Forget Valentine’s Day: February was about showing your video game backlog some attention. #LoveYourBacklog Week encouraged everyone to share their love for their pile of games – something which is a sign of just how much we love our hobby, rather than a source of guilt.

The backlog appreciation isn’t over just yet though as there’s more planned for the next few weeks. Last month bloggers were asked to nominate unplayed or unfinished titles in five categories, including the one that had spent the most time in their library; so how about now attempting to complete it for #MaybeinMarch? It might seem like a daunting prospect at first but you’ll have a bunch of other bloggers doing the same, and you can find out which game I’ll be attempting myself further below.

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This event is open to everyone regardless of whether you participated in February’s #LoveYourBacklog Week. It also doesn’t need to be focused on your Steam library, although that’s what I’ve chosen to do to keep things simple. If you’d like to use the same platform and aren’t sure how to find out which game has been waiting in your library the longest: click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the window, go to Account details and then click on View licenses and product key activations.

#MaybeinMarch is more than just about ticking a title off your list however. Similar to last month’s event, it’s a way of celebrating the awesome releases which make up your library and showing that a backlog isn’t a reason for guilt. A pile of games is a sign of how much you love your hobby along with the variety we have available to us nowadays – and the bigger your mountain, the more likely it is you’ll have something to play whatever mood you’re in.

The title I’ll be attempting this month is Thomas Was Alone by Mike Bithell. It’s one I bought at the same time as last year’s #MaybeinMarch game, Limbo by Playdead, so it’s been waiting for me to finish it since 25 March 2013. I did play it back then and got perhaps halfway through; but I’m not a big platformer fan and it was eventually put to one side in favour of something else. Perhaps now, seven years later, I’ll finally make it through to the end and find out what happens to Thomas and his friends.

There’ll be a post in a couple of weeks’ time sharing my thoughts, and I’m looking forward to reading all about your #MaybeinMarch games too! Keep your eye on Twitter for everybody’s posts.

#MaybeinMarch 2020: backlog love

17 thoughts on “#MaybeinMarch 2020: backlog love

    • I think the fact most of the games at the oldest end of my backlog are platformers says a lot! It’s not really a genre I enjoy often. I’m planning to stream Thomas Was Alone at some point this month and there’s a good chance I’ll pass the controller to the other-half at certain points. 😉

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      • That’d be a fun game to stream, I bet; it’d be interesting to see and hear your reactions to how the story unfolds.

        And yeah, platformers can be a tough sell for some people — particularly modern 2D indie ones, which tend to be on the challenging, technical, brain-frying puzzly side of things. I don’t like a lot of supposed “modern classics” from that genre, for example; I really didn’t enjoy Limbo, for example, and everyone fricking loves that game!

        I do like platformers generally, though, both 2D and 3D, but more in the Japanese console-style mould. The Marios and Sonics (and numerous imitators) of the world! Anything that reminds me even vaguely of Prince of Persia gives me gaming PTSD. 😀


        • Limbo was my #MaybeInMarch game for last year and yeah, I didn’t enjoy it so much. That ending was the final nail in the coffin for me. I get that not all releases need to spell everything out for the player but… hmm.

          I haven’t played Prince of Persia since I was a kid, after ‘borrowing’ my brother’s Game Gear. 😆

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  1. Great post, and encouraging. I hope I can catch up to some of my own backlog. I have quite a few to beat….right now gong through Tales of Graces F for PS3, and Hitman for PS4.


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  3. I am so far behind, mainly because I bought a couple of games when my wife was going to be working odd shifts and then that never happened. LOL

    But I just started Red Dead Redemption 2 and it’s very cool. I just bought Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but we’ll see when I actually get to it.


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