Until Dawn: community choice stream

Playing Until Dawn with the help of those watching was a highlight of our GameBlast19 stream in February. We decided to schedule another stream for Halloween after receiving requests from blogger-friends to continue our playthrough – and that spooky time is now here.

If you don’t fancy trick-or-treating and the thought of playing a horror game on your own leaves the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, why not head over to Twitch and join us from 20:00 GMT for a couple of hours. We’ll be streaming Until Dawn each evening through to Sunday and we need your help in making the ‘best’ decisions to keep our characters alive. Who will be the first to meet their doom? Will the Wendigos take them all down? Will I pass the controller to Pete while I hide behind a cushion? Let’s find out.

We’ll then be tackling Supermassive Games’ next title The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan for GameBlast20 if we’re brave enough after thus experience. Our challenge will see us playing video games for at least an hour each day for 50 days straight from Sunday, 05 January 2020, before ending that period with a 24-hour marathon session from Saturday, 22 February 2020. Further details will be coming next week, and in the meantime you can check out the link to our dedicated GameBlast20 page in the menu at the top of the screen.

To all you ghouls, ghosts, spooks and spectres, we wish you a very happy Halloween.   👻

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