We’ve supported SpecialEffect here at Later Levels since 2013 and take part in their GameBlast event every year. In the past we’ve completed extended streaming marathons but for 2020 we’re going even bigger: we’re aiming to play video games for at least an hour a day for 50-days straight, starting from today.

Adult responsibilities make this challenge far harder than it initially seems and it’s going to take plenty of organisation and coordination – not to mention a ton of batteries for our controllers. But SpecialEffect is worth all the effort because they believe everybody should be able to benefit from the joy of gaming. Their aim is to put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games, bringing family and friends together and having a profoundly positive impact on rehabilitation.

Our schedule will be published on Twitter and Instagram every Saturday and you’ll be able to catch us live on Twitch usually in the evenings, so please do stop by and say hello! SpecialEffect doesn’t receive any kind of government grant so every donation really helps. We’re aiming to raise £500 for the charity this year and all money received through our JustGiving page goes straight to the charity to help them continue their amazing work free of charge for those who need it.

Watch us on our Twitch channel, host us, tweet about the event – we really appreciate any help you can give. You can find out about the other events we’re participating in throughout 2020 to support SpecialEffect and earn your donations on our dedicated page. And finally, don’t forget to vote for the games you’d like to see us play during our 24-hour marathon stream on 22-23 February 2020, to finish off our 50-day challenge with a bang.

Good luck to everybody participating in GameBlast20 this year and showing their love for the charity. Together, we can help make it everyone’s turn to play.

We’re taking part in GameBlast20 to support SpecialEffect, the gamers’ charity.
Making a donation will bring you great loot, increase your XP by +100 and make you immune to fire.*
(*Not guaranteed.)

GameBlast20: the 50-day challenge begins

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