Following last Friday’s post, we’re back with part three of the To The Moon play-along. Everyone is invited to join this community event hosted by Naithin from Time to Loot: simply play the game and then participate in conversations based around several questions after each section.

Naithin has now shared the second set of discussion points so it’s time to see what we all thought of Act 2. As mentioned previously, I’ve completed To The Moon on multiple occasions and it’s one of the video games which define me, so it’s proving interesting to see how those factors are affecting my responses. It’s certainly making some of the questions harder to answer without giving too much away and spoiling the title for those participating who haven’t played it yet! I’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum though as we dive into part two of this community play-along.

If you haven’t yet played To The Moon and intend to do so, I’d recommend navigating away from this post now and coming back later. There are minor spoilers in the following paragraphs which may mar your enjoyment of the game.

Question 7: when Eva was sitting, thinking about all the reasons nothing at all changed in Johnny’s simulated memories, what conclusions do you think she reached?

I like Dr Eva Rosalene’s character because there are certain aspects of her personality I can relate to. When I’m baffled by a problem at work and feel as though I’m not getting any closer to a solution, the best thing I can do is something completely different; my brain seems to continue working on the matter without me even realising it and an idea will eventually pop into my head unexpectedly. I think this is the reason why Eva went to the lighthouse that evening and sat there until the sun rose the following morning. She wanted to remove herself from the situation to get a bit of clarity.

As for the conclusions she reached, these are more difficult to speculate on. I remember thinking during my first playthrough that the successful transference of Johnny’s wish to go to the moon must have changed something else during his timeline and led to an unexpected outcome – and that this experience, whatever it was, was contained in a memory we hadn’t witnessed yet. Eva clearly thinks this has something to do with River because she ‘played an important role through it all’ and ‘would be the top suspect’.

Question 8: the block on the youngest memories and the use of beta blockers: what do you think this will all be about?

To The Moon, video game, Eva Neil, doctors, kitchen, memoriesI already know what’s going on here thanks to having already played To The Moon several times, but I had absolutely no idea during my first playthrough. The only thing I was certain about was that it was going to be something huge. In his conversation with Eva, Dr Neil Watts notes that beta blockers can have an affect on memories and wonders whether these side-effects weren’t entirely unintended; so whatever had happened for Johnny to be administered with such a large dose of the medication must have been terrible.

I won’t go into much detail because I don’t want to spoil the game for anyone who hasn’t completed it yet. But what I will say is that I expect most new players to feel this has something to do with River, even though his earliest memories took place before the he met her at school. Although little clues are given during the game up to this point, I didn’t pick up on them at all during my original playthrough and so the big reveal caught me completely off-guard. I’m looking forward to seeing what others think of this.

Question 9: what about Neil taking off for a moment while Eva returned with the dead squirrel? What could have been so important to him?

To The Moon, video game, Eva, Neil, doctors, forest, painkillers, cement tallWhen Eva goes to the car to collect the valved container to hold the squirrel, she accidently uncovers a bottle of painkillers and this is what Neil was heading outside for. It’s understandable for her to worry because this is some strong medication; but her partner’s explanation about walking into a cement wall seems plausible enough because, well, it’s Neil. There’s more to it though and this is hinted at right at the end of To The Moon, and additional details disclosed in the sequel Finding Paradise make it even more intriguing. Will we find out more in Imposter Factory later this year?

Question 10: what do you think Act 3 will focus on?

To The Moon, video game, sea, sky, sunrise, morning, lighthouse, bench, cliff, Eva, woman, doctorGoing into the third act during my first playthrough, the biggest question on my mind was what had happened to cause Johnny to be administered with a huge dose of beta blockers as a child. I figured that once we got to that part and the doctors had managed to successfully transfer Johnny’s desire for a trip to the moon, that would be the end of it. What I didn’t expect was for the game to break my heart as much as it did and cause me to cry bittersweet tears; I’m genuinely starting to well up now just thinking about it. We’ll save that for next time…

Are you working through To The Moon and if so, what do you think of it so far? I’ll be continuing my own and the next post in the series is planned for next Friday. There’s still time to take part if you haven’t already signed up: all the details you need are in this article on Time to Loot.

To The Moon: a community play-along, part two

4 thoughts on “To The Moon: a community play-along, part two

  1. 😮

    I have completely failed to discover the painkillers in each and every one of my playthroughs of the game. Holy moly. I don’t recall if I picked up the clues dropped in Finding Paradise or not, but I’m going to have to be on the lookout now when we get to that one again. (Yes, I’m assuming we’ll get to that one too. ;))

    Like you though, I completely missed all the clues to the Act 3 reveal that were laid down earlier. To be fair; I don’t *think* there is enough there to tip the game’s hand early — just enough to allow the pieces to fit together after you *do* know so that it doesn’t feel like it came utterly from nowhere. … Actually… ONE of the clues (one Eva will later call out) may’ve been enough to tip off other people. But yep, I thought nothing of it too on my first go.


    • Oh wow… I didn’t even consider that you could play Act 2 and not find the painkillers. They roll out of the car while Eva is searching it and you can click on them if you spot them. I can see how it not coming across them would change certain small plot elements so that’s pretty interesting!

      The reveal in Act 3 is so far removed from the River storyline that it’s almost impossible to see it coming despite the clues. I’ll probably go into this a little more in the next post (if there’s a relevant question) but I’ve never been entirely sure how I feel about this. I like the way what happens affects the plot – but I prefer twists where it’s all connected and the clues are laid out for you, but still manages to catch you off-guard.


  2. “When I’m baffled by a problem at work and feel as though I’m not getting any closer to a solution, the best thing I can do is something completely different; my brain seems to continue working on the matter without me even realising it and an idea will eventually pop into my head unexpectedly.”

    Yes! Or I’ll put it aside for the day and suddenly I’ll be about to fall asleep and realize what I need to do. Without spoiling much from Act 3, I really related to when she goes off and does her thing without explaining it–sometimes I’ll get an idea and I’ll know exactly what to do but can’t really explain it. “Just let me do this; it will work!”


    • When I finished writing up my answers for Act 3 yesterday, I remembered how Eva’s disappearance had made me not trust her during my first playthrough. I’d never considered it to be her simply doing her thing in her own way before but I totally get it! I have those moments too where an idea makes sense in my head but I struggle to put it into words, so I’ll just go off and do it so then I can explain the result. Maybe I should cut Eva a bit of slack during this part of the game in the future. 😅


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