My furry blogging assistant

I like structure and this is evident in the way I organise my blogging activities. A two-hour commute to work gives me a chance to draft the following weeks’ posts. Then on Wednesday evenings I’ll tweak them while my other-half is playing video games with Ben; and on Saturday mornings when he’s at work, I’ll get them uploaded and sort out any images.

I also like cats, and since adopting her almost three years ago Zelda has become my furry blogging assistant. When I’m sitting at the table with my laptop she can usually be found lounging next to it – when she’s not walking across the keyboard and trying to get my attention, that is. She also tends to be not too far away whenever we’re streaming and sometimes makes an appearance on camera. Her latest trick is to sit directly in front of Pete while he’s trying to play The Division 2, which is annoying for him but also kind of cute.

Everyone likes posting pictures of their pets on social media and I’m no different. If Zelda’s doing something cheeky while I’m blogging, I’ll usually add a photo to Instagram or Twitter and this has caused several friends to ask whether she’s going to start a site of her own. For a bit of Friday fun – as well as an excuse for sharing more cat pictures – here is some examples of the furball’s finest work.

Collaborations: introducing yourself to the blogging communityZelda, cat, laptop, cute

Your guide to being a great modZelda, cat, monitor, GameBlast

Naps: the cure for writers’ blockZelda, cat, nap, laptop, diary, pen

How to build a PC (when you have paws)Pete, Zelda, cat, PC parts, building

Cattitude subscription box: a reviewZelda, cat, blanket, Cattitude Box

A guide to packing for conventionsZelda, cat, suitcase

Blogging: stealing back your owner’s attentionZelda, cat, paws, laptop, keyboard

The best way to respond to spam commentsZelda, cat

GameBlast marathon streams: a survival guideZelda, cat, nap, monitor, table, GameBlast

The video games I’m looking forward toZelda, cat, controller

Have a photograph of your pet trying to distract you while you’re blogging or gaming? Then please do share it in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “My furry blogging assistant

  1. I have two cats. They both do all of these things to varying degrees. I wouldn’t change it for anything! It wouldn’t feel right to be writing something without at least one cat sitting on “her” cushion next to me, ensuring that as much of her body as possible is resting against my leg.


    • Hmm… her latest thing is to attempt to sit on the keyboard while I’m trying to blog. But yeah, I wouldn’t change it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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