Here’s the latest update on our 50-day challenge for GameBlast20, an event starting on Sunday, 05 January 2020 which aims to raise funds and awareness for SpecialEffect. This amazing charity puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of those with physical disabilities by helping everyone to play video games through technology. Find out more on their website or take a look at these posts.

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a new menu item at the top of the screen. After setting up events for our 50-day challenge and then hearing the news that Twitch had decided to stop supporting that functionality (dammit), we decided to get creative! On this new page you’ll be able to find information about what we’re planning, the games we’re going to be playing and useful links – and we’d love to ask for your help in deciding our streaming schedule. Read on to find out more.

The 50-day challenge in January

Playing video games for an hour every day for a 50-day period requires some planning, so last month we revealed a set of daily themes to make our scheduling that little bit easier. The game for Tuesdays is confirmed and we’ll be getting stuck into The Elder Scrolls Online – but what about the other days of the week? We need to come up with a list of titles that will nicely fit into hour-long sessions and we’ll enjoy playing, as well as give viewers something interesting to tune into.

Fortunately, the categories we’ve come up with are fairly broad and this gives us opportunity to consider all sorts of releases and put plenty of variety into our stream schedule. We’ll update our dedicated GameBlast20 page once we’ve made any decisions and will hopefully have some updates for you by the time December’s post arrives. We’d love to hear your suggestions for games you’d like to watch or even join in with, so leave your thoughts in the comments below or send us a tweet.

The 24-hour stream in February

No GameBlast event is complete without an extended marathon stream so we’re finishing our 50-day challenge with a 24-hour session from 08:00 GMT on Sunday, 22 February 2020. Last year you guys helped us out by voting for the games you wanted to see during each section of our marathon, and we ended up with such a great line-up that we’d love to do the same again for the next one. Think about good titles for the following categories and we’ll start collecting everybody’s suggestions early next month!

  • 08:00 GMT – platformer
  • 11:00 GMT – adventure
  • 14:00 GMT – virtual reality
  • 17:00 GMT – party or co-op
  • 20:00 GMT – action
  • 23:00 GMT – horror
  • 02:00 GMT – shooter
  • 05:00 GMT – RPG

  • Other activities

    Although I’m on track to complete next year’s ASICS London 10k in my target time, I’m frustrated that training has decreased over the past few weeks. The rainy weather isn’t making going for a run in the morning before work any more appealing; and that’s when my trains actually get me into London on time so I’m early enough to hit the park before the office. Still, the motivation is there: my past attempts at the 10k have breached the 60-minute mark and I’m determined to finish in under an hour this time.

    In other non-gaming activities, I had the pleasure of helping out on SpecialEffect’s stand at MCM Comic Con in London at the end of last month. It’s always great seeing the reaction of children and their parents when they realise they can play something like Untitled Goose Game with their chins, and then hearing what this means for people with physical disabilities. If volunteering for the charity sounds like something you’d enjoy yourself, get in touch with Becky Frost at

    That’s all for November’s update. There are only two months to go until the start of our 50-day challenge in January now so we’d best get back onto Twitch for some more practice!

    GameBlast20: game suggestions needed

    10 thoughts on “GameBlast20: game suggestions needed

    1. Ooooooh 🙂 1 2 Switch if you have it. I know it’s not the ‘gamiest’ of games but it’s great for local multiplayer party lols!


      • Another vote for Overcooked! I haven’t played any of the others though so I’ll check those out and get them added to our list. 😀


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