure out the right format for them. We may have something coming soon if it all works out… 😉

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