Friends who would be video game heroes

Tomorrow is International Friendship Day. It’s a chance for us to appreciate the positive effect our friends have had on our lives and show them how thankful we are, as well as participate in activities which bring people from all different backgrounds together.

Let’s face it: we’ve needed our mates and their support more than ever over the past four months. The COVID-19 lockdown has been tough and meant we were unable to see each other in person for a long time, but friendships stayed strong thanks to virtual pub quizzes via Zoom and memes via WhatsApp. New relationships have been formed too through the power of the internet, with many people – including bloggers – reaching out to find others in similar positions and with related interests.

Video games have been there for us too. When the world has started to feel like too much, we’ve reached for the controller and lost ourselves in a digital land. It’s not a way of ignoring what’s going on in real-life, as many non-gamers believe; it’s more a method of giving our brains a break for an hour or two so we can come back to the challenges we’re facing with renewed energy. Video games teach us that regardless of how big the obstacles seem, we’re able to overcome them if we stay strong and work together.

Today’s post is dedicated to several amazing people who have been there for me through the lockdown. I may have originally met most of them through blogging, but they’re now much more than just people-I-know-from-the-internet; they’re friends I speak to on a regular basis outside of our hobby, and ones have lifted me up over the past several months. They share many great qualities with some much-loved gaming characters and they’ll always be heroes in my eyes.

Luke from Hundstrasse

Sam & Max, Hit the Road, rabbit, dog, detectives, Sam, MaxI love having conversations with Luke. He’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting but not only that: he has a way of always throwing something random into the discussion and you can’t help but laugh. It’s just what you need on those days when life is getting a little too serious. We’re employed in similar environments so it’s nice to have someone to talk to about work stuff who ‘just gets it’ – plus he also sends me cute photographs of his dog Rufus and octopus emojis.

If Luke were a video game character, he’d be Sam from Sam & Max. He possesses knowledge about a whole range of subjects and I get the impression he’s able to stay calm in serious situations; but underneath that cool exterior lies an awesome sense of humour and someone who looks out for his friends.

Teri-Mae from Sheikah Plate

Whenever I’ve needed moral support, reassurance or baking advice, Teri-Mae has been there with positive messages every day during the lockdown and even before that. We’ve chatted about all sorts of different subjects, from family matters to world politics to gaming, and I know we’d meet up regularly if she lived here in the UK. Even though she has been working so hard throughout the pandemic to keep everyone safe, she always checks in on me to make sure I’m looking after myself and staying upbeat.

If Teri-Mae were a video game character, she’d be Toriel from Undertale. She has a very kind heart, wanting to look after everyone and guide them towards the right path, and sometimes I don’t think she realises how powerful she is. There’s also the fact that she knows how to make a good pie!

Ellen from Ace Asunder

I’ve had the opportunity to really get to know Ellen this year and she’s now a good friend who I speak to every day. As well as sending each other an awful lot of memes either about cats or the state of the world, occasionally we’re able to have more serious conversations and even be organised enough to put on events like the Great Blog Crawl. She wears her heart on her sleeve and will always give you an honest opinion when you need one; this girl is far stronger than she feels she is sometimes and capable of so much.

If Ellen were a video game character, she’d be Vella Tartine from Broken Age. She has more resilience than she realises she does and she’ll call out injustice whenever she sees it. Both ladies are also prone to asking ‘why can’t we just kill the damn thing’ when confronted with an enemy.


Night in the Woods, video game, Mae, cat, Bea, crocodile, Gregg, fox, Angus, bear, living room, sofa, hanging outPhil and I met at our place of employment over 15 years ago and we’ve put up with each other since. It’s great having someone at work you’re able to be silly with; when meetings and conference calls get too much, I can always rely on him to be close by with a funny cat video or pun to pick me back up. We’ve managed to achieve to a lot together in the time we’ve known each other and have also done some stupid stuff too – like that thing with the feedback box in the library, which we’ll now say no more about.

If Phil were a video game character, he’d be Gregg Lee from Night in the Woods. He’s the person I can cause mischief with and we have some really weird discussions that nobody else would understand. He cares about his friends and sometimes worries that he’s not good enough for them, which is ridiculous!


Uncharted 4, A Thief's End, Nathan, Elena, man, woman, kissI have no idea where I’d be without Pete. He has been a shining star during a time which has proven to be incredibly testing: he’s serious when he needs to be, downright silly when I’m being far too serious myself, and I know he’s going to be there for me no matter what lies ahead. He just makes me feel safe whenever he’s nearby and he always has my best interests at heart. I might have to put up with his singing and constant obsession with new technology, but there’s no way I’d change him.

If Pete were a video game character, he’d be Nathan Drake from Uncharted. We both have different views on this character: he thinks Nate is a dashing hero who’s there to save the day, while I think he’s an idiot who thinks he’s wittier than he is. My other-half is a combination of both – and that’s why he’s perfect.

If there are any bloggers you’d like to say thank you to, why not give them a shoutout in a post and explain which video game character they’d be? Have a good International Friendship Day tomorrow and may your day be full of wonderful people.

12 thoughts on “Friends who would be video game heroes

  1. D’aww!! This post has all the good vibes. Thank you so much for the mention! You’ve seriously helped me through a lot this year and I’m grateful to consider you a true friend ❤

    Also, I haven't played Broken Age yet and Vella Tartine sounds really badass 🤔


    • The game is… ok… but Vella is definitely the highlight. Both of you aren’t adverse to a bit of punching so she seemed the perfect choice for you. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy International Friendship Day! I don’t typically feel I’m the most social person, but I am glad for those that I’ve met through our WordPress community and Discord that I can consider (international)friends 😊🎮🍻


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