Welcome back! Presumably you’ve just changed channels after watching the first half of the third episode of our unofficial commentary couch for 2019’s Blogger Blitz, but if not then please go and check that out now, because second halves don’t make much sense if you’ve not seen the first!

Chris: Our first second-round match pitted Flameflash from Monk of Mists (with Tyrande and Malfurion) against Winst0lf from Winst0lf Portal (alongside Morgana and Ann)! The event this time was Hotel Hijinks, with the competitors doing their best to relax after a hard-fought first round – but, alas, their vindictive opponent from round one has trashed the place!
Kim: Flameflash got off to a great start with a story about a visit to Binan Village. As mentioned earlier, it can be hard to judge a match when you aren’t familiar with the characters or their world – so points went to him for telling us all about the place and making inexperienced readers welcome there.
Chris: Interestingly, he spoke ‘as himself’ in his post – as you say, he told us all about the landscape and its context, but did so in a conversational tone rather than presenting a story or other creation.
Kim: Winst0lf changed things up with a ‘letters’ format which was really creative: he worked a description of what the hotel should have been like into the apology note, which then went on to explain the damage done. Despite their different formats, both competitors met the event compliance format – so the judges had to find something else to grade them on.
Chris: Indeed – while Flameflash did tell us what makes Tyrande and Malfurion’s relationship remarkable, Winst0lf managed to gain favour by communicating his ship’s pairing with little touches, not wasting words but making their relationship part of each step of the narrative.
Kim: They both performed excellently but it was Winst0lf who came out on top this round. His entry included a humour that appealed to the judges and won over the hearts of readers!
Chris: You know, Winst0lf may have been perfectly compliant with the event requirements, but I think he’s managed to make his path all the way to the final mostly just by having an easy charm about his character interactions. Still, I thought Flameflash did a great job of explaining a world I know nothing about so that I could understand his entry; perhaps a bit too good, if anything, but then you never know what to focus on!
Kim: And finally we come to the second semi-finals match between KT Martin from Wintendo64 (with Geralt of Rivia and Ciri) and Pix 1001 from Shoot the Rookie (with Itsuki Aoi and Yashiro Tsurugi). This match features something far more scary than video game monsters lurking in the shadows: a surprise request for babysitting duty. Our heroes can easily handle a final boss but can they deal with a rambunctious toddler alongside their Ship?
Chris: I know I couldn’t. Both competitors here went for a storytelling style that removed the piece a little bit from the action: KT re-employed her ‘detailed plan outline’ format from round one, while Pix staged an interview with her characters. KT’s piece, then, focused on the hypothetical ‘here’s what we would do’, while Pix went for ‘here’s what we did’ – in both cases, we didn’t follow the chaos as it happened.
Kim: That explains why the judges had a mixed reaction to both posts in terms of the first element, structure. In event compliance, Pix came out on top though: her more direct way of sharing interactions with the child and a touch of humour won them over.
Chris: Finally, both competitors worked in a lot of great character stuff: Geralt and Ciri’s backstory came into play, adding flavour if not persuasive force, while Itsuki and Yashiro played off each other during their interactions about their humorous hijinks in the interview. In the end there was no real deciding factor for the judges, as both were great pieces that met the brief and had a lot of thought put in, so Pix emerged the victor on the basis of just being that little bit stronger in the judges’ minds.
Kim: So that brings us to the end of the Blogger Blitz action so far! I think I need a sit down and a cup of tea… phew.
Chris: It’s been an intense few weeks! Any overarching thoughts about how this year’s contest has shaped up, Kim?
Kim: Well we’ve ended up with a couple of excellent finalists – so the competitors did a fantastic job with their posts, and the judges made some great decisions. The new scoring element has added an interesting element to this year’s event, and in some ways it has become more ‘analytical’; it’ll be interesting to see how this comes into play in the final. What’s on your mind, Chris?
Chris: Well, I was just thinking that I’d have had a hard time being a judge this year, despite the increased clarity on criteria. Hopefully the knowledge on both sides helped the whole thing to go a bit more smoothly, with judges knowing what they were looking for and competitors too knowing what to expect in the judgements (and therefore what to focus on in their pieces), but I think I’d have found it difficult not to simply go for the one I thought was more awesome!
Kim: Ah… you’re talking about… THE X-FACTOR!
Chris: THE X FACTAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Yup – my own judging tendencies, though I tried to look closely at the merits of each piece, were simply to pick the one that I enjoyed the most, and I think that’s a valid approach to judging as long as everyone’s clear on that. When there are spelled-out point categories, it hopefully makes it easier for competitors to anticipate what might go down well.
Kim: The same as you’d have had a hard time being a judge, I think I would have had just as hard a time being a competitor! The added Ship factor this year certainly switched things up. Those taking part needed to consider a lot of elements in their entries – not only the scoring elements but also setting the scene, introducing their characters to readers who may not be familiar with them, and often throwing in some humour for good measure. The amount of effort they put in shone through in their posts.
Chris: Oh yeah – we saw a lot of creativity coming through in every post, with each competitor managing to portray entire worlds with believable relationships, let alone tackling ludicrous problems in awesome fashion. Now, we know our final event, and indeed our two finalists’ entries are now live! Any final thoughts before the Blogger Blitz draws to its thrilling conclusion?
Kim: NEEDS MORE X-FACTOR VOICE! Plus, the best of luck to both Pix and Winst0lf!
Chris: Dang right, and our support goes out as always to our participants for putting on a great show, our judges for their contributions, and to our wonderful host Ian from Adventure Rules for the enormous amount of work he does behind the scenes to keep this most epic collaboration running.
Kim: Thank you for joining us for a recap of the Blogger Blitz action so far! The final match results will be on Adventure Rules at the end of this week.
Chris: Ian will most likely put together such a great results post! I for one am thrilled to see how the ultimate showdown between our Aoi-Yashiro and Ann-Morgana pairings unfolds, bringing the third Blitz to an epic end.
Kim: A final thank you to Ian, the judges, the competitors and you – our fabulous readers. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you again for Blogger Blitz in 2020!

Big-Up the Blitz: episode 3-and-a-bit

7 thoughts on “Big-Up the Blitz: episode 3-and-a-bit

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  2. My god is this making me nervous but it is so good!

    The changes in the judging system are really interesting, it makes me wonder what format the behind the scenes discussions are taking. The judges are doing so well though, they are so thorough in their analysis!


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