WordPress wonders: my favourite blogging people

Tomorrow is International Friendship Day. To kick off celebrations, I shared some of my favourite video game buddies: these characters are there for each other no matter what and whether it’s deadly curses or scary monsters, the protagonist never has to face danger alone.

But it’s not just video game characters who need friends. They’re important in real life too; they’re the people who pick you up when you’re feeling low, give you advice when you’re not sure what to do, and tell you you’re being an idiot when you need a good kick up the butt. I’ve made a number of friends here in the WordPress community over the past few years and they’ve taught me so much, both about myself and blogging. Here’s a shoutout to some of my favourite people to thank them for being so awesome.

❤   Ian from Adventure Rules

Ian is such a positive person and he always has words of encouragement for anyone who’s struggling. He also puts an awful lot of effort and hard work into bringing the community together through events like Blogger Blitz. The first match of this year’s event starts today and you can find out more about it here.

❤   Athena from AmbiGaming

Here is one intelligent lady. She knows her stuff when it comes to both life and video games, and I love the way her posts are always carefully constructed: Athena explains both sides to an argument and in a way that everyone can understand. You’re bound to learn something new every time you visit her site.

❤   Tim from GeekOut UK

Tim was one of the first people from the blogging community I met in real life, and six years on he’s still a very good friend I talk to regularly. We visit each other in London or Bristol several times a year – and each trip usually ends up with food, games and a few beers. Be sure to check out the meetup group if you’re in the Bristol area.

❤   Luke from Hundstrasse

I met Luke for the first time at Rezzed last year and he’s just as awesome in person as he is on his blog. He’s been so supportive of all our charitable efforts for SpecialEffect and has kept us company during every GameBlast event. He also has a fondness for Resident Evil, haikus and octopus emoji.

❤   LightningEllen from Livid Lightning

I had the opportunity to get to know Ellen on a more personal level this year and she’s such a lovely person. Her sense of humour is very dry with a dash of sarcasm occasionally thrown in – I’m sure she should have been British! Most people within the blogging community will already know her, because she’s so supportive.

❤   Jonez from NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog

Jonez and I have one major thing in common: our love for adventure games and cats! He was very supportive when one of our cats passed away earlier this year and would send me messages in the morning to see how I was doing. It’s lovely to see him very happy right now and I wish him all the best for the future.

❤   Dan from nowisgames.com

Conversations with Dan are always interesting, whether they’re about video games or anything else, because he can see both sides to a story and will challenge you to really think about your opinion. He gave me a lot of help when I was looking for a career change this year and I can’t thank him enough for that.

❤   Chris from OverThinker Y

I really do love having chats with Chris. They’re not only intelligent discussions, but they usually tend to go off at a random tangent and become filled with GIFs. We have a plan for world domination that we haven’t yet kicked off because we’ve both been busy, but one day there’ll be an epic collaboration from us – watch this space.

❤   Teri Mae from Sheikah Plate

She cooks, she plays video games and she’s just an all-round great person. I wish Teri Mae and I lived closer (even in the same country would be good) because it’s likely we’d end up being best friends. Our conversations cover a lot of topics, from gaming all the way to politics, and she’s one of the kindest bloggers you’ll ever meet.

❤   Katie from The Gaming Diaries

I love this girl! We started talking regularly earlier this year and now end up chatting several times a week, so I’ve had an opportunity to get to find out just how lovely Katie is. Hopefully one day we can arrange for her to come down to London for an expo or convention, so we can finally have the chance to meet up in real life.

❤   Kevin from The Mental Attic

Kevin answered loads of questions I had shortly before a job interview in April and he took the time to explain technical stuff to me – I can’t thank him enough because this really helped. You can catch him and the others taking part in his latest D&D campaign on Twitch, and I’m excited about joining his next one starting in August.

❤   Niki from TriformTrinity

I got the chance to meet this man in real life last month and he’s so much fun! I can’t believe just how much knowledge he’s able to retain in his head on all sorts of subjects, from gaming to films to culture and more. Niki is planning to be over in London again soon so we’ll be able to hang out again, and I’m really looking forward to it.

There are so many great people within the WordPress community and I wish I had a blog post long enough to mention you all. Have a lovely International Friendship Day tomorrow and keep being awesome.

27 thoughts on “WordPress wonders: my favourite blogging people

  1. It’s amazing how random people on the internet can suddenly become very close friends!
    I have one of those too. We started out with playing a game of “League of Legends” every few weeks, and now we visit each other at least once a year and take vacations together. This year we’ll probably tour around the UK 🙂


    • I had such a hard time narrowing it down because there are so many awesome bloggers! In the end I went with people who I regularly speak to outside of blogging, and whom I’m very proud to call friends. 😀


  2. Can only say: “what are friends for if not helping?” 😛

    Thanks for the shoutout and we’ll see how it goes once you and others start running the shadows of London 2080


  3. Very, very belated… but thank you so much for the mention!! 😀 I’m honored to consider you a friend and really appreciate being able to talk to you about stuff (the couple rough times I was able to reach out to you this year meant a lot, eh). Online friends are just as awesome as the friends we have in real life. Also, UK 2021 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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