Calling all point-and-click fans!

Do you love wannabe pirates, sentient disembodied tentacles and anthropomorphic detective duos? Do you enjoy weekends spent combining random items, browsing through conversation trees and occasionally hunting for pixels? Then we may have a collaboration for you.

Puzzles in point-and-click games tend to stay with us long after we’ve completed them, either because they were brilliantly executed or left us screaming in frustration. From aggressive goats to bunnies hopping across minefields, we all have those challenges we love to discuss with other players to find out what their own experience of them was. But which puzzle is our all-time favourite and which should be sent on a one-way journey to D’Ni? It’s time for…


The awesome Quietschisto from RNG and I are searching for point-and-click fans who are brave enough to help us figure out which puzzles should be given the official titles of ‘best’ and ‘worst’. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you’d like to join in:

  • Decide on the puzzles you’d like to put forward for the best and worst categories
  • Get in touch and let us know your choices by Sunday, 27 October 2019 so we can include them in our polls
  • Publish a post on Friday, 01 November 2019 to reveal your puzzles and explain why you’ve chosen them
  • Play more adventure games throughout the month while the community votes
  • Gasp in astonishment as the best and worst puzzles are revealed on RNG on Saturday, 01 December 2019

  • Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • You’ll need to decide on a single puzzle for the best category and another for the worst category
  • The puzzles chosen must come from point-and-clicks rather than any other kind of adventure game
  • They don’t have to come from classic titles though – consider entries in the genre all the way up to the present day
  • They don’t have to come from the same game either – your best can be from one title and your worst from another
  • There’s no specific format or word-limit for entry posts
  • A link to the polls must be included in your entry post when it’s published

  • Good luck, adventure fans. May the best and worst puzzles win!

    16 thoughts on “Calling all point-and-click fans!

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    2. 🤔interesting. A few come to mind. Will try and articulate something meaningful and profound. Failing that, a screen shot or two 👍🏻

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