Friends, countrypeople and bloggers of all ages, welcome to the best unofficial by-bloggers-for-bloggers Blogger Blitz commentary show on the Internet! It’s that time of year again: when Adventure Rules brings together the community in the most awesome of ways to showcase friendship and the love of all things gaming.

Kim: The next several weeks will see a group of amazing bloggers battle it out in a series of epic contests with the support of their favourite video game characters, to see who’ll come out on top. Their efforts will be judged by a separate group of just-as-amazing content creators – get excited, fight fans!
Chris: We’re your hosts: this is Kim from Later Levels, the most supportive person you’re ever likely to meet, a helping hand and listening ear to anyone who needs her, and a darn insightful blogger to boot!
Kim: Aw he’s much too kind! This is Chris from OverThinker Y, talented blogger and musical extraordinaire. He plays video games, can hold an intelligent conversation, and has fabulous style – what more could you want in a blogging partner-in-crime?
Chris: Both of us have been involved in both previous Blogger Blitz events: in the first in 2017, I took part in my first bloggomunity event as a judge, and I got to know a whole lot of really awesome people for the first time. Then for 2018’s villain-focused Black Sheep, I made it as far as the semi-final with my champion Master Xehanort, which gave me the opportunity to do some really dumb stuff like making an entire PowerPoint in character.
Kim: I participated in the first Blogger Blitz with the mighty Guybrush Threepwood and a sea-shanty, but we were thwarted in the first round by that dastardly Luke from Hundstrasse and Claire Redfield *shakes fist*. The following year I took part in the event as a judge – so Chris and I swapped roles! This year it’s time to join forces as we guide you through the awesomeness that is Blogger Blitz.
Chris: That’s right, Blitz fans: neither of us was able to be a full-time competitor or judge this year, but we’ve decided to make our own roles instead and host this new spin-off commentary show!

Kim: Holy jumping mother o’ god in a side-car with chocolate jimmies and a lobster bib! So what’s happening this time around, Chris?
Chris: So far we’ve had a free-for-all welcome-all-comers extravaganza and a baddie-focused bonanza, and this year also has a unique theme: for the first time, competitors aren’t just picking one character but two and the goal is to show they have the strongest bond of all. How do you think this’ll shake up the format, Kim?
Kim: This is a game of level-ups and explosions! On one hand the competitors may benefit from having multiple characters, as it gives them access to a wider range of experience. But instead of needing in-depth knowledge of just one protagonist, they’ll now need to intimately know two; and can they make effectively show the strength of their relationship in some wacky situations?
Chris: That’ll be the X-factor: partnerships mean potential, but it also means twice the effort to manage two characters and the dynamic between them. Of course, the other big question is: who’d be your pick if you were a competitor this year? I was thinking about this and I think I’d go for either a villainous pair like Wario and Waluigi or perhaps a team with a bit of a rivalry like Squall and Seifer.
Kim: It’s certainly a tough call… most readers will expect me to go for Guybrush but after letting me down obviously, I think the wannabe pirate needs to sit this one out! I’d probably keep it old-school though: how about Manny and Glottis, or Sam and Max?
Chris: Solid choices all round, but don’t be too hard on poor Guybrush! Not everyone can reach the final of the Blitz, but I really mean it when I say that every single person ever to take part has brought something unique to the table and helped make the event a really special thing. Speaking of, let’s meet the star cast of BB19!
Kim: Holy Hannah hold the phone… I’m so excited, Chris!
Chris: Me too, Kim! Now I always like seeing a mix in the Blitz of bloggers I already know and love and newcomers I’ll soon know and love. This year looks to be no different, with a blend of faces familiar and new; I’m super hyped to see fresh styles and interactions, new dynamics coming to this wonderful event, and see what everyone’s unique take on the BB looks like!
Kim: So let’s jump straight in and find out who we’ve got the pleasure of following this year!
Chris: Our first judge is Jace Puckett from Zen Mind, Zen Life, a newcomer and a blogger in the I’m-gonna-come-to-know-and-love-’em camp rather than the I-already-know-and-love-’em. I’ll be interested to see how Jace’s trademark insight and Zen approach of calm lend themselves to judging; from what I’ve seen, I think their disposition will be perfect for seeing right to the core of the issues central to each round and making good reasoned arguments for their winner.
Kim: Next up we have Andrew Turnwall from Serial Bookseller, also known as the Ink-Stained Mage, who was a competitor during the first ever Blogger Blitz. His previous experience is sure to make him a great judge as that insight into what it’s like to participate is incredibly useful, plus his game reviews over at The Well-Red Mage mean he owns a keen analytical mind that’s going to be perfect for assessing the competition.
Chris: And the final judge is Heather from Just Geeking By, someone I know (a little bit but not yet well enough!) from our previous co-collaboratings as part of Normal HappeningsThe Games That Define Us. I know she has a broad knowledge and a deep reflectiveness, so I think she’ll be really well-suited to judging. She’s also a World of Warcraft fan so it’ll be interesting to see how that comes into play when… well, we’ll discuss that when we talk about the competitors!
Kim: That’s an awesome set of judges we’ve got right there! It’s a tough job picking a Blogger Blitz champion – trust us guys, we speak from experience here – but they’ve got the smarts and video-game-knowledge to really dig down into the arguments put forward by this year’s competitors and choose a worthy winner.
Chris: I think Ian from Adventure Rules, our most phenomenal host, has done some work to make sure that the judging format is clear to all involved this time around: in previous years, judging panels have been able to really pick their own criteria for who deserves to win each round, so I’ll be very interested to see what sort of guidance or format there might be this time around. The judges all seem like eminently reasonable and impartial people but I’ll definitely be looking out to see how they resolve disagreements and what factors they rate as most important.
Kim: That’s all we have time for right now folks, so let’s give a big round of applause to Ian and everyone taking part in this year’s Blogger Blitz!
Chris: Don’t be sad though, because have another show airing later today over on OverThinker Y so go and check that out for a run-down of the all-important competitors!

Big-Up the Blitz: episode 1

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